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Buying and Selling / IH-555-XHSib Size 34 Sell or Trade
« on: December 02, 2020, 02:04:16 pm »

I bought these jeans and they are far too tight for my bodybuilder legs. They are "like new"; 30 minute cold soak in a tub immediately upon receipt (to take out shrinkage) and worn 5 times thereafter. Basically I have just done the hard work to make them button-able. There is no evident fading and these have the original hem.

Ideally I would like to trade these for the IH-888-XHSib in size 35 which I'm sure will fit my thighs better and allow me to move without being a robot. Otherwise I'd like to try to get most of my money back so I can purchase the 888...so asking $400 or so.

Thanks for the consideration.

Tag Size   34

Waist   35.0
Front Rise   11.3
Rear Rise   16.4
Thigh   12.8
Knee      8.2
Hem      7.8
Inseam   37.0

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