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General Chat / The OG of the Denim World
« on: June 21, 2022, 08:54:02 pm »
Saw a recent ad for Levis 501s and the caption was "The OG of the Denim World". I stopped and thought for a second and realized that they just might be right about that. Can't think of anyone else,or a model of a jean that could make that claim. I don't think that Wrangler or Lee could make that claim. Any thoughts on this? Anyone here never worn Levis?

Buying and Selling / F/S IHSH-140 11.5OZ Denim CPO XXL
« on: May 24, 2022, 07:20:01 pm »
This is an oldie but goodie. Really nice 11.5OZ Denim CPO. Wore it a lot when I first got it,but not a lot in recent years. The denim is really soft and feels to be heavier than it’s published 11.5OZ weight. Can be worn as a shirt,or a light jacket. Super comfortable either way. Lots of life still left in this one. Can take the patch off if you don’t like it. The measurements are as follows…PtP=22.5 Sleeve=27 Shoulder=19.8 Opening=21.5 Waist=22.5 Length=30.3 Cuff=5.0 This shirt is extinct, but for $195 it can be yours. Shipping included in the US.  Size XXL. "D49021E6-EC65-487C-AC3E-189664024B80.jpeg""EF5338B7-3DD5-467D-942D-04262872DB6A.jpeg""1017ABB5-D5DA-47E1-B361-E147DAFA4226.jpeg"

This shirt is a surprisingly heavyweight,for RRL,Western shirt. It has a very fine Wabash type stripe,which is more reminiscent of the shirts train engineers wore. It’s 100% cotton and definitely feels heavier than my 9OZ Iron Heart shirts.Western yokes front and back,snaps all around with triple snaps on the cuffs,and a cool button on the top. The shirt is in near new condition,with no flaws whatsoever. It is no longer made by RRL,but for $150 I’ll ship it anywhere in the US. Measured the IH way.  PtP=24.25 Sleeve=26.2 Shoulders=20.5 Length=31 Opening and Waist=23. Cuff=4.75. Must be a No Fees to me transaction.  "24E56583-06BC-4EB4-A73B-42C02BCC2248.jpeg""DC093DD0-A341-4F99-A50C-A694EB167BCF.jpeg""5EACD173-0669-4814-89F6-77A7C0EF54B3.jpeg""26A26F78-6FFC-48F7-B9BF-EA7819526BC0.jpeg"

Buying and Selling / Vintage Levis Selvedge Denim Jeans…Waist 35
« on: February 27, 2022, 03:18:40 pm »
Got these over 20 years ago,not sure if that qualifies them as “Vintage”. They were actually a collaboration with J. Crew at the time. They were very limited,and expensive($165)for that time,but they were Selvedge Denim and I had to have them. Pretty much lived in them for a long time. Some fraying at the crotch and hem,and a small patch in the crotch area. They were listed as 13OZ denim when I got them. Figured I’d put them up here on the off chance somebody was interested. Measurements are Waist=35.0 Inseam=31.0 Front Rise=11.25 Rear Rise=15 Thigh=12.0 Knee=8.4 and the Hem=7.5 For $85 I’ll ship them anywhere in the US.    "EDDC4E0E-2890-48F3-877D-D7BDBBD90AB3.jpeg""C8D7525F-F012-4344-93D1-29A551E69A47.jpeg""F2CD141E-1ED1-4B6D-8429-DECE93721E59.jpeg"

These were literally the very last pair of the OG 18OZ Raw denim in this cut in this size. Love these jeans,just not wearing them nearly enough. They’ve been hot washed and dried,so all the shrinkage is gone. They’re in excellent condition. So much life left in them. Measurements  are as follows.  Waist=36.0 Inseam=31.75 Thigh=12.0 Front Rise=11.25 Rear Rise=15.0 knee=8.5 hem=8    If these measurements work for you and you’ve always wanted a pair of these jeans in this denim,for $220 I will ship them anywhere in the US. Payment must be a No Fees to me transaction. I’m happy to supply any additional photographs or measurements you might want.    "6A59798F-7F26-4554-BB7E-6D90F6F6803D.jpeg""3645845E-901D-4ACB-8DEE-5435B87128BB.jpeg"

