Indigo Dipped Long Sleeved Thermal Crew Neck

IHTL-1302 Extinct
  • Long sleeved cotton waffle thermal crew neck
  • Hand-dipped in indigo 4 times for super-dark finish
  • All seams are 4 needle flat seam construction
  • Dyeing process has removed all shrinkage
  • Should be washed separately as dye will bleed, and the garment will fade with wear and washing
  • Beware: until washed several times, indigo is likely to transfer to any item that contacts or rubs against the overdyed fabric
  • Due to the stretchiness of the fabric there will be some variation in sizing
  • For measurements, please click the "Sizing" tab above
  • "Model" (Alex) is 6' 4" with a 42/43 chest and wears L

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