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Other Brands and Shops / Heavyweight division oxford shirts?
« on: November 02, 2011, 12:01:33 pm »
I'm a lawyer, but I'm working in the government so therefore I can get away with denim. I do have to have dress-ish shirts though, and other than the IHSH-44 and maybe the IHSH-46, I'm not sure I can "get away" with many of the other shirts on a regular basis.

Therefore I ask you guys: what is your "goto" for a buy-once-cry-once quality oxford shirt? I want shirts that keep their shape, color and look good even when they are worn in. Heavy weight is a plus.

Europe / Oslo (NO)
« on: October 26, 2011, 02:13:28 pm »
Getting there

Flying to Gardermoen and using the airport express train is the easiest way. The airport express train will cost you 175 NOK (approx 20 EUR, 17-18 GBP) and takes about 20 minutes from the airport and into town.


It is hard finding anything decent below the 100-120 EUR pr night range, you might find room in a hostel or similar facilities below that.


Prices are high in Norway, so unless you _want_ to spend a lot of money, I would not do much shopping here. But if you really want to, you have a few shopping "areas", you have the hip and cool Grünerløkka, which is east of the river dividing Oslo (Akerselva), you have the posh Bogstadveien which is in the north-eastern part of city center and you have the central city center itself with a pastisj of stores. Prices are high, really high, but you can find nice sale items and well, if you forgot your hoodie and need one - you will find something nice.



Marka (the forest area surronding Oslo, it is quite unique to have such a large forest-y area so close to an urban area, recommended.

The opera, the new building is quite grand.

Will write more when I get home ;)

Other Brands and Shops / The Unbranded Brand quality
« on: October 21, 2011, 10:03:41 am »
Have anyone tried these? Comments? I ordered a pair of their tapered to test them out, curious.

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