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Going, Going, Gone.... / ALL SOLD MODS MAY REMOVE
« on: June 30, 2018, 04:58:18 pm »
All prices are "or best offer" and assume paypal "friends and family." If you want to do paypal goods then add 3%. I'll cover basic shipping to you in the US.  International folks I'll work with you: we'll split shipping and you are responsible once the item has shipped. 

$OLD - Good Art model 25, size 8.5. Bought from Alex here a week or so ago. Letting it go for what I paid. Too tall for my short fingers and I need a 9. Awesome ring though, in good condition with some wear.


$OLD - Werkstatt Munchen hammered sterling ring, Size 9.25 (their size M/60), I bought used so some wear shows. Here’s a link to their product page. Love this ring and the style, but just too chunky for my fingers. A freaking massive hunk of silver, 15mm tall!

$80 - Rancourt Russel, Essex Veg-tan, 11 D, lactae heva sole.  Bought these second hand, but they weren't worn much if at all by the original owners and none by me.  Very little patina, and very soft for veg tan.  Comes with rancourt shoe bags.  Soles are somewhat similar to those "crepe" soles found on desert boots, soft and rubbery feeling (although I'm told they're durable).

General Chat / Outlet Temptations - what did you score?
« on: May 14, 2018, 11:46:26 pm »
The site gave me a “too much traffic” error today so I know some of you were visiting the newly open outlet. So who caved? What was too good to pas up?

I’ll go first. I copped the IHM-19 custom camo pattern quilted N1. Been in love with that camo for a while and everyone needs an IH N1 jacket. At this price it was a no brainer.

General Chat / Whatchu smokin? (cigar thread)
« on: March 26, 2017, 05:24:00 pm »
I did a quick search and didn't see anything, so I figured the cigar aficionados deserved a thread too.

So, what are you smoking now?

I don't get to smoke nearly as much as I'd like, given the generally terrible smoking weather here in MD. But yesterday was nice and I got outside with my old standby: CAO Black (torpedo).  I generally like "natural" or "habano" wrappers, and appreciate larger ring gauges and impeccable construction (prob sounds familiar to people here  ;)).  I like lots of smoke and hate burn/draw issues.  I generally don't like CT shade wrappers (too grassy) or maduros (I get an acrid flavor from them).  Other than that I love trying some new stuff, and hope to get some ideas from you all.

Semi-related, I just suggested an IH cigar ashtray over in this thread, so if that seems like a good idea to you then sound off over there.

General Chat / The Leather Patch: Did I commit a sin?
« on: February 11, 2017, 01:13:26 am »
I cut off my leather patch.

I tried over: too bulky.  I tried under: it creaked against the belt, and seemed like a generally superfluous step.  So I cut it off.

I humbly submit myself for judgement.  Did I sin?  Any other heretics out there that feel the same way (confused at the unnecessarily thick leather patch that few will ever see)?

For reference, I'm wearing a pair of 34" 1955S that are getting better every week (and are even better now, IMO).

Going, Going, Gone.... / Grenson Fred V boots - 10UK (11US) Kudu Leather!
« on: November 12, 2016, 04:34:58 pm »
Up for sale is a pair of Grenson Fred V brogue boots in outstanding Kudu leather (from Charles F Stead), in a color they called "mushroom."  I absolutely love these, but despite my research telling me they fit "true to size" I definitely find them to fit large.  I'm 11 on a brannock device, and 11 in trainers, but I'd need a 10.5 or maybe even 10 in these, so If you're a 10-10.5 brannock I think these would fit you well.  The Kudu leather displays awesome character, the scarring is caused by how these antelopes graze in thorny areas (I've read).  It's also very pliable and amazingly comfortable, while requiring very little fuss to care for.  Typical Grenson construction, these are goodyear welted.  These were very lightly worn by their former owner, not worn at all by me.  Asking $220 OBO PP gift shipped in the US(original price was over $500) I don't have original box, just boots.  Feel free to PM me with questions, if you're outside US we can split shipping.

Going, Going, Gone.... / Both sold thanks IH forum!
« on: October 21, 2016, 12:25:41 pm »
Up for sale are 2 amazing shirts, the IHSH-78 workshirt in hickory stripe (XXL), and the IHSH-130-GB in grey/black ombre (XL).   

First up is the IHSH-130 in grey/black ombre check in XL.  This is an absolutely amazing shirt, but try as I might, I just can't make the IH western pattern work for me  :(.  This guy is new and unworn, merely tried on, frowned at, and tried on again. Still has pocket tag and everything.  XL is now sold out.   Asking PP gift $270 (free shipping in CONUS)!

P2P- 23", Shoulder- 18.4", Sleeve- 26.6", Length- 30

Also still for sale is...

IHSH-78 (XXL): bought this from a forum member, and has been washed and very lightly dried, really didn't get much shrink at all.  Not worn at all by me, and I don't think at all by previous owner.  No flaws to speak of (chest pocket buttons are there, just not buttoned).  It is getting the tail curl that you see on some of these.  I do love this shirt, but it's just a tad too big and in this material that doesn't lead to a good look. 

Pending! My (novice) measurements:
P2P- 24", Shoulder- 19.75", Sleeve- 26.5", Length- 29.5

Thanks IH forum, let's find these guys a good home!

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