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Buying and Selling / Iron Heart IHJ-35 Leather Jacket: $695 !!!
« on: June 17, 2020, 11:08:04 pm »
Thank you buyer.
Thank you IH forum.

Bought several months ago, it has been worn very little and with great care. Minimal creases in the sleeves—just BARELY starting, and only few. It has never seen a drop of water. It has no scent or odor, other than the terrific Horsehide aroma. Just through handling and respectful wearing, some limited teacore feature is starting to show through. I imagine in years down the road, a jacket like this will be featured on some website for sexy vintage leather jackets... a tough, well-loved black leather jacket with peeked-through brown patina.

But my jacket has a lot of breaking in to do, just haven’t the chance to do that.

And, it’s Tea-core!!!

Here are the careful measurements:

P2P: 20.75
Shoulders: 18
Sleeves: 24.25
Back Length: 24.9

Here’s info at Iron Heart website:


Selling this fantastic Iron Heart jacket in excellent condition for $695, shipped ConUS securely to your door. (Internationally at cost.)


Anyone who owns this jacket can attest to the quality with which FourSpeed Leathers of Japan crafts into their jackets.

The price I’m selling this for is insanely low because that’s how I sell my preowned leather jackets historically. To be absolutely clear: other than some small amount of the beautiful tea-core naturally showing through from careful handling and gentle wearing, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this IHJ-35. All hardwares function with robust integrity, and the leather and lining are in top condition. It wasn’t worn much and I’m first owner.

Contact me through PM here or email me at:  Leansaloon@me.com

Thank you.

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Buying and Selling / Ralph Lauren POLO Cafe
« on: February 15, 2020, 10:18:15 pm »
An incredibly solid jacket. Practically brand new—I wore this literally only 3 times. The suede is exceptional quality and heavy. It drapes over your arm like a heavy silk blanket. Beautiful on the body. Stitches are impressively straight and clean. TALON ZIPPERS operate smoothly and easily. Sleeve zippers on the outside of wrists—no scratching your laptop or desk. Very nice cut on this Ralph Lauren Polo suede jacket!

Just in time to ride out the rest of winter; also a perfect jacket for spring and late season weather... and will go well into the cooler summer evenings.

$395 shipped to your door in a carefully packed shipping box.

Measurement (laid flat):

Shoulder:  18
Chest:  20.5
Sleeves:  24.9
Back length:  24.75
Bottom sweep:  18.4

Please PM me here, or you can email me at:  Leansaloon@me.com

Thank you.

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