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Stunning jeans but sadly too baggy for my taste. Just can't seem to wear them as much as I'd like so if you've got something slimmer in a comparable oz-age and size that you don't wear, shoot me a PM.

The jeans haven't been worn much, just began to show some faint fading, is all. Washed once. Great condition.

So like I said, would really prefer to trade them for something slimmer that's in 20something oz weight, sz. W34-ish / L32 (or more).


Want to Buy / WTB: 25oz Type III Vest (IH-526V), MEDIUM(ish)
« on: September 25, 2019, 07:42:35 pm »

Anyone selling their IH-526V 25oz denim vest, perferably in a size Medium? 'cause I'd be very interested to buy one.

I know they're still available but to be honest, I'm not really sure how it'd work for me (if at all) and I'd rather test that out through a bargain of some sort, if at all possible.

So if you've got one you aren't entirely sure about either, PM me & let's do business. Condition doesn't matter, as long as it's wearable. :)

I'm located in the EU.

Thanks and cheers!

Want to Buy / WTB: 7526-J Type-III
« on: May 29, 2019, 07:40:28 pm »
Anyone by any chance wanna get rid of their 7526-j, blanket lined Type 3, sz. 38 - 42?


Brand new IHJ-24 in a size Large. Long extinct Lee's "First zip" repro.

200USD / 155GBP or trade for a Type 3 / Lee 101J style or whatever.

Recently bought this but the damn thing is too big. I mean, technically, fits me the way it's supposed to but I guess I'm just not a big fan of this style. Otherwise, a lot to love about this jacket. The shoulder gussets are perfect.

For all the details, please check the Iron Heart product info page.

The jacket is brand new! I've only tried it on, wore it for less than a minute in front of a mirror before deciding on nah and that's it. You're getting an unworn jacket.

Tagged L, measurements are exactly like what's specified on IH's page.

Chest (P2P): 22.0
Shoulders: 19.5
Length: 26.3
Waist: 21.5
Opening: 21.3
Sleeve: 27.0

The first photo is from the IH's product page ('cause it could literally be the same jacket), rest are of the actual jacket that I am selling. I can and will of course take more pics of the actual jacket upon request.

Looking to get 155 GBP / 200 USD plus shipping (should be 10 USD to anywhere EU).

Thanks for looking.

Hole this is okay. For sale, Aero Highwayman with (non-removable) sheepskin mouton collar, in a size 40.


No introduction needed, I'm sure. Ultimate Aero HWM!

★ Absolutely stunning heavy FQHH. True and proper patina.
★ Very thick, luxurious, brown sheepskin collar. Wool is very dense and somewhat coarse but not uncomfortably so.
★ Heavy & warm tweed lining.
★ Storm cuffs.
★ Two hand-warmer pockets and one chest pocket. Standard setup. No inside pockets.
★ Side adjusters.
★ Etc...

I'm having an extremely hard time deciding what color the jacket is. It's brown on a cloudy day, red in the sunlight. Whatever it is, expect that deep & rich color that is a trademark feature of a FQHH.

Mint condition. Absolutely flawless. Not a single issue worth pointing out. If it didn't have a few creases and some seriously gorgeous patina, it would've easily passed for a brand new jacket.
I should point out that the darkening on the hide can be wiped off but since this is what I would refer to as genuine patina, I downright refuse to do it because it only adds to the beauty of the jacket. However, if you want to remove it, you can.
But yeah, considering the extremely scuffy nature of the FQHH and the condition of this jacket, you can clearly tell how little the jacket's been worn and with how much care it's been handled.

Size 40 but please be guided by the provided measurements...
P2P: 23" / 59 cm
Shoulder width: 18" / 46 cm
Waist width: 22.5" / 57 cm (max. width, side adjusters relaxed)
Sleeve length: 26" / 66 cm (but don't reach nearly as long as you'd expect)
Back length: 27" / 69 cm

Looking to get $675 or best offer. PayPal, Friends and Family. Shipping to the EU should be really cheap, about $10-15. Overseas, depends.

I might be interested in a trade, too!

Any questions at all, PM me. Thanks for looking.

Looking to trade a brand new, never worn IH 256PJ, size 40 or L. With tags, paperwork, everything. 

The story goes, bought a 38 earlier this year and fell it love with it so much that I got this 40 a week later, just so I'd have one ready for layering once the cooler weather hits.

But in the mean time I lucked by scoring a sherpa lined IH Type-III which made the sz. 40 redundant. Since I doubt I'll be wearing it, I'm thinking that maybe I could trade it for something that I will?

Again, the jacket is brand new with IH tags still hanging from the pocket! It has not been worn once!

Anyhow, I'm primarily interested in...
• 526J Type III (L)
• 101J Lee (L)
• 527J Rider (M).
• ...or one of the leather truckers, if you'd be willing to shave a few $ off the price. :)

Or something else that's fun. I prefer trucker jackets, leather or denim. Doesn't need to be new, as long as it's not damaged.

Well, if you're interested, let me know! PM me for measurements, photos or anything else at all.


Want to Buy / WTB: High-end work/service or packer boots, sz. 11.5/12
« on: September 25, 2018, 03:06:00 pm »
In a desperate need of a new pair of boots so... Hoping there's a deal to be had.

Looking to get a tall(er) lace-up service/work or packer boot, the sort of Nicks The Robert or Wesco's Flightmaster or White's MP's or anything along these lines. Smooth leather. Colour doesn't matter, as long as they're quality and in a great condition.

Size 11/11.5/12. Depends. Maybe 12.5. Maybe Wide(er) though maybe not.

Boots in the photos below would be a dream within a dream.

They'd go to Europe.

Thank you!

Want to Buy / WTB: IH (or similar) denim shirt, indigo, sz. M-ish
« on: July 12, 2018, 08:34:41 pm »
Looking to get a quality, heavier denim shirt in a size M. Anything with P2P 21.5" or 22" will do.

ISHS-33 would be perfect and an M is still in stock but... My work involves a lot of manual labor and I consider myself lucky if I can get a year of wear out of, say, any Levi's shirt so I'd rather save me some money in case someone's got something along these lines that they just want to get rid of.

I'm located in Europe.


Want to Buy / WTB: 20+oz jean (trucker) jacket, size M
« on: April 14, 2018, 02:34:31 am »

About to pull the trigger on the IH-526PJ but figured I'd first see if I can land a deal of some kind here.

Looking for a 20-or-more-oz jean jacket in a size M, ideally the Type-III or Lee 101J style. Either IH-526J or IH-526PJ would be perfect but I'll settle for any other maker, as long as the jacket is made from that super heavy stuff.

So, if you have something along those lines taking up your closet space, shoot me a PM! :) I'm located in Europe.

Thanks and cheers!!!

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