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Buying and Selling / Tops (non-IH) other brands (mostly L)
« on: January 15, 2022, 06:03:07 am »
The following IH shirts are in pristine condition, worn a few times many years ago. Mostly kept in storage.


IHSH-160 Sold

IHSH-161 Sold

Rogue Territory, Infantry Jacket Knitted Denim

P2P: 22.5 inches // length: 28.5 inches.  Great for layering over your loopwheel sweaters.

The Infantry Jacket is our take on the iconic Military Issue M65 Jacket. We’ve attempted to streamline the overall aesthetic of the military jacket while maintaining all of its functionality. We hope the result is a nod to the iconic style with a recognizable RGT design perspective.

Heavy-weight knitted denim w/ super soft hand-feel
2 large exterior gusseted patch hand warmer style pockets
Welt left chest
Interior right chest pocket
Hidden snaps within the storm flap covering zipper
Zipper with dual pull
Snap closure on cuffs
Handmade in downtown Los Angeles, Calif.
Fit: Slim

Fabric: Heavy-weight Japanese indigo knitted denim

$120 (Free US shipping)

More pics, as requested





The Flathead, Window Pane Shirt (Self Edge), I don't know how else to describe it.
As always, amazing medium-weight cotton fabric from FH.

P2P: 22 inches // length: 28.5 inches
$80 (free US shipping)


Al's Attire x Self Edge denim shirt
P2P: 21.5 inches // length: 27.5 inches
Hand-made in San Francisco, North Beach district.
$40 (Free US shipping)

Sugar Cane Patch work shirt. 
P2P: 20.5 inches // length: 27.5 inches
$40 (free US shipping)

Shuttle Notes x Union Made SF, camp shirt
P2P: 22 inches // length: 30 inches
Awesome medium weight fabric, lots of depth.
$40 (Free US shipping)


Background from Self Edge:
This special Black Woods edition of this jacket is exclusive to Self Edge. For the first time in twenty years Buzz Rickson has allowed a retailer to modify the fit of one of their traditional jackets. This A-2 has been slightly modified in the silhouette to fit better with today's outfits. It's a slightly trimmer fit and a longer body so that the jacket can be worn with untucked shirts.

The leather on this jacket will age a little quicker than the average horsehide jacket due to the aniline coating. This horsehide is easy to wear from the start with very little break-in period. All undersides of this jacket are brown (while the jacket outer is all black). This means the underside of the pocket flaps, epaulets, placket, and collars are made of brown horsehide but the entire outer showing parts of the jacket are black.

IH measuring method (Jacket)
Chest: 43" // Length: 25.5"
Shoulder: 19" // Sleeve: 25" (includes cuff))







Jacket is in great condition, cuffs are pristine, and leather is still waiting for its next owner to further break it in. Have been kept in storage during the past 3 years.
I think the original cost was about $1800 (I don't really remember).

Yours for $600
Paypal friends/family or add the 4% fee.
Within USA shipping (add $20).  Rest of the world TBD.

Buying and Selling / Iron Heart Duck Pants (IH-816) size 33-34
« on: January 14, 2022, 09:06:16 pm »
Greetings to all!  I hope you're having a fantastic start to the year so far.
It's been a while since I've posted here so kindly let me know if I've missed anything.

More measurements are forthcoming, and please ask questions.
Payment: Paypal friends or add 4% fee

Free shipping within US, rest of world TBD (approx. $30-$45)

All items gently used and kept in storage for the past 3 years.  Thank you!
(For reference, I'm 5'7" and 185 pounds)

Tag size 34 (waist 33", Length 28.5") $150


Tag size 34 (whipcord, waist = 33.5", length = 29") $150


Tag size 33 (navy duck, waist = 33", length = 28.5") $150


Greetings IH Community! It has been a long time since I posted and wishing you all the best of health.

All items are in excellent condition, minimally worn, and mostly kept in a storage box.
Items are size Large.
Paypal (friends/family), otherwise add 4% for goods
Free shipping within USA.  Please pm me for other locations or any questions.
All unwashed and fit is pretty spot on to a usual slim IH Large.

