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Hi everyone,

I posted about this in the San Francisco thread but Gwilling suggested it might be worth posting here too.  Basically I'm researching online clothing fora and I would love to interview guys that post (or lurk) on here about the denim/heritage/workwear/Japanese side of things.  I'm based in Toronto but I'll be in the Bay Area from the 13th to the 20th and I get the sense  that quite a few people on here are based thereabouts.  I'll also be in Montreal, Ottawa and New York throughout the year.

These interviews are just 60 minute open-ended conversations about clothes and the internet, they're not very demanding and I'll travel to wherever is convenient for you.  I've got a research budget so I can offer a $50 honorarium for your time.  This is scholarly research which means that its not affiliated with any kind of store, brand or market research firm.  It also means that your identity will be kept anonymous when the research is published.

Please PM or e-mail me (nweiner@yorku.ca) if you're interested in participating.

I've already interviewed a bunch of folks on a British forum, and while its a different sort of forum you can see from over there that I'm genuine:

Here are my credentials as a researcher:

If you've seen me posting on some of the other forums you must be sick of hearing from me by now and I promise this is my last posting on the subject.



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