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Hello all. First time here doing more than lurking. Tried the search function for this and couldn't find anything relevant:
I got a pair of 888s-OD jeans about a year ago. From day one they have had this faint but pervasive urine mixed with old pennies kind of smell that has steadily gotten worse with wear, to the point of being unwearable.

I've hung them out in the sun, soaked them, soaked them in woolite, hand washed them in woolite, hung them out in hotter sun for a longer time, soaked in vinegar, and now finally just threw them in the washing machine with woolite.
Unfortunately they got about 30 odd seconds of spin cycle before I could get in to pull them out, and now I've got a ruined fade *and* pants that smell like someone peed in a coin jar.

Kind of running out of ideas for the smell, and looking for advice on the fade. Anyone ever try to re-black their OD denim? Anyone ever do an ocean wash on them either? Figure the jacked up fade would get blended away with the latter, but I'm understandably hesitant to go Guinea pig with the most expensive pants I've ever worn. Plus I want to get rid of the nasty smell first or these might as well just end up in the trash.

It's all a mega bummer. These were my favorite go-to jeans, but I've been less and less comfortable wearing them because they stink, and now they kinda look like garbage. I actually wish they looked as good in person as they do in this photo, but they don't.
Any ideas? Thanks!

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