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i can fully zip the sleeves when wearing over a tee or hoodie(even over heavy hoodie).
I have problem to fully zip the sleeves over a Ultra heavy flannel, but mainly because of oversized rivets on the sleeves.
(I am wearing XL)

Buying and Selling / Re: Heroes (Buying/ Selling/Trading)
« on: April 24, 2020, 08:07:52 am »
I am happy you like it  8)

sold  8), please close the topic.

@profdbrk nice jacket and nice pup  8)
I am wearing mine today  :)

First day of wear, finally the weather conditions are acceptable for this jacket  ;D
still slightly cold, but ok.


I like the short hoodies, for me it looks better under the denim jacket(or any short jacket).

yes, I will post pictures after some wear.
now I am waiting for the suitable weather conditions, I live in cold climate(during the winter season), so need to wait for warmer days...  ::)

couple of questions, since this is my fist horsehide leather jacket:
the leather is "not soft"(don't know correct english word for this characteristic) out of the box, this is might not be the correct description, because it is soft in general, but still has some "carton feel", I believe it is common for horsehide leather and it will break in with wear.
from the patina point of view, does this leather created to have patina? like tea core leathers? of cause any leather would have some patina with wear, but just wondering if this leather specially made to gain patina quicker?

It is absolutely fine just over the tee. Even more comfortable for me.
Cat as a bonus photo

Thank you!

Sold out, please close.

Thank you guys,

The size looks perfect. The quality great as usual, looks bulletproof  ;D
The main things which I like about the IH clothes are the trust, that you buy a quality thing, which is not always so self evident with other brands buying online, even for bigger money.
Then I really get a good set of emotions with each item, I am happy to wear these things and never regret about spend money.

Got mine today, the jacket and fit is perfect :D

Some quick photos over a light hoodie, the same like ultra heavy flannel.

Hi all  8)

Planning to sell my Wesco boots
These boots in size 10E

i have bought them new here, wore them for about for some time since November 2019, not too much actually.
they are used, but they could last for many many years(for some lucky guy  8))

unfortunately they are to big for me, most likely I would have to buy 10D.

please PM me for additional pictures or detailes if needed.
I want ***USD for them. + 50 USD flat shipping rate worldwide (original box and spear set of laces included)

(made some quick pictures, of cause they would be cleaned nicely before shipment)

Footwear / Re: John Lofgren (Speedway)
« on: February 19, 2020, 11:43:23 am »
@Bulatik85 those are an absolute 10. You could get away with those being the only footwear in your life. Would love to hear fit info.
@Bfd70 hi!
do you mean the some sizing information or just how they feel?

from the personal feeling, they are very comfortable, the leather is supple and flexible, don't see that they need any break in.
they also sit very well on my feet, no slip or anything like that, very well secured on the feet.
I used to have some problems with some boots fit, they hurt my big toe. it is probably somehow nonstandard one and in case of unstructured toebox it is much more freedom to adapt to the feet shape.

I didn't yet had a chance to wear them(only at home), the weather in my location is very wet now with a lot of mud and melted snow with solt on the streets. I've decided to wait a little for more dry weather  8)
the veg tanned leather is usually very breathable, supple, but not that much water resistant, like chrome tanned leather.

if you need sizing advice, please ask.

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