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I thought the 33” looked great on you but these admittedly look better. Good work.

Other Brands and Shops / Re: Indigofera
« on: July 29, 2020, 09:36:20 pm »
Really digging this Hawley Suede Shirt:

Pic from Burg & Schild.

Here's a picture of the Hawley suede shirt that I own. The post is from 2016 (page 2 of this thread).

Other Brands and Shops / Re: Indigofera
« on: July 29, 2020, 09:33:09 pm »
I'm a huge Indigofera fan. Here's my current inventory:

Grant jacket
Kurt jacket
Hawley suede shirt
Copeland shirt
Fargo shirt x 2
Bryson shirt x 2
Dollard shirt x 2
Norris shirt
Ryman shirt
Delray shirt
Nash jeans x 2
Ray jeans
Willow jumper
Hank granddad t-shirt
Wool blanket

Thanks @manufc10, those are really interesting recommendations. Some thoughts...

IH-NO-LOT look like a really good cut for me, and it's great seeing aproy rock his in the same waist size that I'd probably go for. I'm not sure about the overdye or the model name/number... but the fit looks tempting.

Sadly the Self Edge models are probably a little too low rise for me, and shipping (tax) from the USA causes problems. I'm in the UK.

@neph93, no, I haven't tried the 888 cut yet. I just checked them out and I like the 21oz. Curiously, the leg measurements on the IH-888S cut in 31 waist are spot on... but the waist would almost certainly be too tight. That's the nature of having a bit of a belly, I guess - I'll need to hit the gym and then reassess once I lose my Dad bod!

For example, the IH-777S-21 in size 33 have a listed waist measurement of 33.5". Is this accurate when they are brand new? Or after multiple wears?

The measurements published on the site are an aggregate of a number of pairs of that size from the latest batch (if there are changes). They are not measured in Japan but by the crew in Gosport upon arrival there.

So to answer your question directly they are the actual measurements when sold, regardless of potential for stretch or shrinkage.

I’ll add that being an aggregate measurement, there can be small variations between some pairs... normally no more than a fraction og an inch. For example I recently enquired about the waist on the 634-XHS and @Graham was able to check and tell me that with the exception of one pair all w34’s came in at 34.6” as stated in the table with the exception of one pair at 35.2”.

Thanks - that is really useful, as it might be the case that I can find a pair that roughly match my requirements, but perhaps there is a pair within that batch of sizes that is better than the others.

We measure them when we get them.  And then try and explain what may happen with wear, in one of the bullets.

That makes sense. It was a bit of a silly question I guess, but I just wanted to make sure. Thank you.

While I think about it, I have a quick question.

In the IH measurement charts, are the waist measurements accurate upon receiving the jeans? Or the measurements one can expect after a month's worth of wear?

For example, the IH-777S-21 in size 33 have a listed waist measurement of 33.5". Is this accurate when they are brand new? Or after multiple wears?

@going_to_battle if you’re thinking IH then the only other slim cut they have is the 666, although that is slim in the top block and thigh, not the knee and lower leg.

I struggle with the waist/thigh ratio on the 555, essentially because my legs are just too chunky. The 777 works just about although a higher rise suits me better as a low rise just accentuates my short inseam.

However my build means I can successfully size down one or two sizes on the 888, giving me a higher rise, elongated silhouette, taper and the thigh, which is relaxed when TTS, becomes slim. This may work for you.

It sounds like we have similar issues when it comes to finding the perfect fit, so your insight is interesting and useful.

I am 5'10" but I have quite short legs. Despite being a healthy weight of 12 stone (168lbs), I am relatively stocky, i.e. a bit of a belly (from all those beers), and quite strong thighs, so I tend to wear my jeans a bit lower than I should as I find that more comfortable. This compounds the problem of making my legs look even shorter.

I like to wear Red Wing Iron Rangers so I think I'd find the 666 cut too wide at the hem.

I will keep checking those IH measurement charts and hopefully find something that works for me.

It’s interesting seeing the fit on those 33” pair. I’ve been considering getting a pair in that size.

I need to decide if the low rise (and narrow thigh) is something I’ll be comfortable with. I’ve owned a few second hand pairs of 777 jeans and can never quite get it right, eg 34” were too loose in the waist. Maybe 33” is the answer.... but then they’ll be very tight in other areas.

I own a pair of 555 jeans and find the crotch is too low and restricts my leg movement.

Does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives to 555 and 777? Something still relatively slim.

Great family photo, Will, and the jacket suits you (and fits you) perfectly.

I was exactly the same in that I sold my IH-526J for the IH-526PJ for the hand warmers. However, I sold the PJ recently as I simply had too many jackets and I wasn’t wearing it very often. I’m tempted to get one of the darker/overdyed variations.

Out of interest, what size do you wear?

Buying and Selling / Re: New Indigofera heavy suede shirt
« on: July 16, 2020, 12:21:06 pm »
It’s a Copeland not Fargo.

Buying and Selling / Re: Fraudsters
« on: June 12, 2020, 04:16:20 pm »
Thankfully I've not fallen victim to this, despite two attempts by people to scam me.

As neph93 said, they might ask you to e-mail their friend who has items for sale that you happen to be looking for.

I was suspicious immediately but went along with it to see how it works.

They sent me some photos of items I was looking for, but the photos all had different backgrounds, suggesting they simply took the photos from Google Images or Instagram.

When I asked for more product details, they replied with nonsensical information. For example, I asked for more information about a flannel shirt, but they told me it was made of denim, and weird stuff like that.

Basically, it was pretty easy to spot that it was a scam, but I know we can all be vulnerable to stuff like this, e.g. if we're tired or not thinking straight.

Basically, be very cautious. Check the history of the person who has messaged you. I'd never buy from someone who was brand new to the message boards.

Iron Heart type 3 jacket and Indigofera flannel shirt sold.

Momotaro jacket and Indigofera jeans price drop.

Prices include shipping within the UK. Please add £5 for shipping within the EU (or £10 for shipping worldwide). Payment via PayPal 'friends and family' please. I've tried to include as much detail as possible, so please read descriptions and measurements carefully.

Momotaro 2105SP Type 2 Denim Jacket (RRP £296)

My Price: £185 (Saving £111 off the RRP)

Notes: Another absolutely stunning jacket. It is in perfect condition. I've worn this jacket approximately 3 times. It is basically brand new without tags. Made from 15.7oz Selvedge Denim from Zimbabwe. Pink selvedge detailing.

Tag size: Medium/40

Actual measurements:
Chest: 42"
Shoulders: 18.25"
Waist: 20"
Opening: 19.5"
Length: 26.75"
Sleeve: 25"

Indigofera Ray Gunpowder Selvedge Slim Tapered Jeans (RRP £235)

My Price: £125 (Saving £110 off the RRP)

Notes: I bought these a few months ago but have never worn them other than to try them on (which I've done about 10 times in the hope that they'll be right for me but the rise is just a little lower than I would like). They are basically brand new without tags. They were hemmed from 36" to 32" by Rivet & Hide. Made from 14oz gunpowder denim (the fades will be spectacular and these jeans literally smell of gunpowder - I'm very sad to be selling them).

Tag size: 33"

Actual measurements:
Waist: 34"
Front rise: 10.5"
Back rise: 14.75"
Thigh: 12.75"
Knee: 8.5"
Hem: 7.9"
Inseam: 32"

Nothing wrong with double denim... just got to have the balls to carry it off. Others will just be jealous.

Out of interest, RitchieCDog, what size is that?

I own a size 40 (tag size 'Large').

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