Time to put this Bad Boy up for sale. Much as it pains me,I’m just not wearing it. Sized up in hopes of shrinking down,so it’s been hot washed and machine dried. This would explain the disparity between these and the published measurements. The shirt is in near new condition. Measurements are as follows PtP=23.5 Sleeve=27 Shoulders =20 Waist=23 Opening=25 Length=30.25 Cuff=4.9 I’m always happy to double check measurements or provide additional Photos. If you’d like this shirt,I’ll ship it anywhere in the US for $195.    "95F81FD1-3B4D-4EF4-85DA-51B89293F8D3.jpeg""DF45DE80-9F8A-4ABA-A5A8-F178BD8E1EA0.jpeg"

Buying and Selling / F/S Motorcycle Jacket Style Leather Vest. XL
« on: January 07, 2022, 12:11:35 am »
Have this vest for sale in some other places,figured it wouldn’t hurt to offer it here. It’s basically a Bike Jacket without sleeves. Super heavyweight leather,with a lot of texture to it. Four pockets up front and two inside. Hardly worn practically new. It’s labeled an XL. Wasn’t sure how to measure,but if anyone is interested I’ll do my best to provide whatever measurements you might need. For $175 I’ll ship it anywhere in the US."B5994259-2187-4FE2-BE43-C5F64A30FEEE.jpeg""AD874D41-F90E-47BF-B503-2809B435A044.jpeg""C279F42C-E4FD-4AF3-ACB8-D56B7D717E19.jpeg""2AD5B98B-F08D-4DC8-A2B1-C2B8FED7302C.jpeg"

Going, Going, Gone.... / F/S IHSH-211 17OZ Brown Duck CPO…XXL *SOLD*
« on: December 29, 2021, 10:50:12 pm »
Got this shirt when it originally came out,and wore it occasionally,but not much in the subsequent years. It’s in really great condition,just waiting to be worn. Measurements are as follows.  Sleeve=26.4 PtP=23 Shoulder=19.5 Waist=22 Opening=21.5 Length=30.5 Cuff=5.0 It’s a tag size XXL,it’s Extinct,and not likely to be remade any time soon. If you’ve always wanted one,for $275 I’ll ship it anywhere in the US. I’m always happy to double check any measurement you’re not sure about,or supply more detailed images.    "A530E2B3-FAEF-44E7-ACD6-682E3C8F6DA4.jpeg""3487116E-D9ED-4ED8-8BB6-71F0E1B9864E.jpeg"

Buying and Selling / F/S IHSH-216-NAV…Navy Hvy Moleskin CPO Shirt XXL
« on: November 16, 2021, 12:30:06 am »
Super soft/plush Iron Heart Navy Moleskin CPO Shirt. I’ve only worn it a few times,and it’s never been washed. Really great shirt,quite warm,just never worked it into my daily wear. It’s Extinct, but now it can be yours. For $250 I’ll ship it anywhere in the US. Measurements are as follows PtP=22.75 Sleeve=26.8 Shoulder=19.5 Length=30.2 Opening=21.5 Waist=22 Cuff=5.0 I’m always happy to double check any of the measurements,and send more pictures if you need them."E09BEAE1-980A-43BC-AF1A-D15D9646F4D7.jpeg""B3AA3CDE-CC55-4099-88C1-AEEE11F16ECD.jpeg""2FF5CDF2-AA17-4235-8356-3EAFAC223139.jpeg""42FD6AB4-BF82-4EB0-9FA5-E890A33D9D71.jpeg"

  SHIRT HAS BEEN SOLD!                          If you missed out on the,now extinct,IHSH-230 UHF Mustard/Woody Western, I’m regretfully selling mine. It’s a really great cool shirt,but I hardly ever wore it. Maybe 3 times. Never washed,as close to new as you’ll get. $250 gets it shipped anywhere in the US. Must be a No Fees to me transaction. The measurements are as follows. PtP=23. Sleeve=27 Shoulder=19.5 Opening=22.5 Waist=23.25 Length=30.5 Cuff=4.5"90FC8F1B-3218-4D82-BE2F-9F92560A21CD.jpeg""5216CB7B-9027-4AD6-9EFE-8EFD06C692DC.jpeg""52205F01-624A-436E-B92F-5E65F6176F76.jpeg"

