Beatle Buster - 21oz Japanese Selvage Slim Tapered SBG

IHxB01sbg Extinct
  • Super heavy but super soft 21oz Japanese selvedge denim
  • The warp is black sulphur rope dyed and the weft is black reactive dyed. With time the warp will fade, but the weft will not
  • Slightly higher rise and more fitted top section than the IH-634S
  • Slimmer thigh and taper from knee to cuff than the IH-634S, giving the jean a overall slim fitted modern look
  • Herringbone pocket bags and rear pockets linings
  • Button fly and hidden rivets
  • sanforized is moistened by water and/or steam, this lubricates the fibres and reduces the inherent friction within the fabric. Once moist, the fabric enters the sanforization process proper. Here, an endless rubber belt is squeezed between a pressure roll and a rubber belt cylinder, it is here that the stretching of the elastic belt surface occurs. The more the rubber belt is squeezed, the more the surface is stretched. This point of squeezing is known as the pressure zone, or the nip point. The fabric is fed into the pressure zone and upon leaving it, the rubber belt recovers itself and the surface returns to its pre-squeezed (stretched) size carrying the fabric with it. The effect of this action is a shortening of the warp yarns, which packs the filling yarns (weft), closer together: at this moment, shrinkage occurs. <br/> <br/> After compaction, the fabric enters a dryer where the fibres are locked in their shrunken state as the moisture is removed from the fabric.">Sanforized, so little or no shrinkage but like all denim, will stretch up to one inch in the waist with wear
  • Hidden knife pocket in front left hand pocket
  • Poly-cotton constructional stitching
  • When selecting your size, please check actual measurements you need. Please measure an existing pair as per the guidelines under the "HOW WE MEASURE" tab above (do not simply go by tag size alone) and compare those with the detailed measurements for this model by clicking the "MEASUREMENTS" tab above

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All measurements are specific to this product. The best way to determine the size you need is to find a similar item that fits you well, then measure the same way we do (see "How We Measure" tab) and compare with the measurements on the table below. Actual measurements for the same Iron Heart item/tag size can vary somewhat so if a specific dimension is important to you (for example arm length) please ask us to check this before we ship by adding a note to your order. Measurements for raw denim garments are pre-soak (allowance must be made for shrinkage).


Tag Size28293031323334
Front Rise10.526.710.526.710.827.411.027.911.529.211.529.211.830.0
Rear Rise14.536.815.038.115.338.915.539.415.539.416.040.616.040.6
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Tag Size363840
Front Rise12.331.212.531.813.033.0
Rear Rise16.341.416.541.917.043.2
You may need to move the above table left or right to see more sizes.

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