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Buying and Selling / Hair-on leather belt; Levi's denim shirt
« on: February 29, 2020, 05:45:54 pm »
A few odds and ends for sale:

1. Unknown brand pretty unique hair-on western belt.  Fantastic design but too small for my 34 waist.  Marked 36 but look at the measurements in the pics.  It does not fit a size 36 waist, probably closer to 28-30 waist.  $40 shipped.


2. Levi's Modern Fit denim shirt.  Size L (p2p is 23").  Worn once.  $35 shipped.


3. Caribbean brand Hawaiian shirt, size XL (p2p is 25").  Never worn, new with tag.  $25 shipped.


Going, Going, Gone.... / SOLD Barbour Lowerdale Gilet vest, Size XXL
« on: February 29, 2020, 05:09:15 pm »
The stylish Barbour Lowerdale quilted vest in Burgundy, size XXL, almost new, worn twice.  P2P is approx 25".

Buying and Selling / Price drop: Spiewak Retro CPO shirt / jacket Size L
« on: February 29, 2020, 04:58:48 pm »
This is a super cool, stylish melton wool CPO shirt/jacket.  Long discontinued and impossible to find.  The detailing and style of this thing is unbelievable.  Size L (P2P is approx 23").  I am a 46-47 chest, and I can button it but it is tight.  I would say you would need to be somewhere between 40 and 44 chest for this to fit well.  $100 85 shipped in CONUS. 

The first three pics are stock images that show the fit better, the rest are photos of the actual jacket.
"spiewak_cpo_jacket4.jpg""spiewak_cpo_jacket2.jpg""spiewak_cpo_jacket1.jpg""s-l1600.jpg""s-l1600 (2).jpg""s-l1600 (1).jpg"

Going, Going, Gone.... / SOLD The Flat Head F310 jeans (size 34)
« on: February 29, 2020, 04:43:35 pm »
The iconic Flat Head F310 jeans in size 34.  Hemmed to 30".  Sparingly worn.  Some good fades starting to develop but lots of life left.  Stitching is holding but the crotch stitching is starting to fray a bit and would probably need to be redone at some point.

waist - 17"
inseam - 30"
leg opening - 8"


"IMG-1578.jpg""IMG-1579.jpg""IMG-1580 (1).jpg""IMG-1581 (1).jpg""IMG-1582 (1).jpg"

Worn only a handful of times (5-6).  Never washed, never soaked, no fade denim.  Size is w42 but this fit is sized larger so that it can be worn over another jacket.  I am a 46-47 chest and this fits me.  P2P is 23"/XXL.



A fantastic piece for the wabash connoisseur.   Size 32.

Waist 31.5
Inseam 31

The wabash striping is a very light blue.  These sell for $150 new, and have only been worn/washed once.  Wish they fit me.  $100 $80 $65 $55 shipped to you in CONUS.

"s-l1600 (4).jpg""s-l1600 (3).jpg""s-l1600 (2).jpg""s-l1600 (1).jpg""s-l1600.jpg"

Going, Going, Gone.... / SOLD Please delete
« on: March 25, 2018, 04:37:36 pm »
1. Momotaro x Naked & Famous collaboration Skinny Guy selvedge jeans, size 34
Awesome 14oz sanforized Japanese selvedge denim. The denim is constructed by Momotaro using Momotaro's signature features included Momotaro engraved buttons and rivets, hidden back pocket rivets.  The leather patch, tags, and interior lining features logos and details from both brands.  In good shape, well used with moderate fading,  all seams are holding. Couple of wear marks on one leg from cuffing. Waist -17.5".  Inseam - 30" (not chain stitched).  Opening - 8.5".  SOLD.


2. Samurai S0500XX Otokogi Straight Fit, size 34.  Lots of character and great vertical fades.  All seams in good shape.  The stitching on the arctuates on one of the pockets is coming undone.  Waist - 17", Inseam - 31.5", Leg opening - 8".  Would like to get. SOLD


3.  Grenson "Sharp" brogue boots - Tan Calf, size UK10.  Fantastic stylish boots.  In good shape, some creasing on the vamp but nothing too bad.  Polished with Saphir products.  Paid $300 for these a couple of years ago.  SOLD.


Going, Going, Gone.... / PLEASE DELETE
« on: December 27, 2017, 03:02:04 pm »
For sale or trade:

1.  BNWOT: Stevenson Overall Co. Allstate AS2 black paisley shirt, Size M. Discharge print flannel with metal concho buttons.  I cannot begin to tell you how awesome this shirt is.  Paid an embarrassing amount in the hopes that it would fit me but it doesn't,so someone else will hopefully enjoy it.  Measurements (the IH way)

P2P 20.5"
Shoulders 19"
Length 27"

$120 $100 SOLD


2. Post O'alls Cruzer duck canvas vest, size L, in used but excellent condition, no evo, stains, rips or tears. P2P is 22".

$90 $70 $50 shipped to CONUS.

3. BNWT: Levi's Made and Crafted Sherpa Reversible vest, size XL, P2P is 22".  $60 $45 $30 shipped to CONUS.

Up for sale is an awesome pair of black leather vintage engineer boots from the venerable Boulet Canada. They are marked size 9.5 - hard to tell, but I think this is likely a womens 9.5 (so roughly size 8 mens).  Sadly, they are too small for me.

