We are delighted to launch our first collection of GOOD ART HLYWD jewellery pieces and Iron Heart garment “upgrades”. Los Angeles based GOOD ART founder, Josh Warner, started making body piercing jewellery back in 1990 (because he felt he could better anything then available), and selling it in LA’s heartland for artistic expression, Venice Beach.

GOOD ART has developed into a world class brand - sticking to Josh’s original principles that “only the best will do”, his ethos is to make things that work, look good and feel great, creating the very best of handcrafted luxury goods fit for daily use.

In Josh’s own words: “Art is communication, and art has the ability to affect how you feel. Just as a work of art can uplift the spirit, so too can an everyday object bring joy well beyond its function.”

Each piece is handcrafted with care and the utmost craftsmanship. The quality is clear and allows the aesthetic to be captured perfectly with individual items packed full of character.

Whether it is an individual snap on a CPO shirt, or the front breast pocket of your favourite type III, there is sure to be a Good Art accompaniment to take it to another level.

The ethos is evident within every piece, things that work, look good and feel great. The only way to discover the quality is to see it for yourself. 

Want to see the entire collection of Good Art HLWYD items? Check them out HERE