Buying and Selling / Vintage Red Levis Western Shirt...Size Large $80
« on: February 04, 2021, 09:22:15 pm »
The last of my Vintage Levis Western Shirts. This one is not as bright red as the color in the pictures might suggest. This one has the single snap Barstow western pocket. Tiger Eye snaps all around. Front and back Western yokes,made from 100%cotton twill,with a mid-weight. The shirt is in excellent condition,devoid of any rips,holes,tears,or smells. They made them pretty roomy back then and the measurements are as follows. PtP=24.5 Shoulder=22.5 Sleeve=23 Opening=23.5 Waist=23.5 Length=32.3 Cuff=4.0 For $80 I’ll ship it anywhere in the US.     "68ED3864-3555-4CC5-AB60-9E40370EA101.jpeg""79FD3ED6-0F4F-4A4F-BD4D-5254F3164237.jpeg""BEF7D24D-12A7-4D95-941A-ADE7CBC937B0.jpeg"

Another one from my Levis Vintage collection. I had a hard time getting the color right with my IPhone, but it’s a dark Olive/Army Green. They haven’t made anything even remotely like this in quite a while. Features Sawtooth Pockets,Snaps all around,100% cotton corduroy fabric,which I would classify as mid weight. They were cut pretty roomy back then,and the measurements are as follows. PtP-25.5 Shoulders-22 Sleeve-25.25 Length-29.6 Opening-23 Waist-24.5 and the Cuff-5.0 It’s a tag size Large,in really great condition. For $85 I’ll ship it anywhere in the US.   "3E546A4D-BF6E-4900-83A5-CACBEC72F1E1.jpeg""A9FB8B0E-B96E-4AD2-A055-71ABC1B08A0C.jpeg""69996F74-0138-42E7-9781-4DAE71400EDD.jpeg"

This Lee 101 Rider Sawtooth Western Shirt is as close to new as you’ll get. Worn a few times washed once and has been hanging in my closet. Midweight Slubby denim. Guessing 7-8 Ounces. Snap pockets and cuffs, Front and back Western yokes. Size XL. Measurements are as follows. PtP=22.8 Shoulder=20.0 Sleeve=26.6 Opening and Waist=22 Length=30.0 and the Cuff=4.4 For $85 I’ll ship it in the US. Happy to provide more pictures or measurements if you need them.  "3BABABB1-EC95-45D2-8A39-3591C29628C0.jpeg""82FA8BAC-7156-492A-9A74-7D7C60CE0693.jpeg""D0A6E701-54A7-4AFD-92D3-49F9EDFDF124.jpeg""A3049FEB-EAF4-46DF-9139-516161834770.jpeg""93615A15-55FF-4C33-A675-6098B3EB00F7.jpeg"

Classic Levis Vintage Workshirt. It’s been years since Levis made work shirts,let alone the ones with the button fly style doughnut buttons. This shirt is 100% Cotton twill(I guess) Even though its been worn,there’s still a lot of life left in it. The Measurements are PtP=24 Sleeve=23 Shoulder=21.5 Waist=23 and the length in the back is 31.0 If these measurements work for you and you’d like an Old School Levis Work Shirt $70 will get it shipped to you in the US.    "E5E4A80A-9AAF-49B6-BC2B-F8A56F58E8BB.jpeg""51F33E0E-0943-430B-AE77-CEF49D455929.jpeg""A37E3679-D9D3-4D9F-BF3F-69AD7ADBDEBE.jpeg""A7FA79A7-BBC6-4F6A-B48B-9C263543575A.jpeg""DB5B0DB8-470A-4BC9-8A99-EC3AFCE15D2B.jpeg"

Buying and Selling / Vintage Levis Cowboy Shirt...LARGE
« on: November 19, 2020, 05:03:25 pm »
Another one that I figured I’d put up here,just in case. A rare Red Levis Cowboy shirt from the 80s. 100% mid weight cotton twill. Tiger eye snaps with western yokes front and back. This shirt is in great condition with no rips,holes or smells. From when Levis generally made their garments much better than they do today. It’s a regular size Large. If you’re interested and want measurements I’ll be happy to provide them. $50 and you cover the shipping.     "9BA3E424-8E0E-420C-8358-3F24102D3C3D.jpeg""ECBAF3FA-5752-4BF2-B8B6-CF832E3F1855.jpeg""A3E8E238-45B6-43DB-AFAD-E78BB8EF461B.jpeg"

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