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Buying and Selling / FS: Iron Heart jean jacket, 526PJ (38 / Medium)
« on: June 26, 2020, 05:02:41 pm »
526PJ, 21oz Type-3

Reason for sale, no time to wear them. It's either too cold to wear them where I live or it's way too hot. If I can get 20 days worth of jean jacket wear per year, I can consider myself happy. The jackets just hang in the wardrobe for most of the year. I've been going over the thought of selling them since last year and it breaks my heart.  Stunning jackets.

200 GBP the price is set in stone.

Shipping to EU should be really cheap, 10 GBP tops. Elsewhere, let's talk.

Both measure the same as on IH's site and while I can double check any measurement for you, it's best you're guided by the official measurements.

Right-click on any on the photo and open it in new tab for a full size preview.

First one is 526PJ, first run. Bought new, worn by me. Size 38 or M. Never washed.

EDIT: The 101J is sold.

Thanks for your interest.

Hi! Selling my 1955-UHR, size 34/36 in a fantastic 21/23 oz denim.

Probably my favorite denim from IH, fades quickly and drastically but the cut just isn't working for me. I'm thin, the jeans are wide. I was thinking of having them slimmed down but whatever, best I buy something I'll actually wear.

They measure just like stated on the product page info: https://www.ironheart.co.uk/extinct/ih-1955-uhr.html

I wore them for a while, they have some light fades here and there but absolutely no damage of ANY kind. Literally just fades, is all.

Any questions, if you need more photos, whatever, I'm here. The jeans are located in the EU. I'm asking for 150 USD or 130 EUR. Shipping to anywhere inside the EU is about $10. Elsewhere, PM me and we'll check.


My favorite jacket ever but waaay too big at this point. I love it & don't want to sell it and would much rather simply trade it for something of the same level, only smaller. Meaning RMC, Lewis Leathers, Lost Worlds of course, Eastman, high end Schott, Fine Creek, etc.

I'm only interested in a diagonal zipper jackets, or the Perfectos or double riders or cross zips, if you will, size 40-ish.

This jacket is modded in a way that it comes with a 1 pc. back (huge improvement, IMO), wider belt & a hardened kidney panel.
All else is standard; Heavy 4oz horse hide. Warm, quilted lining. Five pocket config...

True, fitted 44. The jacket runs as true to size as possible! Can work if you're a 42, tried and tested. Too big if you're 40 or a 38. Might be too tight if you wear a 46.

I wore it most of the winter, the leather got some grain, that's about it. Whatever zipper the jacket originally came with was replaced with a mega-sturdy YKK so you don't have to worry about the curse of LW anymore.

The jacket just started its long, long journey. Not one single issue whatsoever. Literally smells new.

With the mods and all, this is a $2000+ worth of hide. It also is the best leather jacket you can buy. It's not among the best, it's not top tier - it simply is THE best. I'm not saying this to sell it, merely stating what I consider to be a fact.


Want to Buy / WTB Ezo Deerskin Shirt, M-ish
« on: June 07, 2020, 09:26:59 pm »
Long shot, I know but looking to get the IH's leather shirt. If anyone cares to part with their, lemme know please! Best.

Vintage, 1960's classic Langlitz Columbia heavy leather jacket, size 44-ish.

Crazy low price of $450 (shipping to anywhere EU included)!

Rarely ever seen in this tea-core, black leather. The over-dye fades to brown at the edges and the creases. Other than that, it's a straightforward (but stunning) Columbia.

Two side pockets, one lining pocket. Scovill main zipper, Talon for the pocket / sleeve zips.

The jacket is very heavy. Leather seems thicker than my LW. The tiny box it arrived in weighs 3 kg / 6.5 lbs.

Worn and used, the jacket is in a really good condition. Leather is perfect, the jacket is clean, no smells, etc. Two issues are...
➤Lining a bit frayed under the collar
➤Pull missing on one sleeve zipper (zipper still functions perfectly)
That's it. All else in a great shape. Perfectly wearable for another half a dozen decades.

• Chest width (front): 22.5" / 57 cm
• Shoulder width: 20" / 50 cm
• Back length: 25.5" / 65 cm
• Sleeve length: 23" / 58 cm

Sleeves seem short but due to wider shoulders and the way Langlitz shapes their jackets, they fit me just like 25" sleeves.  I mean, honestly, it's not a big deal but definitely not recommended for guys with longer arms.

I can wear the jacket but I just don't like the way it fits me in the body. If it was more fitted, I'd keep it.

The jacket is located in the European Union.

If you have ANY questions or need any more photos, measurements or general info, don't hesitate to write.