They have that the narrow flat toe box profile that you see in much pricier homage and repro boots (like Role Clubs or Road Champs).  Note the cool detail of the double strap at the calf. 

Leather is in good shape, double stitching is holding up.  Nice patina, some scratches and wear showing (look at the last pic) but no tears.  The soles are still the original nitrile-gum oil and acid resistant sole.  Some wear, particularly on the heel pads.


"s-l1600 (1).jpg""s-l1600 (2).jpg""s-l1600 (4).jpg""s-l1600 (6).jpg""s-l1600.jpg"

Going, Going, Gone.... / SOLD - please delete
« on: June 10, 2017, 02:47:15 pm »
SOLD - please delete

I have a couple of wonderful slubby bumpy PBJs for sale. 

1. An almost new pair of XX-003, size 34, almost new, worn perhaps 3-4 times, no rips, tears or blemishes, almost no evo (a hint of color peeking at the knees). Would like to get $125 $100 shipped in CONUS.
Measurements are:

Waist 17.25"
FR 10"
BR 16.25"
Thigh 13"
Leg Opening 9"
Inseam 31"


2. A well worn, beautifully faded pair of XX-012 Deep Indigo Tapered, size 32.  Lots of wear, some pretty good fades (in my humble opinion), no rips or tears, seams are holding.  Would like to get $100 $90 shipped to CONUS.  Measurements are:

Waist 17.5"
FR 10"
BR 14.5"
Thigh 12"
Leg Opening 7.5"
Inseam 32"

Beautifully soft 5oz gingham chambray with western details and pearl snaps.  Brand new, worn once, never washed.  No evo, no blemishes, no nothing.  Size labelled as 44 but I typically wear 45-46 chest shirts and this fits me well in the chest and arms.  I would say it is equivalent to an XXL in IH shirts.  Reason I am selling is that I have a short torso and this shirt is too long for me.

Stock pics and other details can be seen here:


I am too lazy to take pics - it basically looks the same as it is brand new.  If you feel strongly about it, I am happy to email you actual pics.   Pics in the post below.

This sells for $180.  I will let it go to a good home for $120 $99 $80 delivered in CONUS. 

Thanks,  Zim

I am selling a great pair of Fullcount 1110Z Japanese selvedge jeans.  Slim tapered.  Supersoft 13.7oz Zimbabwe cotton.  Goatskin patch.  These sell for $285 at Blue In Green:


Gently used, some light fading, no tears, rips or blowouts.  The back pocket arcs have been removed, and the jeans have been hemmed to 32".

Wasit is 16 1/4"
Inseam 32"

Got them on ebay but unfortunately can't make them fit.  Got a great deal and am passing it on - $59 shipped to CONUS.

will post pics as soon as I figure out how

Going, Going, Gone.... / Kicking Mule Workshop selvedge SOLD PLEASE DELETE
« on: November 20, 2016, 03:41:35 pm »
Almost new Japanese selvedge denim from the great, sadly now defunct, Kicking Mule Workshop.  These will never be made again!  This is the (somewhat) slim straight 1980 model, Size 33 S.  Actual waist measurement is 34", inseam is 31", hem width is 9".

Soaked once to get shrinkage out and hand-washed once.  Worn about 10 times so look almost brand new with little to no fading. No goofy wash lines. Small sign of wear around the crotch area and light crease marks around the cuffs (look at pics). 

Love these jeans and wish they still fit me.  SOLD.  Will take pics if there is interest.

Going, Going, Gone.... / Interest check: SOLD PLEASE DELETE
« on: November 20, 2016, 03:18:48 pm »
Up for sale is a true gem - Ultra rare Limited Edition Concept x Vanson x Heineken100 collab moto jacket. Only 100 of these were ever made.  You can read more here:


and here:


Classic biker jacket sillhoutte in soft, thick fabric material (not sure what it is, feels like very thick fleece/cotton).  Silver/grey color with biker jacket hardware.  Pristine used condition, flawless.

Labeled as size Mens M but actual fit is more like an L or even XL.  I am pretty thick in torso/chest/shoulders, usually wear size 46R in jackets, XXL in IH shirts, and this thing fits me, though tightly.  The material is stretchy so if you are somewhere between sizes 38-44, it should fit you.  I am heartbroken that I have to sell this but it's just slightly too tight for me, and I don't want to wear it unbuttoned.

I am thinking I will let it go for SOLD to CONUS (other locations - PM me and we can work out shipping).  Note that I am traveling next week so may be slow responding to messages.

Actual measurements, across, laying flat:
across armpits (back): 23"
bottom of collar to waist: 25"
underarm seam to end of wrist: 18"
across shoulder seams: 18"

Going, Going, Gone.... / Sold - Interest check - IH-666-XHS, size W36
« on: July 10, 2016, 03:25:43 pm »
Trying to decide whether to sell my IH-666-XHS, 25oz selvedge jeans.  These are almost brand new, worn only a handful of times, soaked once to get shrinkage out, never washed.  No real evo, very dark and stiff.  Size 36 waist, hemmed to approx. 30" inseam (between 30 and 30.5).  I've lost some weight and these are too big for me.  Trying to decide whether to sell them or wait to inevitably get fat again. :)  Too lazy to take pics and measurements right now but happy to do it if you are really interested.

Item sold.

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