Welcome to Iron Heart's first “eco-denim". We're always looking for ways to develop new types of denim, and what better way than recycling? With every denim fabric being different and having its own characteristics, we set to the challenge of producing a recycled selvedge denim - using as much and wasting as little as possible.

Created by mixing 40% regular cotton with 60% recycled cotton (basically the offcuts from previously made Iron Heart jeans), which presented us unique challenges in the process of bringing this new denim to fruition. Because the short fibres of the recycled cotton don't hold indigo as well as our regular cotton, we have dyed the weft an earthy brown to deepen the overall colour. The shorter fibres of the recycled material also result in a rough and slightly fluffy surface texture, so we have arrived at a denim that has its own unique look and feel.

We have produced two cuts, the 634S-RE (our “signature” straight cut) and 666S-RE (“devil’s fit" slim straight cut) in this new recycled selvedge denim, and love the results. Watch the video below to see how good they look when on… and moving! 

(Model in the video is wearing the 666S-RE)

You can view our new selvedge eco-denim products HERE