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General Chat / Coronavirus (Covid-19) Discussion
« on: March 12, 2020, 02:56:06 pm »
Does anyone have a blog/livefeed that they like for covid19 news?

Looking for a place that is collating information/articles about school closings, agency closings, etc.
Asking for a friend who is looking for a centralized place so he can make informed decisions for his office.

Hobbies and Pastimes / Hand and Power Tools
« on: January 18, 2019, 03:38:17 pm »

We have a small population of DIYers in here, and I'm always interested in high quality tools.

Not a handmade hammer made in Vermont by some Millennial with a handlebar mustache. Actual useful things.

Wiha screwdrivers were brought up in the knife thread. I love my Wiha screwdrivers for adjusting link screws in my Omegas.

Bondhus makes nice torx and allen wrenches.

One of my most indispensable "tools" I use in my house is my Jawhorse, and my Keter folding table is constantly being moved around for projects.

Admittedly, I appreciate cheap tools too, as much as I take care of my tools, I don't know how many screwdriver sets I've destroyed. I have a couple Tekton screwdriver sets laying around the house.

I know Chris is setting up his new house, so I imagine he's working quite a bit with his hands.

Just a thought, might be worth setting up such a thread.

Going, Going, Gone.... / Doug's Sale Thread
« on: June 28, 2016, 12:24:18 am »
I'm more of a denim wearer these days, as opposed to a denim collector, so a bunch of stuff I never wear is on the block.

This applies to all sales:

Prices are final and non negotiable. No trades. All sales final.

CONUS $15 shipping. Paypal +3% or gift.

International shipping available, but buyer assumes all responsibility.
I will ship within 48 hours.

PM me if you are interested. First come, first serve.

General Chat / Man Caves: Have One? Want one?
« on: April 14, 2013, 10:19:51 pm »
Any of you guys have a man cave in your house? My stepson is moving out this summer to live in Washington State, so Jody and I have been talking about turning his rec room into a man cave/gym

Any of you guys already have one or have plans for one?

When funds are available (probably in the Winter), I intend to

Lay down gym quality rubber matting wall to wall on the floor (is already concrete underneath)
Move all the kettlebells to the man cave/gym
Get a rack(s) to put them on
Get a Stroops Battleropes System
Install a Crosscore 180 System
Get a 46" flat screen TV and hang up on the wall, attach an Apple TV so I can stream from my laptop/iPad
Basic bluetooth speaker system (I'm not much of an audiophile, I tried, just doesn't matter to me)
Futon that can be moved around for when I'm working out vs watching tv
Small fridge for beer/food
Requisite Pamela Anderson poster
Bean bag chair (of course)
Giant dog bed for the giant dog
Bin on the door because no cell phones are allowed in the man cave

Debating on getting one of those weird punching bags that looks like a guy with his legs and arms cut off so I can practice Kali on it. I think I might be getting enough activity as it is

I'll probably set up a large gun safe down there and a small workbench to work on firearms/knives

It'll be spendy but I'm pretty sure I can do it at reasonable cost

So what do you guys have/want?

The Archives / Christmas/Holiday Gifts
« on: December 06, 2010, 10:59:31 am »
Thought it would be nice if we could brag about what awesome gifts we got our loved ones (assuming they're not on the board and you would ruin the surprise)
Jody got one of those new iPod Nanos. She's taken up running lately and she's said many times that she gets a better workout if they're playing good music at the gym. Now she doesn't need to worry about that
Steven's (stepson) is getting a bunch of games, and a solid state hard drive for his new Alienware Aurora
Dad's getting a pocketknife. I got him a nice slim one that he can carry to family functions and it won't be like a boat anchor in his pocket. Beautiful stag on this one, I handpicked it
Sister's getting a pillow pet. I don't really get it, but she loves pigs
Mom is still in the air, but the three of us usually chip in and get her some ridiculously high tech device that she wants but never figures out how to use. This year will probably be a Blu Ray player with built in Wifi

Other Brands and Shops / Gym Wear?
« on: November 12, 2010, 05:00:30 pm »
Where do you guys go to get your workout clothes?
I know Beats is a runner and Alex1976 is a weight lifter. Any suggestions?
I've been beating up my gym clothes for so long that I'm developing holes in them.
Looking for function over form over here

The Archives / To All You Brits:
« on: July 04, 2010, 04:40:39 am »
Happy 4th of July, losers!!!

Thanks for the color palate for our flag!!!!


