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@Olly Jelle Soos?  Was looking his work up on the web and he looks like a solid artist with his hands in a few projects.  It looks like he did a blanket collaboration with Indigoferra a couple of years ago. 

Can't wait to see his work on you guys and what you guys come away with.

yes mate, he did a blanket with R&H, and quite a few of my tattoos. He’s one of the OGs in the trad tattoo scene, and I’m stoked we have him. He’s going to design a couple of small IH flash pieces for the event, but anything bigger he can take bookings at a later date.

I’m starting to mentally plan for Gosport and I have some question
-Will we need any cash or can we get by with cards?

-Will we get any more info on the tattoos? (eg. price, designs etc.)

Cards should be fine everywhere, other than perhaps the tattooist. We will release more info when we get some from him. @Olly can you check in please?

Jelle is in Vegas rn, but he said it’ll be between &
£80-£100 cash for a piece of flash. I’ll have images in due course, but don’t expect anything until around end of August. I’ll do my best to push for his flash sheet in the interim.

News / Re: New Iron Heart Harley
« on: July 15, 2022, 02:10:32 pm »
Well the breaks work well. I was watching that car coming up to his left. Bike looks and sounds great. @Olly Did you notice that the Springer front end tends to dive a little bit less ,when you stop, then a traditional front end?

Absolutely. But the thing handles like shit - it’s the chopper/Harley way! 😂

Buying and Selling / RGT - Waxed Canvas Supply Jacket - Large
« on: July 05, 2022, 06:45:50 pm »
Hey guys,

Selling this little puppy. Retails at £289, so how does £150 sound?



P2P: 22.2"
Shoulders: 19"
Sleeve: 25"
Back: 23.5"


Thank you @EdH - it's a lovely idea, but I stand with @Giles in his views. I can assure you that the doc is something we're all aligned on doing, and when the time is right it will get made.

And thank you @ARNC for your kind words. I'll do my best with it as soon as we get the green light.

Here we are,

The last episode of season 2! With our beloved Paula Padmore!


In the FINAL episode of season 2, we speak to Iron Heart International Matriarch, Paula Padmore. Join us whilst we drink wine and talk about Giles and Paula getting their skipper licence, Paula's experience growing the Iron Heart International business, and the upcoming 20 year anniversary party! This is the final episode of season 2, but we're already lining up our guests for season 3. We'll be seeing you very soon. Enjoy!

Eps available everywhere:


Okinawa Islands


And the Iron Heart Anniversary Party!


sorry to ask, but on almost all western shirts it says you are wearing size L !?
I always order  the size you are wearing so I know it will fit , haha

Hello mate, for the lookbook I always wear the L samples, but generally I prefer an XL in the westerns. The exception was the serge military one - the XL swamped me. HMU if you ever have any concerns about sizing. I'm very much XL in the pale rider

@Olly what’s your input and experience with this shirt re:sizing and/or button pops?

Hello mate, I go for my standard Western sizing - XL - and the only time the buttons have popped is when I've been riding at 70mph with only two buttons snapped on the bike.. so I just do an extra button up and we're good.

Dearest Iron Hearts,

A gift from the shores of Hampshire, episode 8 of Iron Cast! This time with the coolest cat you’ve never met, Mr Jason Jules.

Ep available on all platforms, but link to Spotify here:


Jason Jules is author of the epic book 'Black Ivy: A Revolt in Style'. He is a director, producer, brand consultant, model, and one of the most stylish guys we know - just ask Tyler, the Creator. In this episode we talk about motivation, how to define oneself, and doom scrolling.. Black Ivy: A Revolt in Style is available online, and at your local, independent bookstore. Be sure to give Jason a follow at @garmsville on Instagram. Enjoy!


Jason Jules.

Jason’s Website


Black Ivy: A Revolt in Style available here:

Black Ivy: A Revolt in Style https://amzn.eu/d/iu5kzBq

Interview with Tyler, the Creator - skip to around 16 minutes in:

Thanks for listening and see you for the final episode of season 2 in a few weeks!

Another great one, the ending was a bit abrupt though?

Seriously I can't tell you just how much I'm looking forward to each episode! Keep up the good work Ollie.

Same, chaps, but Dean is a busy man and the zoom cut out! Don't worry, i'll do a pt2.

It's been a minute but we're back!

Ever wondered how a British guy named Dean Micetich became king of the chopper scene? Join us as we have a chat with co-founder of the world famous Dice magazine. We talk about how he and Matt Davis set the magazine up with £29 software and a 3 megapixel camera, how he shipped a precious chopper around the world, and how he drove a 1930s Hot Rod 3000 miles across America. Enjoy!

To get your subscription to Dice magazine follow this link:


Talking points from the episode. Photo dump warning!

Dean Micetich on his knuckle


Dean Micetich & Matt Davis


Matt's bike


Dean on it in Japan


The next iteration


The Mic Coupe


Dean with friend Dan Auerbach


The 3000 mile road trip!


Tickets to the 101 Run in Margate:


Hope you enjoyed!

News / Re: New Iron Heart Harley
« on: May 16, 2022, 03:37:35 pm »
@Jett129 nailed it.  Would fix the lines (aesthetically).


@Jett129 I hear you, but we're doing a swing arm chop, sans sissy bar. Beautiful illustration with a totally on point chopper design, though.

News / Re: New Iron Heart Harley
« on: May 16, 2022, 03:34:10 pm »
@Olly How are the rules for noise in the UK?  Around here, you would be pulled over all of the time...Love the look of the pipes, but not sold on the seat...

edit: Are you going to be riding with a passenger?

We don't get in trouble for that here in general. Unless you're riding like a dickhead.

News / Re: New Iron Heart Harley
« on: May 16, 2022, 03:05:19 pm »
Starting to shape up now. She's getting oil lines and wired up this week... Those with a sharp eye will see that we have now gone with a cobra seat. We think it looks way nicer than the flat solo seat. And check out the slash pipes - she's gonna be loud! "IMG_0340.jpg"

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