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Jeans tag sizing is often more myth than reality. So please do not think that just because your brand X jeans are tagged at, say, 32 that they actually measure 32" around the waist or that you will wear tag 32 in Iron Heart (or other brands). Buying a pair of jeans that does not fit is disappointing for everyone involved, so please follow our sizing and measuring advice here. And please contact us if you would like any help choosing the fit you want and determining the size you need.

Our Jeans Families

We have a number of different cuts of jeans, described below, many of which are available in various different denims and canvases. In a perfect world, all varieties of jeans in a particular cut would measure exactly the same, however, because fabrics behave differently when being sewn and washed, there is variance between jeans made from different fabrics in the same cut. Please pay close attention to the sizing charts published on each of the product web pages for guideline measurements for that specific model. All our jeans can be worn by men and women although we do have a couple of women-specific cuts (for very petite ladies) and our slimmer models (555 and 777 families) are also very popular with women.

Our Jeans are Made by Human Beings

Which does mean that there are often small variations in size from the published measurement table and between jeans of the same model number and tag size. If any particular measurement is very important to you, please drop us an email or make a note in your order.

The 634 Family

Any jean with 634 in the model number. This is where it all started for Iron Heart and we consider the 634 to be our "signature" cut. Loosely based on a 1966 Levi’s 501, it is a straight cut jean with a medium rise and slight taper from the knee to the hem.

The 461 Family

Any jean with 461 in the model number. This a is a boot cut jean. Our boot cuts have a relatively low rise and a relatively small hem. We create the boot cut shape by tapering in at the knee rather than flaring out at the hem, so these are very slim through the thigh/knee.

The 666 Family

Any jean with 666 in the model number. This is a slim straight cut jean, a little slimmer all the way through the profile than the 634, but with a similar rise. We call this a “grown up slim cut” and the original IH-666S (18oz raw denim) is nicknamed "the Devil's Fit".

The IHXB01 Family

Any jean with IHXB01 in the model number, also known as the "Beatle Buster". Compared to the 634, these jeans have a slightly higher rise and a more fitted top section. They are slightly slimmer throughout the profile than the 634 giving an overall more modern, slimmer profile.

The 555 Family

Any jean with 555 in the model number. These jeans are a high rise slim jean. They have a higher rise than the 634 and are quite a lot slimmer all the way through the profile. They look great on larger people who want a slim look below the knee.

The 777 Family

Any jean with 777 in the model number. This is a slim cut jean with a lowish (but not silly low) rise. There is much more taper from the knee to the cuff, giving a very flattering, modern, slim silhouette. Looks great on most body types and also women/girls.

The 888 Family

Any jean with 888 in the model number. Our most recent cut. This is a higher rise (between 634 and 1955) cut, with wide thighs, and taper from the knee to the cuff, giving a very relaxed yet flattering silhouette.

The 1955 Family

Any jean with 1955 in the model number. This is our most traditional jean, and is an interpretation of the 1955 Levi’s 501. It has high rise, generous thighs and quite a lot of taper below the knee. Looks amazing on tall people and the go-to jean if you have large thighs.

The 106 Family

Any jean with 106 in the model number. This is a lady specific boot cut. It has a low rise and is a really slim boot cut. A great cut if you are tiny.

See a pictorial representation of each cut in our "CUT GALLERY"