Thanks for looking!

Sugar Cane (Toyo Enterprises) x Indian Motorcycles heavy horsehide motorcycle leather jacket. Size 40.

Firm 850 GBP.

Mega Grail. Absolutely the most beautiful leather jacket I've seen or had. Crazy heavy. The jacket alone is around 3kg. More with all the attachments.

Unfortunately, I'm selling it because it's too small for me.

Very heavy & thick horsehide with a brown tea-core (similar look to CXL, only without pull-up effect and plastic-y overcoat)
Four pockets; Three outside pockets (all leather backed), one lining pocket
Zipper and tap closure sleeves
Sleeves are leather lined half the way up to the elbow
Full action back
Lining leather pads at the armpits
Talon zippers

Jacket comes with a rarely if ever seen super heavy original Indian belt and a massively thicc sheepskin collar.

Worn, no damage. Leather intact sans creases and some fading at the edges.
Two ball loop zipper pulls on pockets snapped. Original replacements readily available through eBay. Simple fix, just never got around to it.
No other issues.
Clean inside and out. Lining pristine. Leather is still stiff.

Tagged sz. 40. Fits athletic, V shaped cut. Waist is too narrow for me, hence this thread.
• P2P (underarm): 57 cm (58 stretched) / 22.5+"
• Waist width: 50 cm / 19.5"
• Shoulder width (measured back): 50-ish cm / 19.5"
• Sleeve length (measured around the curve): 68 cm / 27"
• Back length (w/o collar): 61 cm / 24"

I'm interested in a trade but it absolutely has to be something in a double rider / Perfecto style that equally rare & quality. Meaning RMC, Fine Creek, Lewis Leathers high-end Schott, Horsehide Vanson, etc. Nothing run off the mill.

That's that. Any questions at all, PM me right away.

This is killing me but... Looking to sell or trade my IH-533 in a size XL.

The term grail gets thrown around a lot but I that it fully applies in this case.

IH's one and only attempt at this style. Apparently, the sizing was a fiasco and it's not happening ever again. Regardless, if you got one that fits... There's NOTHING out there that compares. It's the most beautiful denim jacket I have ever seen. Ever.

Why am I selling it? Too tight. Early autumn or late spring is the only time I can wear it but if I need to layer up, I can't button it up. But on these few days that the weather allows it, it's an absolute privilege to wear. Warm yet very breathable. Comfortable. Tough as nails. Beautiful... Perfect.

Of course, the 21oz is bulletproof and creases better than leather. Looks crazy gorgeous, too. I don't know if it makes sense, but the jacket looks like a CGI when worn. It is insanely nice.

I bought the recently released blanket lined Iron Heart Storm Rider and sent it back the next day. Not that the IH-101J-SR is bad just that next to this jacket... No comparison.

But I'm not a collector. Having a wardrobe full of stuff annoys me and if I can't wear something, it has to go. I know there's someone else out there who'll get more use of this jacket.

All the info is available at the IH Extinct page.

The jacket is in a mint condition. 9/10 if I were to grade it. Faint fades on the sleeve creases and here and there in general but that's about it. Denim is still stiff. Clean as the day it left IH's warehouse.

Note that the P2P on my jacket is 22.5".

As for the price... This jacket NEVER happens. Handful were made, people seem to keep theirs. I dunno. What's it worth to you? Make me a good offer and it's yours.

As for the trade... I won't ever top this with anything denim and I won't even try so I'm going in a different direction altogether. I love double rider motorcycle jackets. If you have something equally grail-ish in that style, let's talk.
But please, nothing run off the mill. I'm giving up a jacket that I truly love, one that might not appear in years to come. Or ever.

That's it. If you have any questions, shoot me a PM. The jacket is located in European Union. Shipping to US is $40.

Thank you!!

Buying and Selling / FS: Jean Shop NYC Cafe Racer, XL (New)
« on: January 19, 2020, 05:58:20 pm »

Jean Shop NYC is (or used to be?) a very small New York outfit that specialized in heritage denim & leather clothes. Their stuff is very popular among celebrities and this Cafe Racer is one of their most famous products.

You can find them on Facebook, though their site is currently under construction.

At $2500 a piece, this jacket was priced quite insanely high - but - if I am to compare it to any other stuff I've handled while taking the current prices on the high-end jacket market into consideration, I'd say it sounds about right. This is in no way inferior to anything out there. Feel free to take your time and count the stitches. :)

In short, this is a very, very high end piece.

