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Finally found another use for that carpet fan.



Praying these got blessed by the back rise fairy that added some length to the recent 777 and 555 CHS cuts

The back rise fairy needs to F-off and stay the hell away from the 777 cut lol, it’s already messed enough with the 666 cut in several of its iterations. My gluteally-challenged self needs at least one moderate-rise option. Anything above 14.75” starts getting sketchy quickly on me.
Agreed. It's a show-stopper for me.

Jackets / Re: IH-9527J - 21oz Denim Rider's Jacket - Superblack Non-Fade
« on: February 18, 2021, 10:29:32 pm »
This thing is so tempting ...

Bottoms / Re: IH-777D - 17oz Duck Super Slim Tapered Cut Jeans - Brown
« on: January 23, 2021, 02:15:00 pm »
@manufc10 selfedge.com in the US just did a big restock this week.

@neph93 After wearing them all day I realize that there's no way these are staying in the closet for long. I look forward to an accelerated fade. After coming back to these after wearing the 21 oz for a couple weeks, I've noticed that these stretch less. I like both, but prefer the fit on the N. I'll  probably wear the 21 oz on the colder days here in Michigan.

@Leef Nice fit ... about like mine. Best fitting jeans I own.

Update on the jeans I posted about previously in this thread. The sun came out a little today, so I decided to put these on after washing last month (first and only wash - they needed it) and try to get some pics. I struggled to get any that show the contrast and coloring as well as they look in person.

Probably not as striking as some of the other denims like the XHR. But it's unlike any denim I've ever seen. I wore these about 95% of the time shown, so at least 215 wears. Like the description says, slow fading, but with great contrast. I have a new pair I may start working on, because these may be saved for special occasions as they're at great point in their evolution (IMO).



How much variation in the rear rise measurement is there? As in smaller. A 13.5 like I have in the tag size 31 S and N models ends up about perfect for me after wear.

I'm anxious to see the measurements on these. Are they getting close?

Here is my lazy documentation size 34 ... glad that I sold my 555xhs and grabbed these... best fitting Jeans ever !
I love data ... thanks

How will this denim stretch out compared to the 21oz S? Or the 17oz organic N? Is it similar to either? Those are what I have experience with.
It will stretch like all denim does. The 21oz is notable for stretching easily, the 17oz takes a bit more work, but you should certainly count on an inch in the waist.
Thanks for the answer ... I got 1.5" out of my 777N and 1.4" out of my 7777S-21. I'll figure on about that.

How will this denim stretch out compared to the 21oz S? Or the 17oz organic N? Is it similar to either? Those are what I have experience with.

I suppose I'll live.

What is your inseam? We are releasing a shorter length leg version of the 777 cut so that when hemmed you dont lose as much of the taper...
30 or 31 inseam with a usual tag-size 31 waist ... since I always cuff, I stopped thinking about inseam. What you just said sounds really interesting.

I suppose I'll live.

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