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Feel free to DM with any questions at all!

Himel Bros. Campus/Cossack Jacket – custom makeup not on the website. Only being sold because I lost weight and now it is too large for me. Worn by myself, but in beautiful condition - $1,600 shipped
Chest: 22”
Sleeve: 24.25”
Shoulder 18”
Length: 25.25”

Roy Big Bro 2 Size 33 - Worn less than 5 times - SOLD!
Waist: 16.5"
Front Rise: 11.5"
Rear Rise: 16"
Thigh: 12.25"
Knee: 9.25"
Hem: 8.5"
Inseam: 29.75"

Roy R01 Size 36 - soaked, but never worn - $325 shipped
Waist: 17.5”
Front Rise: 12.25”
Rear Rise: 16.5”
Thigh: 13.25”
Knee: 9.75”
Hem: 9”
Inseam: 30.5”

Big John Rare Size 34 - Soaked, but never worn - $225 shipped
Waist: 17.5"
Front Rise: 11"
Rear Rise: 16"
Thigh: 12.75"
Knee: 9.75"
Hem: 8.8"
Inseam: 29.5"

Samurai Heavy Chinos Size 36: Worn around 20 times, very good condition - $125 shipped
Waist: 35.5”
Front Rise: 11.5”
Back Rise: 13.8”
Thigh: 13”
Knee: 9.8”
hem:  9.3”
inseam: 29”

Masterson Big Jim's Dirty Togs Chambray Shirt Size -Worn around 25 times, slight signs of wear around the armpits, but still very good condition - $130 shipped
Chest: 21"
Sleeve: 27"
Back: 31.5"
Shoulder: 17.5"

Masterson Gloom Chaser shirt Size M40/42 - Worn twice - $160 shipped
Chest: 21.25"
Sleeve: 24"
Back: 30.5"
Shoulder: 18"

Masterson Two Cats lightweight flannel size M/42 - Very good used condition - SOLD!
Chest: 22"
Sleeve: 25.75"
Back: 29.5"
Shoulder: 18"

Iron Heart IHSH-134 Organic Cotton Olive Herringbone Western Shirt Size Small
This is no longer available. It has been worn and the color has shifted a little, but looks great- $175 shipped
Chest: 20.5"
Sleeve: 23.5"
Back: 27"
Shoulder: 16.25"

Momotaro Indigo Loopwheel Cardigan size M – brand new still in the packaging - $225 shipped
Chest: 20.5”
Sleeve: 25.5”
Shoulder: 18.5”
Length 27”

Samurai Indigo Flannel Size L – worn several times and in excellent condition - $300 shipped
Chest: 23”
Sleeve 26.25”
Shoulder 19”
Back 30”

Freewheelers 601xx 1951 denim size 33
These have been worn 5 times and show basically no signs of wear. This came pre-washed - $175
Waist: 17”
Front Rise: 11.75”
Rear Rise: 16.25”
Thigh: 12.75”
Knee: 9.5”
Inseam: 29”

RJB black Zimbabwe cotton jeans size 34 – Worn less than 10 times. Small mark on the back, otherwise pretty much perfect and very rare - $200 shipped
Waist: 18”
Front Rise: 9”
Rear Rise: 15”
Thigh: 12.75”
Knee: 8.75”
Hem: 8”
Inseam: 30.5”

Freenote Cloth Wool Mackinaw size Medium – Worn about 8 times and in pretty much perfect condition - $450 shipped
Chest: 21.5”
Shoulder: 17”
Length: 32”
Sleeve: 26.25”

Carmina Rain Last Chelsea boots in tan calfskin Size UK9/US10 – Worn by myself and kept on shoe trees for their entire life - $310 shipped

Pure Blue Japan Natural Indigo Hank-Dyed Jeans (AI-003 18 oz Natural Indigo Slim Tapered)
Size 36 pre-soaked, unsanforized. These have been worn by me less than 5 times and being hank-dyed, there is no fading at all that I can see. You can barely tell that these have been worn at all and are in nearly perfect condition. These were bought at Blue in Green and are currently sold out in this size (and most others)
Waist: 34in
Front Rise: 10.5in
Upper Thigh: 12.25in
Knee: 8.5in
Leg opening: 8.25in
Length:  29.5in

Asking $450.00 shipped in the US

Stevenson Overall Co. x Okayama Denim 727 Indigo Duck Pants
13oz indigo dyed duck canvas. Size 32. These have been worn only 5 times and are sold out in this size. There are some creases starting to form due to the fact that it is duck canvas, but little to no fading has started at this point.
Waist: 35in
Front Rise: 10.8in
Upper Thigh: 12.2in
Knee: 8.5in
Leg opening: 8.1in
Length: 29in

Asking $210 shipped in the US
Oni 546OLZR 20oz Olive Secret Denim
Size 33 raw, but soaked once by me. These have been hemmed and soaked, but never worn out. These are basically brand new without tags. These are currently completely sold out at Blue in Green.
Waist: 33in
Front Rise: 10.25in
Upper Thigh: 12in
Knee: 8.5in
Leg Opening: 8in
Length: 29.5in

Asking $150 shipped in the US

Naked and Famous PomegranatexBrown Selvedge Weird Guy Size 32
These are dyed with real pomegranate in the warp threads and the weft threads are dyed brown. I have worn these around 10 times, but they don’t seem to have faded much if at all. They are in very good condition. These are no longer available anywhere and I do not think that they will be coming back.
Waist: 34in
Front Rise: 11in
Thigh: 12in
Knee: 9in
Leg Opening: 7.75in
Length: 30in

Asking $125 shipped in the US

Gitman Bros. Vintage Flannel Shirt in Purple
Size medium, 100% cotton. Bought second hand, worn 0 times by me. It appears to be in pretty much new condition.
Pit to Pit: 21in
Length: 31in
Shoulder: 18in
Sleeve: 23.75 in

Asking $90 shipped in the US

Reasonable offers will be considered.
PM me if you live overseas and we can work out international shipping

I have two jackets for sale. Both are made out of Shinki horsehide.
The first one is a beautiful Diamond Dave J-100 in seal brown shinki horsehide. It is in used, but excellent condition. It has been worn, but there are no issues or actual flaws. The hide is absolutely gorgeous and is just starting to break in.

Measurements are:
pit to pit: 21.5 inches
shoulders: 18
front: 24.25
back: 26.5
arms: 24.5

Asking for $725 shipped in the US.

The second is my Real McCoy's A2 Roughwear contract size 38 in dark seal brown horsehide (Shinki of course). The jacket is amazing and in really great condition. The dark color has rubbed off in some places along the jacket ( I think it actually looks better for this). The knits are perfect except for one small snag on the left cuff.

Measurements: Chest: 20.5 inches
shoulders: 17.3 inches
sleeves: 22inches plus knits (3 inches)
front length: 21.9 inches
back: 20.7 inches plus knits (3inches)
Only asking for $725 shipped in the US. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

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