Sugar Cane Twill Check Workshirt (Blue, Red)
$95 each
Measurements: Chest (21 inch), Length (27"), Shoulder (23"), Sleeve (24")

"SC Blue 2.jpg""SC blue.jpg"

"SC Red 2.jpg""SC Red 1.jpg"

Sugar Cane Down Jacket with western yoke (Brand new w/out tag).
Too fancy for me and never got to wear it.
$280 $240

"SC Down Jacket 1.jpg""SC Down Jacket 2.jpg""SC Down Jacket 3.jpg"

Iron Heart IHJ-15 - Quilt Lined Chino Cloth Work Jacket
This one has a special custom IH Osaka patch purchased from my trip to Japan.
Worn once.
$280 $240

"IHJ-15 3.jpg""IHJ-15 2.jpg""IHJ-15 1.jpg"

IHSH-155 Crazy Check Blue Ultra-Heavy Flannel

Going, Going, Gone.... / IHxSExLSxA13 collab & others (32 - 36 waist)
« on: September 03, 2018, 08:10:04 am »
Price Drop SOLD on the collab

A rare Collab between Self Edge, Alden and Leathersoul
Brand new, only tried on, indigo on this is super dense that it appears almost black
23 oz I believe.
36 inches x 34 inches length.  Recommend for someone 34 inch waist (wear a belt!).  SOLD

Iron Heart 707 Chino, minimal wear
41.5 cm (16.33 inches) x 29 inches length. Professional hem with 1.5 inch cuff.

634s - Worn once, then cold washed
40.5 cm (16 inch) x 30 inches length. hemmed at Self Edge
SOLD (free US).

Buzz Rickson, standard fit chino (not the baggy one) - minimal wear, mostly kept in storage
40 cm (15.75 inches) x 27 inches length.  Professional hemm with 1.5 inch cuffs
SOLD (free US)

Going, Going, Gone.... / Sugar Cane Wool overcoat (L), 634s (32 x 30)
« on: December 20, 2016, 07:22:52 am »
Update - sold items (IHJ-14, UHF Blue & Red, IHJ-30)

PM for questions and I'll post measurements soon.
Free shipping in US (International add $35).  Payment via Paypal Gift (or add 4% fee).  Hope all is well and thank you for looking!

Sugar Cane Wool Overcoat ($125)
- An understated piece from SC a few years ago.  Pair this over a chambray and rock with your full cut chino or denim.

Sugar Cane Wool Jacket

Sugar Cane Wool Jacket

Tag size is 33 but actual measurements are below.  Good for someone between sizes 31 - 32.

Waist: 32 inches
Length (hem @ Self Edge): 30 inches
hem: 8.75 inches
Front Rise: 10.5 inches
Back Rise: 14.75 inches
Thigh: 11.75 inches

$145  $160 (free US shipping) via paypal (gift) or add 4% fee.

These are like new (9/10) condition.  I wore them twice then mistakenly threw them in a hot wash, so now they're too small for me.  Quick iPhone photos below.

Thank you!

Going, Going, Gone.... / LARGE - IHSH-33, IHJ-15,
« on: March 21, 2016, 03:58:26 am »
Added Alden and some price drops -

Got some stuff for sale.  All are LARGE, in excellent condition, worn a few times.  Hope all is well.
I absolutely accept returns (from US buyers) as long as buyer pays for return shipping.

Alden Indy - 9D, Trubalance.  $SOLD (free US)

IHSH-33, 12 oz indigo, $GONE $160 (free US shipping)

IHJ-15  Quilt lined Chino Jacket (removed the "motorcycle" stitching), $130 $135 (free US shipping)
chest = 44 inches, perfectly layers over IH flannels.

Mister Freedom - Le Paletot Diable (Large "102) $SOLD (w/ US shipping) - PENDING
Chest: 44 inches,  Shoulders:  18.75 in.,  Sleeves: 26 in.,  Length:  28 inches
Details on this jacket is insane... Sized moderately between L to XL, made for layering.  Worn 3x max.
From MF: Heavy 100% cotton moleskin, the French choice of work-wear and outdoor washable fabric since the 1800′s. Moleskin is a tightly woven twill, with a napped surface. The close weave makes this fabric almost windproof, warm, insulating and very durable. It performs much better than denim does, but is very expensive to mill. Our 100% cotton moleskin is milled in Japan, to the specs of a 1900's swatch from our archives. wear. Heavy moleskin fabric is very similar to "jungle cloth".

Bought from Self Edge, $295+, worn a few times last year and practically new condition.

$205 (Free US shipping). Price drop to SOLD

Update: IH flannels all sold. 

Wanted to offer it here first before the other forums...

Mister Freedom 7161MD - Naval Clothing aka Frankenstein genes
Purchased from Self Edge about 5 years ago.  Naval Collection - Christophe's Mister Freedom debut. 
Cold soaked once and hemmed at Self Edge.
Worn a few times a year, mostly during winter.  Sugarcane denim starting to show some character.

