Papa Nui Hand Knitted Convoy Cap


The Papa backs the attack one stitch at a time by assembling his team of expert knitters, a family of women born under Big Sky country and fighting the axis with two needles and a ball of wool. Working from original Red Cross wartime patterns found in their grandmas trunk in the attic they turn dense warm 10 ply yarns into a service wool wonder. The Convoy Cap!

The Papa has done it again protecting the lifeline of freedom, providing you with non-regulation essentials for your kit. The pure wool yarns are knitted in Deck-Watch Black, Marine Forest Green and Naval Dark Blue to create a Convoy Cap that will hold you through the darkest night, through tempest and typhoon and through winds as direful as any that lash the salted seas.

Papa Nui's new Convoy Cap is free-sized and has been lovingly recreated with an authenticity that embodies the same spirit of hope love and safe passage like those originals sent in Red Cross packages to out fighting boys overseas. Each cap has traditional details that include a circular needle construction technique ensuring no rubbing seams for maximum comfort as well as an iconic propeller stitch pattern on the crown plus the Papa's Knit for Victory woven and hand stamped label and period WWII patriotic tinny pocket topper. 

Help the Papa celebrate our heroic crews on the surface and beneath the silent seas and always Remember to Pearl Harder.

PopPom can be removed from Navy Blue version.

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