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There has been a 777SBG (a collabo with a former retailer) and maybe G decides to release it again for IHUK in the future? The cut and the fabric are pretty popular so there might be a chance.

Cheers, R.! You're killing it as always! Happy for you to finally snag the 178.

I think Tom-san designs the patterns for the workshops how everything needs to be cut and sewn but The Boss envisions the fabric.

It's too warm for this combo but I couldn't help myself



Bonus pic of the shoes


Nice to see an encore of this beauty! Been just rocking it today (or trying to in the warm weather).


The 555 have a considerably higher front and back rise than the 777 but you could try to size down to avoid any diaper butt issues. As the 555 run usually larger than their tag size compare their measurements with your pair of 777 and pick the closest.

Hobbies and Pastimes / Re: Movies
« on: Today at 11:16:14 am »
Apparently a fourth The Matrix movie is being developed. Not sure another one is needed after the two lousy sequels to the brilliant first one.

A really gorgeous fabric that is a treat to the eyes! I love the orange thread on the inside and the overall burly/beefy feel of the shirt: IH at its best! It is extremely warm and will come in handy when the temperatures drop.


and what is it with the smell of brand new UHFs? Such a manly smell. I love it  :P

Yes, I concur on th smell! It is really great.

General Chat / Re: IHUK - A day in the life of....
« on: Yesterday at 05:52:35 pm »
Ohoh, this reminds me that I've been planning to grab an IHSH-13 for ages ::)... Lovely stuff!

It's The Boss and mastermind himself 8).

Jackets / Re: IH-526Jod - Overdyed Type III
« on: Yesterday at 05:36:58 pm »
Nice! Really liking that 21 oz OD tux. And yeah: time flies...

Bumping this thread with some brown bag goodness


It's UHF time...

Looking good! You should be fine as they don't look tight/painted in the thigh section at all.

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