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Buying and Selling / IHJ 69 ( Brown) IHJ 70 (Brown) XXXL
« on: January 02, 2020, 06:57:44 pm »
Just grabbed the 526 whipcord and I am and looking to possibly move my IHJ 69s and IHJ 70. Looking to see if there is any interest.

All three are XXXL and in excellent condition.

Looking to get $250usd shipped cont. US for each. Can probably work out a deal if you snag more than one.

If there is interest I can throw up some pics and measurements.

Going, Going, Gone.... / MODs please close
« on: April 04, 2019, 04:15:20 am »
After a few years of amassing a pretty large IH collection I have realized you can only wear so many clothes. Thinning the herd a bit as I find myself not wearing these items very much. All items are very good condition and include Cont IS shipping. International, we will have to work out.

Willing to provide discounts for multiple purchases

All items are up on eBay 7 days and already have bids, but I thought I’d put them up here too to see if there is any interest. If they aren’t bought before the eBay auctions close, they will go to the eBay buyers

IHD 01 OD - $250

IHSH-196 -$250

IHSH-129 Green -$200

IHSH 202- Indigo heavy chambray- $250

IHSH 188 Blue - $225

IHSH 188 Grey - $225

IHSH 202 Heavy Chambray White - $250 (some indigo on the bottom)

IHSH XXXX - $200

IH-105 - $350

IH Indigo Hoodie - $225

Going, Going, Gone.... / IHJ 61 Small Khaki
« on: December 07, 2018, 03:20:58 pm »
I bought these for my wife in an effort to turn her on to IH. Unfortunately, they are not her style and I am the solo IH wearer of the household.

the 61 was bought brand new and has only been work 2-4 times. No evo, practically brand new.
$250usd shipped Cont US

the 6525J was bought used on the forum and has some wear (see elbows and button holes) but this thing is a tank and has lots of wear left.
$125usd shipped Cont US

Measurements included with pics (taken the IH way)

Going, Going, Gone.... / IHJ-05 XXL Grey
« on: August 23, 2018, 04:43:36 pm »
Worn condition, good but with a couple of wear marks. Built like a tank as you would expect, rare old classic piece in a big guy size. Bought from other IH forum member, too big for me. Just recouping my original payment.

25” pit to pit
30” length

$125 shipped Cont US, international negotiable based on method.


Viberg x Division Road 310s size 11D in dark waxed olive. Worn twice and just not my color. Paid $735, will let for $600 shipped cont us.

Samurai Heavyweight Curve Belt brown and tan size 38
I have lost some weight and these just don’t fit anymore. They both have been worn plenty over the last year and have a lot of evo, but they have plenty of life left. Both measure just about 38 inches to the middle belt hole.
Looking to get $100 each or both for $185 shipped US Cont (message me for international shipping).


Tell us all, What You've Got / Dstauffer (Dan)
« on: March 12, 2018, 02:30:52 pm »
IHSH-64 (gray and indigo)
IHSH-73 (beige)
IHSH-156 (burgundy and charcoal)
IHSH-127 v2 (green, red, purple)
IHSH-188 (navy and gray)
IHSH-195 (red)
IHSH-105 (Brown)

IH-634 XHS

IH-816 (gray, green, duck)

IHJ-35 (SExIH Collaboration)




Used pair of White's Custom Bounty Hunters size 11D in Horween natural CXL. I've had these for about two months and have come to realization that they are just not for me. They have definitely seen some wear while I've had them (scrapes, wear and tear, indigo bleed), but given the quality of White's there are years left of wear and they are rebuildable.  I ordered this from Baker's Boots and the specs are below.

I paid $608.90 and am looking to get $450usd OBO shipped cont US.

Baker's Custom Bounty Hunter by White's Boot - Price: $608.90
Last: Semi Dress (Bounty Hunter)
Counter Leather: Natural Chrome Excel by Horween
Toe Vamp Leather: Natural Chrome Excel by Horween
Upper (Shaft) Leather: Natural Chrome Excel by Horween
Leather Liner: Brown
Lace Design: Plain Toe
Pull Loops: Leather Pull Loops
Celastic Toe Box: Single Celastic Toe
Toe Cap: Leather Toe Cap (only available on plain toe style)
Toe Cap Leather Color: Natural Chrome Excel
Steel Toe: No Thanks
Hardware: Antique Eyes & Hooks
Height: 7"
Top: Cut Top (standard)
Midsole: Double
Edge: Natural
Heel Base: Standard
Heel Lifts: 1/4" Higher
Sole: Vibram Composition Half Sole
Size - Length: 11
Size - Width: D (medium)


Viberg 310s in size 11D. These definitely have some miles on them, but lots of life left.

