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Within my footwear collection, boots are my first love and moccasins (AKA "handsewns") are my second.  Dress shoes are a distant and often overlooked third.

Modern moccasin construction, in its simplest terms, involves hand-sewing the vamp to the plug, which creates the famous "moc-toe".  The vamp wraps under the foot, and the plug covers the top of the foot.  This video shows the handsewing process and general construction.

Show off your handsewns, ask questions, discuss things...

Here's my collection:

Quoddy Kennebec

Rancourt x Trask Canyon

Town View Leather house slippers

Rancourt x Trask Bison Chukas

Rancourt x Trask Bison Bluchers

Yuketen Guide (sold)

Quoddy Blucher

Quoddy Maliseet, Rancourt Ranger, Quoddy Blucher

Tell us all, What You've Got / Engineer
« on: May 09, 2015, 04:34:57 am »
Just starting on my IH adventure...


IH-816-Navy, 34
IH-816-Brown, 34
IH-816-Khaki, 34
IH-633S, 34
IH-633S-14, 33
IH-634S-18, 34
IH-555-02, 34

IH-816-Brown, 36
IH-9634Z, 34
IH-816-Khaki, 36
IH-704-Olive, 36
IH-633S, 36
IH-633N, 36
IH-634S, 34
IH-634S-19L, 36
IH-816-Navy, 36
IH-6634-Black, 36
IH-1955S-UHR, 34
IH-555-03, 34


IHSH-13-Ind, Medium
IHSH-21-Ind, Medium
IHSH-38-Grn, Medium
IHSH-46-Red, Large
IHSH-58-White, Large
IHSH-75, Medium
IHSH-88, Medium
IHSH-101tg, Large
IHSH-127-v2-Green, Large
IHSH-129-Green, Large
IHSH-137-Blue, Large
IHSH-137-Yellow, Large
IHSH-147-Red, Large
IHSH-154-Olive, Medium
IHSH-194-Blk, Medium

IHSH-07, Large
IHSH-102tg, X-Large
IHSH-13-Black, Large
IHSH-13-Ind, Large


IHV-22-Black, Large
IHV-24, Medium


IHM-19, Medium


Wesco Foot Patrol, Redwood, 9E
Viberg x IH Wild Ones, 8.5EE
Viberg x IH Wild Ones, 8.5D

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