Tag Size: 32
Measured:  33 inches
Length: 31 inches
Leg opening: 9 inches

$325 includes US shipping (Orig. $450)
Buy with the ease of mind!  Don't like the fit, etc... Just return within 5 days of receipt.

Superfuture x Dry Bones x Self Edge (2009)
Tag 32 (actual 33.5 inches)
Rise: 9.5
Back: 14
Length: 31
Opening: 8.5

I stopped wearing them about a year ago.  A couple of washes, still in good condition.
$75 (includes US shipping)

Large IH Flannels.  All in good condition, worn a few times.

IHSH 31MKII sold

IHSH-47 Brown Ombre (Sold)

IHSH-22 Blue (Sold)

A true classic...I wore this jacket as many times as I could but it still looks as if I just opened up the package.
Speaks volumes of IH quality. 
$130 includes US Shipping

UPDATE:  The Iron Heart Team has raised more than $780 for donation. Way to go!

But we're not done yet... I will have some shirts donated by PeteRock and Kiya later this week.

Hello Friends!

Hope this message finds you well.  I'm reaching out to the IH Forum for some help. 

As you've heard, the typhoon has devastated Philippines.  My family roots is from the Visayas region (Island of Panay) and badly hit by the storm.  Monetary donation is the best form of aid at the moment.

I will be auctioning off IHSH-20 (Large, black) and IHSH-12 (Large, Blue).  Possibly some other items like Sugar Cane, Flathead, Aldens, etc.  I will post pictures and measurements later today.  I'm thinking of having the auction run this weekend.  I've never done an auction in the IH Forum so please let me know if this is appropriate.

Thank you for your consideration. 
Jaime (Arrow)


IHSH-20 (Large) aka The Blanket. (congrats EvilTwin!)
Excellent Condition, no stains/rips.  Washed once and air dried.
Chest: 21 inches
Sleeve: 25 inches

IHSH-12 (Large)  Congrats Beardo!
My personal favorite.  Excellent condition.  One of the best creations from Haraki.
Chest: 21.5 inches
Sleeve (from shoulders): 25 inches

Flathead Heavy Flannel (42) Congrats Adam313
New Condition.  Bought from Tate and Yoko but too small for me. Tried once at home.
Chest: 20.5 inches
Sleeve: 25 inches

Viberg x Freemans Sporting Club Service Boot in Tan Roughout
- Brass Eyelets
- Smooth Oiltan Tongue
- Vibram Christy 4014 Sole
- Last 2030
- Heavy and Thick roughout suede
Size 8D (Equivalent to US 9D for Aldens, 9.5D for New Balance)
Great Condition!  Always kept with shoe trees.  Not getting the wear it deserves. 
No longer being made as this was exclusive to FSC a few years ago.
$325 (Free CONUS).  Originally paid $720.


Alden Stanyan Boots (for Unionmade)
Size 9D (Barrie Last)
Excellent condition and worn a few times a year.


Payment via Paypal
Thanks for looking.


Going, Going, Gone.... / Viberg x 4 Horsemen Service Boots
« on: March 23, 2012, 08:04:24 am »
Viberg Boots x 4Horsemen Collaboration

This boots are no longer for sale.

SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bye bye

Exaggeration of the minor scuffs.  Barely noticeable in real life.

Model:  AF43 Alden (Alden of Carmel)
Size: 9D, TruBalance Last
Leather:  Black Shell Cordovan
Condition:  Excellent, barely worn and mostly stored with Shoe Trees and boxed up.  Worn 3x this whole year.

Any questions, please let me know.


Going, Going, Gone.... / Strike Gold SG1103EX Heavy Weight Size 31
« on: September 21, 2011, 02:58:04 am »

(Mint Condition... almost brand new)
Hot soaked once and worn a few times[/size][/size]

Tag Size = 32

Waist: 31 inches
Length: 32 inches
Front rise: 11.5 inches
Back rise: 14 inches
Thigh: 11 inches
Knee Measurement (13 inches from crotch) = approx 9.25 inches / 23.5 cm
Opening: 8.25

23oz Unsanforized Japanese Selvedge Denim
Gold Spark Selvedge Id
Hidden Rivets
Button Fly
Deerskin Leather Tag
Iron Male Rivet - Copper Female Rivet
Straight Fit

Gold in dem selvedge...

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