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Footwear / Sneakers
« on: January 15, 2019, 03:24:28 pm »
Hi folks!
I know, it‘s winter time...
However, I was just searching for some high quality sneakers but always ended up with the usual Converse, Nike, perhaps Buttero and so on.
I am looking for a pair of sneaker with a (build) quality comparable to Wesco, Viberg, maybe Redwing. Built to last. Converse last just half a season until the outsole welt comes of or the inner lining starts to tear.
Know what I mean?
So, what sneakers are you wearing? Any ideas for a durable and sneaker-like shoe? High or low doesn‘t really matter, sizes should run up to UK12/US13.
Suggestions welcome!!!

The Resource Centre / Inchmaster
« on: May 06, 2018, 09:08:45 am »
Don‘t know if this is the right board chapter... - if not, please move properly.

I‘d just like to report my experiences with the Inchmaster waist expander and ask for similar experiences.

Background is, my 777-UHR has become a little tight in the waist. Either I gained some weight or it it shrank too much. It was still in the period of breaking in, so just two soaks and some wear.
Nevertheless, at the end I wasn‘t really able to close it without some efforts and squeezing myself in. Wear was not really comfortable.

So I stumbled across the Inchmaster (German: Bunddehner) available for around 20 €/$/£ at several sources in the internet. There are several brands but it seems to be the same device. It had enough good reviews to give it at least a try.

I was a bit sceptical if this plastic device could handle the 23oz. double waist band of the UHR beast.
To make it short: it can!

Action is quite easy: Simply wet the waistband, put the device in and stretch stepwise. Keep wet during the stretching period. I did this repeatedly for 6 hours and let dry over night with the Inchmaster in.

I gained about an inch in the waist so now I am able to close and wear it comfortably.

So this little thing works quite well even with heavy denim.

And it is good to know that there is a little „backup“ when jeans or other pants become a bit tight in the waist  8)

So maybe this is useful for others.

Any other experiences with this thing?

Best wishes and a sunny weekend!

Going, Going, Gone.... / IHSH-95 - The Johnny Cash Works Too - SOLD!!!
« on: April 26, 2017, 05:42:36 pm »
Selling my IHSH-95 - The Johnny Cash Works Too - Superblack 12oz Selvedge Denim Work Shirt
Size L
P2P 57cm, sleeve 65cm
Barely worn, no washes, no ironing. No damages, stains, odors or whatsoever.
Run-offs have been cut.
Color is still a deep black (although the pics look sort of greyish)
Asking 160 Euro PPFF incl. shipping within the EU.

Going, Going, Gone.... / IH-666-UHR W33/L36 - SOLD
« on: March 19, 2017, 01:30:54 pm »
Selling my 666-UHR... - these will never return.

My body shape and the cut of the 666 simply don't match  :(

Virtually no use. One soak, no washes, worn for just two days.

I really like these but don't like to squeeze myself in. Should have gone with a 34 or simply stick with the 634.

Actual measurements are 41cm in the waist and 88 cm inseam.
I think there will still be a little post-soak stretch in the waist with wear.
So actualy it's 32 in the waist but may stretch back to tag size with wear.

Please ask if you like to have further information.

Asking €220 incl. shipping within the EU.

Thank you!


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