Smoky Check Flannel Work Shirt



  • A smoky cotton flannel designed by and made for Iron Heart
  • At about 6.5oz this is a light to medium weight
  • Single napped on the face
  • Wondrously soft
  • Cream cat's-eye buttons
  • Chain stitch run-off
  • Minimal (if any) shrinkage
  • Caution, comes a little smaller than previous Iron Heart work shirts
  • "Model" wears XL
  • When selecting your size, please check actual measurements you need. Please measure an existing shirt as per the guidelines under the "HOW WE MEASURE" tab above (do not simply go by tag size alone) and compare those with the detailed measurements for this model by clicking the "MEASUREMENTS" tab above.

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All measurements are specific to this product. The best way to determine the size you need is to find a similar item that fits you well, then measure the same way we do (see "How We Measure" tab) and compare with the measurements on the table below. Actual measurements for the same Iron Heart item/tag size can vary somewhat so if a specific dimension is important to you (for example arm length) please ask us to check this before we ship by adding a note to your order. Measurements for raw denim garments are pre-soak (allowance must be made for shrinkage).


Chest (P2P)19.850.320.351.621.354.122.055.923.058.423.559.724.061.0
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