The Bootery/Wesco® - Plum Rough-Out "Foot Patrol"

IHTB-FP3 Extinct
  • The Bootery/West Coast Boot Company (Wesco®) collaboration - The Foot Patrol
  • Conceived and designed by Giles@Iron Heart and Chris@Wesco®
  • Plum oiled tanned rough-out 
  • 7" lace-up boot built on the Motor Patrol (1339) last
  • Foot Patrol backstay/counter
  • Navy leather lining
  • Vibram #269
  • 1" heel
  • Nylon and black leather laces and kilties included
  • Double stitch down construction
  • A special limited run in US sizes 8 -10 in E width, please click on HOW WE MEASURE tab above to compare international footwear sizing

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