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Up for sale is a size large IHSH-180, red classic check for $210$180 shipped within the US. and IHSH-155, blue crazy check (sold). I re-bought in a smaller size, so I'm letting this go.


Chest: 22.6"
Shoulders: 18.0"
Sleeve length: 26.3"
Almost exactly the averages.  :D
Let me know if you want any more!

Both have been well cared for and the IHSH-180 (red classic check) has about a dozen wears, while the IHSH-155 (blue crazy check) has about 15-20 wears. Both have yet to get a wash, but I'm happy to do so if you prefer before I ship. I'm thinking (edit: price drop) $180 shipped within the US on the IHSH-180.

These are just a bit too big for me, and I'm not planning on making them fit any time soon. :D Pre soaked and worn once, not hemmed. Sold em to some guy on eBay, and then he returned them with a bit of fraying to one of the belt loop stitching (see pics). Not looking to deal with eBay again on them, and just want someone to be able to wear them. Paid $280 in the outlet off the new price of $350. How about, say, $150 shipped in the US, slightly more otherwise?


Waist: 16"
Inseam: 36"
Leg Opening: 7"
Front Rise: 9.25"

Tell us all, What You've Got / Cander49
« on: October 16, 2017, 04:20:51 am »
25oz IH-555-XHSib indigo/black jeans, size 30 -- moderately worn in
18oz IH-555-02 indigo jeans, size 30 -- extremely worn in, ~3 years of effective wear
21oz IH-555-03 SBG jeans, size 29 -- pretty minimally worn in

IHJ-53 Leather “One Star” , size M
IH-2526J Brown Duck Modified Type III, size L
IH-526J-DD Double Indigo Duck Type III, size M
IHM-15 Hooded N1 Deck Half Coat, size M
IHW-13-GRY 26 oz Melton M65, size S
IHJ-64-BLK Black Leather Type III, size S
IHM-29-NVY Navy Whipcord N1, size S
IHM-27-OLV Sateen Olive M65, size S
IHSB-ANJ4 IH x Simmons Shearling Flight Jacket, size M
IHJ-11 - Pertex Shield DV Windbreaker, size M
IHJ-75-KHA Primaloft Mountain Parka, size S
IHJ-91-BUR Lightweight Quilted Jacket, size M

Cut and Sewn:
IHT-1600 11 oz, white, size L
IHT-1600 11 oz, black, size L
IHT-1610 6.5 oz, white, size L
IHT-1610 6.5 oz, light grey, size L
IHT-1610 6.5 oz, dark grey, size L
IHT-1721 6 oz, red, size M
IHT-1721 6 oz, green, size M
IHT-2017 7.5 oz, navy, size M
IHT-2017 7.5 oz, white, size M
IHT-2017 7.5 oz, grey, size M
IHT-3000 7.5 oz, black, size M
IHTL-1213 henley, grey, size M
IHF-2018 indigo/grey forum tee, size L
IHT-HAD "hard as duck" grey, size L
IHTB-08 11 oz sweater with elbow pads, blue/black, size M
IHPT-206 7.5 oz white pocket tee, size M
IHT-1610L-OLV 6.5 oz olive tee, size L

IHSH-166 Superblack CPO with black snaps, size M
IHSH-182-Mar Maroon ultra heavy buffalo check western, size M
IHSH-13-BLK Black Chambray 10 oz, size M
IHSH-33-T Indigo Denim Western Tonal Stitching 12 oz, size M
IHSH-134 Charcoal 9 oz Herringbone western, size M
IHSH-193 indigo dyed 10 oz flannel western, size L
IHSH-129 indigo dyed 10 oz green flannel western, size M
IHSH-179 Kanreki western, size L (hot soaked in very hot water to get down roughly a full size)
IHSH-101 purple ultra heavy buffalo check western, size M
IHSH-155 blue ultra heavy crazy check western, size M
IHSH-101-BB blue ultra heavy buffalo check western, size M
IHSH-180 red ultra heavy classic check western, size M
IHSH-137 blue mini herringbone 10 oz flannel western, size M
IHSH-152 double indigo pinstripe 7 oz chambray short sleeve work shirt, size L
IHSH-196 indigo check 6oz flannel western, size M
IHSH-212 blue/white striped 3.5 oz chambray work shirt, size M
IHSH-206-GRN - green ultra heavy classic check western, size M
IHSH-206-BRN - brown ultra heavy classic check western, size M
IHSH-208 Indigo kersey western, size M
IHSH-204 red ombré check ultra heavy flannel western, size M
IHSH-178 Overdyed indigo 18 oz CPO, size M
IHSH-245 10 year anniversary western, size M
IHSH-228-IND cotton linen 5 oz western, size M
IHSH-259-RED ultra heavy small block check western, size M
IHSH-277-IND 9 oz selvedge ombré check work shirt, size M
IHSH-309-PUR purple ultra heavy classic check western, size M

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