Made from red/brown mid-weight, pre-distressed cowhide. Leather is soft and subtle but definitely not lightweight. I'd compare it to Schott steer in weight. Around 2.5oz would be my best guess.
The quilted lining is very thick and extremely warm. The jacket is a true winter piece.
Two zippered chest pockets, one lining pocket.
RIRI zippers throughout.
Fantastic, functional, deep shoulder gussets.
Made in USA, of course. In the New York City, to be exact.

I'm pretty confident saying that this jacket has not been worn. As you can clearly see, not even a single crease has yet formed in the leather. Doesn't even seem like it's been zipped up once. Pristine clean inside and out, smells only of a brand new leather. Just look at the lining! I had it on for about one hour. Too large for me.

Sized XL, this is a roomy jacket.

Chest width / P2P: 62 cm / 24.5"
Waist width: 60 cm / 23.5"
Shoulders width (measured at the back): 52 cm / 20.5"
Sleeve length (measured on the outside of the sleeve): 65 cm / 25.5"
Back length (without collar): 63 cm / 25"

Payment through PayPal, friends & family (or gift or whatever it's called nowadays). Shipping to anywhere EU is $15. Elsewhere, please contact me.
I guess this should cover it. If you have ANY questions whatsoever or if you need any additional photos of the jacket, don't hesitate to write.

Thank you for looking.

The images are huge so don't forget to right-click on the photo and open it in new tab for full size.

Looking to sell or trade this Real McCoy's A-2. Made by the Real McCoy's New Zealand, nowadays known as The Few. Considered a grade above the current RMC.

Sturdy, smooth, simply stunning leather. Seems much tougher than more commonly used Shinki. Feels indestructible. Real McCoy's brand zipper. 100% cotton knits. Cotton lining.

Fantastic condition. Superficial signs of use - slight fading at the edges of the sleeve seams, creases, etc. but otherwise, everything is as good as it gets.
Knits are all tight. No holes. Same for the lining. Zipper has barely been used. Thoroughly clean, inside and out. No odor or smell.

Size 42. Fits tight and slim. Please be guided by the measurements below:

Chest width (P2P): 55 cm / 21.5"
Waist width (where the knit connects to the leather): 48-ish, does stretch to 50-ish cm / 19" (20" tops)
Shoulder width: 47 cm / 18.5"
Sleeve length (without knits): 61 cm / 24"
Sleeve length (knits included): 70 cm / 27.5"
Back length (without collar, knit included): 66 cm / 26"

Interested in a trade for something fun in a similar quality range.

If you have any questions at all or just wanna chat jackets, please don't hesitate a second to message me. I will happily send you any additional info, measurements or photos you may request. Shipping from European Union.

Thank you for looking!

Stunning jeans but sadly too baggy for my taste. Just can't seem to wear them as much as I'd like so if you've got something slimmer in a comparable oz-age and size that you don't wear, shoot me a PM.

The jeans haven't been worn much, just began to show some faint fading, is all. Washed once. Great condition.

So like I said, would really prefer to trade them for something slimmer that's in 20something oz weight, sz. W34-ish / L32 (or more).


Want to Buy / WTB: 25oz Type III Vest (IH-526V), MEDIUM(ish)
« on: September 25, 2019, 07:42:35 pm »

Anyone selling their IH-526V 25oz denim vest, perferably in a size Medium? 'cause I'd be very interested to buy one.

I know they're still available but to be honest, I'm not really sure how it'd work for me (if at all) and I'd rather test that out through a bargain of some sort, if at all possible.

So if you've got one you aren't entirely sure about either, PM me & let's do business. Condition doesn't matter, as long as it's wearable. :)

I'm located in the EU.

Thanks and cheers!

Looking to trade a brand new, never worn IH 256PJ, size 40 or L. With tags, paperwork, everything. 

The story goes, bought a 38 earlier this year and fell it love with it so much that I got this 40 a week later, just so I'd have one ready for layering once the cooler weather hits.

But in the mean time I lucked by scoring a sherpa lined IH Type-III which made the sz. 40 redundant. Since I doubt I'll be wearing it, I'm thinking that maybe I could trade it for something that I will?

Again, the jacket is brand new with IH tags still hanging from the pocket! It has not been worn once!

Anyhow, I'm primarily interested in...
• 526J Type III (L)
• 101J Lee (L)
• 527J Rider (M).
• ...or one of the leather truckers, if you'd be willing to shave a few $ off the price. :)

Or something else that's fun. I prefer trucker jackets, leather or denim. Doesn't need to be new, as long as it's not damaged.

Well, if you're interested, let me know! PM me for measurements, photos or anything else at all.


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