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Buying and Selling / Unworn UHF IHSH-309-PUR for sale in a MEDIUM
« on: December 07, 2021, 03:37:55 pm »
Hey there,

Am selling my UHF IHSH-309-PUR western shirt in a medium. The shirt is completely unworn. I am selling it as I just can't get with the Aspero cotton that Iron Heart uses for these shirts. My previous posts will make that clear, I think! :( I so wanted to love it. I have kept it in a drawer (house is smoke free) and tried it on again yesterday and nope, it's not for me. But it might be for you!  :)

Am asking for £298 plus postage. I can ship overseas but you would be responsible for all taxes and duties etc. Postage cost will be calculated according to how you want it sent and where. Payment preferred via PayPal.

I have attached some photos. Happy to answer any questions of course!

Thank you,



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