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Going, Going, Gone.... / SOLD!!
« on: September 07, 2021, 05:31:22 pm »
For sale:

1. IHSH-177 XL SOLD!!

P2P 22.25"

Bought in January 2020, but not worn much (maybe two dozen times altogether) because it was always a bit big in the shoulders. For my preferred use (just a T-shirt underneath) I probably should have gone for L. Not washed, close to new condition, just barest hints of beginning fades around the pit/sleeve area.

£160 £140 shipped within UK. Shipping elsewhere we can discuss.

Payment by PayPal or if you're in London you could pick up in person and pay cash minus shipping (which I'll work out in that case).

Photos below:

"IHSH-177 front (compressed).jpg"

"IHSH-177 P2P.jpg"

"IHSH-177 fade (compressed).jpg"

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