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Bought direct from Wesco's Seconds dept. Size 8D. Worn for a couple of hours (walked a total of 10 blocks and around the house/back yard) before I was forced to accept they are too small/narrow for me.

Rough-out Burlap lined with bucksin
65 upper pattern
MP style toe
Heels one lift lower
All natural edges
No pull tabs
Lightweight stearling upper stitching
Vibram 700 sole
Matching kilties
Black insoles
Tan Nylon laces

Everything is included included box.

Wesco describes the defect as: "small gap in both heels".  But try as I might, I could never locate any perceivable 'gap'.

These are in pristine 9.9/10 condition and are absolutely gorgeous--the tiniest amount of indigo crocking is visible at the back top of boot.

Please do your homework and be sure of your sizing as all sales are final.

Available on other sites--going to the bay if no takers here.

Other Brands and Shops / Benzak Denim
« on: March 31, 2018, 07:24:53 pm »
First experience with the brand but thoroughly impressed with the quality and thoughtful details strewn into these Division Road collaborations (proprietary 711 cut--mid/high rise, comfy top block, tappered leg, narrow hem) 16oz slub fabric from Collect Mills--made in Japan. Fit pics after 1 day of wear.

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New Factory Seconds
Size 8D
Jobmaster with 65 upper pattern
7" height
Veg tan
Vibram 700 sole--appears black vs division rd's pictures show a dark brown.
Gusseted tonge
Dark brown insoles
All brass eyelets
Matching Kilties
No raw hide laces

"Bumps both heel counters, Sanding marks in right heel counter"

Bought direct from Wesco only worn for photos briefly.  These boots are gorgeous and in Brand New Factory Seconds condition.

$295 shipped to your conUS door.
International buyers PM me and we'll get area specific quotes.

Paypal friends and fam or plus 4%

Please be sure on sizing and ask any and all questions before you commit, as No Returns will be accepted.

Serious and conscientious seller;  Buy with confidence and shoot me any questions.


My pictures coming soon.

SOLD. Seconds bought direct from Wesco (captoe on right boot slightly crooked)
Size 8 Packers with cap toe
Vibram 430 sole
Gusseted tongue
Kilties included
Brown rough out leather
Only tried on for fit and photos.
Brand new (seconds) condition with box for exactly what Wesco charged me: $365 shipped within con US.

Be sure of your sizing as all sales are of course final.

Act fast these go to ebay next...SOLD

Brand new--only worn briefly for photos--bought direct from Freenotecloth.com

Size Medium, completely flawless, this fabric is special and I'm pained to give it up, but the double pocket snaps are just not for me.

$79 (or pay the 4%) shipped ConUS--other countries PM

P2P: 21.5
Shoulder: 18
Sleeve: 27
Length: 29.5

pics arriving via Tapatalk...

Going, Going, Gone.... / Samurai Jeans-New, no tags-Large $164 ConUS
« on: March 22, 2017, 03:01:18 am »
This goes live on Ebay 3/23/17--so if you want it act now.

Brand New, no tags, never worn except photo and mirror dance.
Flawless:  exact condition I got it from Japan in.  Awesome thick fabric and classic Japanese design.

Sashiko 'quilted' long sleeve work shirt (large)

P2P:  21.5
Shoulder: 17.25
Length:  27.5

I'm 5'11" 160lbs for reference:

photos to come via tapatalk

Tell us all, What You've Got / Disheveled's
« on: March 08, 2017, 03:09:05 pm »
24 (red)
33 (indigo and black)
70 (grey)
86 (blue and green)
100 (blue and brown)
101 (tg, mc)
117 (yellow, blue)
127 (red--v1, green--v2, purple--v2)
129 (both)
130 (bb and gb)
138 (green)
154 (charcoal)
155 (blue and black)
162 (black and olive)
163 (grey and olive)



IH-816 (brown)

Iht-1610 (grey)
Ihtl-1501 (white)
Ihtb-01 (grey)

Ihg-051 (black and red and sky)

I'm sure I'm missing a few stragglers

Wow, 44 shirts--obsessed much? lol ;)
The UHFs are my favorites (fit, function, style--just perfectly balanced for me)

A big Thank You, to Iron Heart.  You guys are tops in my book!

Going, Going, Gone.... / SOLD IHJ-530 Large, 12oz Wabash Chore SOLD
« on: February 18, 2017, 01:19:36 pm »
SOLD--this is DONE.

Extinct--IHJ-530 12oz Wabash Chore Jacket size Large 7 of 10 (conservative) pre-owned condition:  $280 (after PP fees) shipped ConUS. Over-seas buyers and I will split the shipping cost :)

I bought this from a vintage clothing store in Japan and couldn't pass.
Ultimately, this is too big and just outside my comfort zone, so it never got worn by me.
It smelled fresh from the shop so I assume they washed it.
The only fading noticable is the cuff area and any of the exposed edges (collar, pocket flaps, etc)--with the cuffs showing the only real significant visible fades, the other edges really only popping out in the photos (I threw in both, non flash and flash to try to give a complete picture).

Let me know if you want specific detailed shots or with any questions.

Please be sure of the measurements, as all sales are of course final, no returns.
I have sold many items on selvedgestyle.com and have 100% feedback on ebay--PM for details

As measured by me in inches:

P2P:  22.25
Shoulder:  19.25
Sleeve:  26.5
Length:  29

Sold Brand New--No Box. Size 9.5US Sold
This is Done
Only tried on--too big.  Awesome boot in a great color way.

Over seas is fine just cover the shipping

$175 net to me.

Please feel free to ask me any questions.

Incase you dont know: these run LARGE
I wear size 10 in Adidas and should be a 8.5 in these!

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