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Buying and Selling / Wrangler 27406 Cone Mills 38x34 #10 of 149 made
« on: April 01, 2022, 10:31:45 pm »
Selling these as I have lost weight and hope to never fit them again. For sale is a very rare pair of Wrangler jeans. This is the 2018 collab using cone mills denim and they limited the collection to 149 pairs. This number 10 and is marked on the inside of the pocket. You can read more about the collection in the Heddels link below. worn and washed, they do need one very minor repair, as the stitching broken on the inseam where I cuffed them. Once fixed they will be in brilliant wearing shape.   Retail for $225, asking $110 shipped in the continental U.S. obo
Measurements the IH way:
Waist: 19.5
Front Rise: 12.25"
Back Rise: 16.25"
Thigh: 13"
Knee: 9.25"
Hem: 8.25"
Inseam: 35"
"back full.jpg""back pocket.jpg""button closure.jpg""cone mills.jpg""folded.jpg""front full.jpg""Inside back.jpg""inside full front.jpg""numbered.jpg""pocket selvedge ID.jpg""selvedge run ID.jpg""USA.jpg""zipper fly.jpg"

I really like these chinos, but they vanity sized the shit out of them, and my tag 34 measures 37" and they just have too much room in the waist for me.  They are a pretty heavyweight chino and have been worn just a few times and washed once.

Measurements taken the IH way:
Waist 18.5"
Thigh 12"
Knee 9.5"
Hem 8"
Inseam 33"
Front Rise 11"
Back Rise 15.5"

PM with questions.

"brand.jpg""back.jpg""front.jpg""back inside.jpg""front inside.jpg""tag.jpg"

Hi all - I want more iron heart. I have a Woolrich washable wool shirt I’d like to part with. It can go right in the washing machine and it’s 100% wool. It’s Woolrich size large but fits much bigger by iron heart standards. It’s a really great shirt to toss on as a shacket or bum around shirt. Softer hand and no itch.

Measurements the iron heart way:
P2P: 25”
Sleeve: 27”
Neck to hem: 30.5”
Condition is 9/10
Retails for $150+ (they don’t make this one anymore)
I will ship anywhere in the continental U.S. for $60.

Email with questions. I’m a legit forum member (whatever that means), so buy with confidence.

Hobbies and Pastimes / Podcasts
« on: January 19, 2021, 08:53:58 pm »
How have we not started a podcast thread? There isn't a single platform that has altered my passive free time in the last 5 years like podcasts have. Especially True Crime podcasts. it started with "Serial" from This American Life, and I've been hooked ever since. If I'm in the car, there is a podcast coming through the speakers. At my desk, same thing. On walk, headphones in and podcast rolling. You get the picture.

I'm also a huge NFL fan, and fantasy football takes up a ton of my brain power during the season. I passively listen to 2-3 hours of podcast every day during the FF season.

There has to be some others here who love podcasts.

So lets talk about them!   

Going, Going, Gone.... / *Sold* Buzz Rickson Chambray size Large $80
« on: October 17, 2020, 03:37:26 pm »
Mods please lock and move

Selling this Buzz Rickson Chambray.
Worn a few times and washed once. Gutted as it comes up a little small for me now. For reference I am an XL in most IH shirting. Pricing 50% off retail and the shirt Is in 9.5/10 condition. No fading, holes or issues whatsoever.

P2P: 22”
Shoulder: 18”
Sleeve: 24”
Vertical: 27”
Opening: 21.5”

For $80 I’ll ship anywhere in the U.S. PayPal F&F

I am finally admitting that i need to size down on this vest. I am simply selling to offset costs on sizing down to a size large. I absolutely love this piece and can't wait to size down for a better fit in the midsection.

Start the fall season in XHS style!

I am pricing this $150 below retail as this vest is a heritage piece that you will own and wear for decades. Unlike jeans that get holes in the knees or crotch blowout, vests have very few critical area to be concerned with. It is simply a forever piece, and the 25 oz. denim takes it to another level.

It has been worn on and off for 18 months and washed 2-3 times.

PM with questions or to see more pics.

Measurements the Iron Heart Way:
Shoulder 18"
Arm Opening 10.5"
Chest 23"
Opening 21.5"
Front Length 27.5"
Back Length 26.3"

"back.jpg""p2p.jpg""patch.jpg""selvedge.jpg""interior pocket.jpg""snap.jpg""tag.jpg""chest pocket with logo.jpg"

Pic of me wearing the vest over a hooded sweatshirt. For reference I'm 5'11" and 185 lb. It fit almost perfect when layering over a heavy shirt in the chest, but is far too loose around the belly.   
"vest front.jpg"

I'm a frequent flyer of the forum, and an all around stand up guy, so buy with confidence.

I'll ship free in the U.S. payment via PayPal family and friends. International we can talk about splitting shipping costs.

Buying and Selling / Jeff's G Shock G Steel watch solar
« on: March 09, 2020, 09:04:56 pm »
My first sale post with a link to my eBay listing. It's listed for $225 but i actually want 2 of the new Iron Heart t-shirts with longer body ($160) if sold on the forum. Only selling because I have the MTG as well and they are too similar.

mod's please remove if i did this wrong.


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