$325usd shipped cont US OBO

So this thing is awesome, but unfortunately, the Belt Loop Buddy just doesn't quite work for me the way I need in carrying my keys. I just got it from SE a few days ago (was delivered on 1/27) and I've only carried it once to try it out.

I paid $355 w/ shipping from SE and am looking to for $325 shipped Cont US.


Other Brands and Shops / Underwear
« on: December 12, 2017, 03:40:57 pm »
Perhaps its too "intimate" for the forum but I'd love some discussion from forum members on decent brands. I have grown tired of the traditional, mass produce crap I have been wearing my whole life...

Going, Going, Gone.... / PRICE DROPS 666UHR 36X36/ RRL Sweaters XL
« on: September 21, 2017, 04:11:11 pm »
All items include cont us shipping. International will be extra depending on where.

666UHR 36X36

Super bummed to put these up for sale, but I am conceding to the fact that 666 is just not a cut I can rock.

Looking for $275 $200 shipped cont US. Outside US, PM and we can discuss shipping costs.
The denim on this is absolutely stunning and I am sad to see these go, but after a few months of trying to make them work, its time to put them out to pasture and see if someone else can give them a better home.

I bought these off the forum from the original owner who had previous soaked them and wore them about 5 times. Since owning them I have not soaked or washed them, but they have seen plenty of wear over the last few months and you can see some evo starting to develop, still some great life in them. I have tried to document this in the pics.

measurements are as follows:
Waist: approx 36"
Knee: approx 9"
Hem: approx 8.5"
Inseam: approx 34.75"


RRL sweaters both sized XL, crewneck and cardigan. Made in USA, Excellent used condition. Measurements are in the pics
$200 $125 each shipped cont us or $350 $225 for both.

Going, Going, Gone.... / IHSH 88 XXXL
« on: June 03, 2017, 08:37:19 pm »
Bought from a forum member and just didn't work out size wise.
Looking to just recoup my payment of $160 shipped cont US

I would say 10/10 condition wise. No evo or wear and tear.

P2P 24.5
Shoulders 20.5
Length 30.5
Opening 23.5
Sleeve 27


Going, Going, Gone.... / IHSH 13 Size XXXL Tailored
« on: May 18, 2017, 01:38:20 pm »
$130 shipped cont US (PayPal F/F). Rest of the world - PM and we can work out a price for shipping.

Used IHSH-13. Very good condition. Some minor wear and tear, but nothing very noticeable. No fraying or fading that I can see. Just does not fit a tall guy like me. I love it and I am sad to see it go, but it just sits in my closet.

hot washed and dried a few times.

Size XXXL, but had professionally tailored by the Denim Surgeon in New York to take in the body width.

Here are the measurements (also shown in pictures)

Front Length: 28"
PtP:  24.2"
sleeve length: about 26"
back length: about 29"
Opening: 22.5


Going, Going, Gone.... / IHJ-05 Size L
« on: March 10, 2017, 05:34:57 pm »
Price is shipped Cont US. International, PM and we and we can talk shipping. PayPal only, F/F or pay 4% fee.

IHJ-05 Size Large Grey - $85

Very good condition, some pilling on the interior, very light wear and tear.

Length 28.5
Middle of collar to edge of cuff 36
P2P 25
"IMG_6065.JPG""IMG_6066.JPG""IMG_6067.JPG" "IMG_6068.JPG"

Going, Going, Gone.... / IHV-22 Khaki XXXL for sale or trade
« on: February 16, 2017, 01:06:46 am »
XXXL khaki IHV-22. Bought from another forum member who barely wore it, I wore it once. Perfect condition. Unfortunately too big for me. Sizing is on par with the original run of these listed on page 1 of the IHV-22 thread.

I can add some pics if needed, but again, this is in perfect condition with no area of evo or wear and tear to show.

Looking to recoup what I paid. $300 USD shipped cont US. International shipping, PM and we can discuss cost. PayPal with F/F or add the 4% fee on your end.

Would be very interested to trade for a khaki XXL.

Please let me know if you have questions.



Going, Going, Gone.... / IHSH-137 Yellow XXXL
« on: June 16, 2016, 04:43:16 pm »
These two shirts have only been worn 5-10 times and never washed or soaked.

I needed the body/sleeve length, but unfortunately, the shoulder/chest measurements make them too big for me to wear.

The  137 has been pimped to MOP snaps and actual measurements are:
Length: 31.1"
Shoulders: 20.1"
Chest P2P: 24.2"
Waist: 22.9"
Opening: 23.2"
Arm: 27.2"
Cuff Opening: 4.7

Looking to get $200 shipped CONUS.

Obviously PayPal use friend or include the 4% fee.

If you are outside of the CONUS, message me and we can probably work something out shipping wise. I haven't shipped much internationally so I'd like to keep it domestic, but I am sure something can be worked out :)

Let me know if there are questions and thanks for looking!

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