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IH-777 21oz OD

@zhivago that balcony view 😍

@den1mhead that varsity jacket is far out  8)

@Dmart love the earth tones!

@alexdefaro nice easy breezy kit you got going on!

@Filthy sweet tee! 3/4 sleeve?

@twin love how that faded 33 looks with that black armor

@jordanscollected i live for your horse pics   :D & looks like MN wins with the temps today 🥵

@seven-k Yes, I've noticed that too. Looking at the measurements there's slight differences, but I'm sure other factors come into play like denim weight and inseam length/hemming.

nice wear on your ODs @daltmeyer love that shot of the fades on the watch/coin army knife pocket whatever it's called

lovely fades @ilovesharinfoo 😻

@Denimminer lol kinda sounds like you're leaning more towards the 21oz? fwiw IH 14oz is quite substantial for being lightweight. The 14s aren't as breathable as the 21oz or have that same "stretchiness" factor so at times it has the illusion that it's heavier than it really is.

@dinobarnesberlin while you laugh away I cry in the corner since 28 is several sizes too big  :'(

@seven-k although 14oz isn't as breathable compared to 21oz, the lighter weight of the denim makes up for it. Def will be wearing these from here on out as I have no plans to send them in to indigo proof. Gonna be rocking the poser skatergirl vibe all summer long  :D

14OD's are awesome! Always loved that green cast it appears to have.

Bottoms / Re: Self Edge x Iron Heart = SEXIH22-301s
« on: April 25, 2021, 08:59:32 pm »
ah the problem of having too much denim...idk what that's like  ::) :P

Other Accessories / Re: MS-SHIVPICO - GOOD ART HLYWD Shiv Pico
« on: April 24, 2021, 10:28:34 pm »
@goosehd it’s certainly the most over the top splurge I’ve ever made. But well worth it since it gets used every day  :)


Damn you just got those & it looks like you’ve had them for years  ???

Jackets / Re: Self Edge x Iron Heart Type III = SEXIH22TYPEIII
« on: April 24, 2021, 10:17:03 pm »
You are steeling the show with that jacket @steelworker   8)

Bottoms / Re: Self Edge x Iron Heart = SEXIH22-301s
« on: April 24, 2021, 10:11:37 pm »
Great wear on your pair @housekeys ! How long you had been wearing them?

Been loving the MB’s in the 21oz version so much that I decided to pick up it’s 14oz. lighter weight sister  8)


From a wearers standpoint the mad black appears as a regular pair of black denim, but these pics tell a different story. Electric blues on the first signs of knee fades coming in and in the sun at different angles the various hues shine thru.


@daltmeyer you are killing it in this thread, man! Love all your workwear kits and vest combos  8)

@jordanscollected you are on to something 💡 must be all that time in the kitchen. & they would look great with nickel, brass or copper hardware esp when it gets all that awesome patina

@Filthy thanks Mike! Now the tough decision on which denim to keep in the rotation   ::)

@motojobobo thank you! Quite pleased with the way they turned out  :)

@Paul9221 Yes, full leg taper also  :)

@hoppy_IPA appreciate the feedback on the layout. For someone that’s lazy, scrolling thru large photos or going back pages to see a comparison is too much work  :D

@dinobarnesberlin they will get a nice hell for the time being...they’re just so pretty right now  :P

@seven-k lolol I’m vertically challenged  :D  & the inner leg is where they do the tapering work so the selvedge side is safe from any slicing and dicing.

Kinda hard to see the selvedge due to the black magic dying process but it’s there lurking in the dark.


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