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General Chat / The “Filthy” Few
« on: November 23, 2021, 12:36:47 pm »
…waiting patiently and very excited!  Details soon…


General Chat / Holiday Traditions
« on: November 24, 2020, 02:47:23 pm »
With the holiday season upon us, I was wondering if you would share some of your favourite holiday traditions and pictures.

Here is a picture of our tree from last year.


General Chat / Getting Old
« on: October 12, 2019, 09:34:41 pm »
I propose a new topic where we discuss the fun of getting older.

Example: 20’s I drank all night and worked all day.  Felt no pain.
30’s.  Worked all day and drank all weekend.  Felt no pain.
40’s.  worked all day, wondered why it hurt and if that’s normal.  Drank a few beers on the weekend.
50’s.  Not there yet, but getting close.  Need the experience of our older members to contribute.

Could be fun.  Also, at what point can you be considered a curmudgeon and get away with it?

Tell us all, What You've Got / goosehd
« on: October 20, 2017, 12:38:23 am »
Took a minute (or ten) to write down my current IH collection.  It really is an addiction!  :)


IHV-22 Alpaca Lined Whipcord N1 Deck Vest - Khaki
IHJ-38 Primaloft Quilted Black Nylon Rider’s Jacket
IHM-14 N1 Deck Jacket - Brown
IH-526J 21oz Denim Type III


IHV-02-BLK Black Wabash Vest


IH-33-Ind Indigo Denim Western
IH-33-Black Black Denim Western
IHSH-62-IND Indigo Wabash Western Shirt
IHSH-85 The Johnny Cash Too
IHSH-142 10oz Grey Chino Western
IHSH-175-IOD Short Sleeved Chambray Overdyed
IHSH-175-IND Short Sleeved Chambray
IHSH-179 Kanreki
IHSH-164 Ezo Deerskin - Ivory
IHSH-193 10oz Check Western

IHSH-101 UHF Buffalo Check - Blue/Cream
IHSH-130 UHF Ombré Western - Purple
IHSH-155 UHF Crazy Check - Red
IHSH-156 UHF Plain - Burgundy
IHSH-180 UHF Check - Red/White
IHSH-181 UHF Check - Green/Black
IHSH-192 UHF Check - Pink/Grey


IH-634-XHSod 25oz
IH-634S-19L-V2 Left Hand Twill
IHxB01 21oz
IH-888-NT UHR Nama Tako
PIH10ANS Pronto Denim
IH-803 Traditional Herringbone Logger Pant - Indigo
IH-805 21oz Indigo Double Knee Overalls
IH-814-BLK Wabash Painter Pant - Black

Cut & Sewn

IHG-051 Bandana - Red
IHG-052 Bandana - Blue
IHTL-1213 Long Sleeved Henley - White
IHTL-1303 Indigo Dipped Henley
IHSW-23 Hoodie - Black
IHT-1700 Loopwheel T-Shirt - Grey
IHT-1720 Loopwheel T-Shirt Green and Red
IHT-1721 Loopwheel T-Shirt Green and Red
IHC-1x Engineer’s Cap - Wabash


IHB-06 Tochigi Belt - Brown
IHSI-02 Silver Bracelet

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