General Chat / Forum Suggestions?
« on: February 09, 2010, 03:51:37 pm »
Ok, it's come up recently that some of the members here have suggestions for the forum. Let's discuss them here.
When Giles emailed me some months ago about starting a forum, we both agreed that under moderation was more our style. There are benefits and shortcomings to this.
Your admin staff duties are as follows:
Giles-Administrator. Giles owns the forum and has final say on any changes made to the forum, how to handle members, etc etc. He often comes to Shoque and I for advice though. And of course, Giles gives us the lowdown on all IH products coming out and his usual superlative customer service.
Shoque-Super Moderator with some Admin abilities. Shoque makes sure our forum runs well. When there's a glitch in the system, Shoque handles it. When it's time to upgrade the software, Shoque handles it. When you guys want bigger avatars, Shoque handles it. A thanks from me for how quickly he handles things. I've been on a lot of forums and usually upgrades don't get handled so quickly.
DougNg-Super Moderator with some Admin abilities. I'm pretty much the referee here. Any types of conflicts between members, when a thread needs to be cleaned up/moved/deleted, that falls under my purview. I read each and every thread, and make sure that it's moving along well and nobody is acting like an asshole. I would ask that this process happens every time you post: think->type
That being said, if any of you have any suggestions, please post it here. I'm pretty open about how I handle things, so either I'll take your suggestion under consideration or disagree and tell you why.
Please remember that this is YOUR forum, and this forum will grow and adapt to it's members
PS-I also wanted to add that if there are any issues that need my immediate attention, please feel free to email me at douglasgng@gmail.com. That also goes for any issues you want to discuss with me privately. My smartphone is always on, and I usually get back to emails almost immediately unless I'm sleeping or in the middle of something

General Chat / Avatars
« on: February 07, 2010, 06:08:03 pm »
I've been on internet forums for the longest time

Your avatars suck. I'm serious. I've never seen such boring avatars in my life

That is all for now


General Chat / What is your Denim/ Clothing Life Story?
« on: January 26, 2010, 01:03:51 am »
I doubt many, if any, of us grew up with high end denim being particularly important in our lives. All of us here either own a nice piece of denim, or are looking to purchase one, so how did you find your way here?

I'll start:

I only started getting into high end denim about two years ago, when I found myself single after a number of years. I have always enjoyed dressing well, though it was not much of a priority. Many times, my girlfriend (now ex) was embarrassed to go out with me, since I usually wore a pair of beat up baggy Levis, complete (or incomplete) with holes worn through from my pocketknife and wallet, and a tshirt that was either way too loose or way too tight.

So I'm on the prowl again, looking for love, and I come across on another forum the suggestion of a nice pair of jeans. I buy my first pair of APC Rescues (hoping to clean up my look), and quickly realize that I'm a lot bigger than some of the guys into fashion!!! Well, the APCs led to Imperials, to Sugarcanes, to ESEFs, to FlatHeads, to Skulls, to KMWs...to IronHeart finally...(and somewhere along, I met a wonderful woman)

The rest...has yet to come!!!

Your turn!!!

General Chat / Things That Make People Stop and Ask
« on: January 10, 2010, 07:22:59 pm »
Where did you get that? How did you find it? What is it made out of?

Every once in awhile, I get something that make people stop and start talking to me. They'll just pull me over on the street, or perhaps it's the front desk girl where I get my hair cut, or the coffee girl at Oren's...usually it's a random girl...

For me, the most recent ones have been
SelfEdge Feather Ring w/ Gold Fill
IH Melton Wool Shirt
Imperial Kings (1+ yrs of wear)
Red Wing Gentleman Travellers in Black Cherry with a top layer of Black polish I put on myself

What clothing based conversation starters do you guys have?

I've leaving out my Motorola Droid as a conversation starter since it's kind of off topic for this forum

Accessories / Pocketknives/Kitchen Knives/Fixed Blades
« on: October 30, 2009, 02:34:56 am »
Since I was a kid, I've always liked pocketknives. My first one was an El Cheapo slipjoint. When I was a teenager, my dad got me a Swiss Army Knife. And the irresponsible teenager I was, I lost the damn thing

Fast forward about a dozen years, and my tastes in pocketknives is not unlike my taste in denim: refined and expensive

For the last few years, this has been my predominant Every Day Carry knife. Having a pocketknife, in my opinion, just goes with the workwear motif...and is an essential tool for every man...even if it's to open up envelopes

Anyone else carry a pocketknife?

Chris Reeve Knives Large Classic Sebenza


I have a LOT of knives (well, less these days, maybe two dozen tops), but this is the one I always go back to. The handles are sandblasted titanium and develops wear and character just like a good pair of jeans

The Resource Centre / Care For Your (Denim/ Wool/ Cotton)
« on: October 02, 2009, 05:23:50 pm »
Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later and I guess I'll be the one to start the shitstorm...

How do you care for your denim?

If I'm wearing my jeans all week at work and play, I'll soak in a small bucket with Woolite Dark, and then wash out the soap by hand. I have a job where I'm in a myriad of environments, from smoked fish companies to peanut butter factories to hospitals and pacemaker manufacturers, so walking into the latter smelling like the former is not good, so I wash pretty much weekly

Once in awhile I'll do something stupid, like drink a pitcher of sangria and blow chunks on my jeans or chase my ex into the Pacific and get them filthy (no, it wasn't to drown her...I didn't have that foresight), and I'll chuck them in the washer with some Woolite Dark and wash them on their own. I do something stupid on a quarterly basis

I always air dry, right side out, because I find when they're stiff and dry after, if I flip them inside out they lose their stiffness.

Your turn!!!

Other Brands and Shops / Other Brands of Jeans
« on: October 01, 2009, 05:02:13 pm »
How about a listing of some other jeans we have that are not Iron Heart?
Flat Head S5003
Flat Head F380
Skull 5507
Sugarcane 1947 in blue
Sugarcane 1947 in black
Esef Sky
Kicking Mule Workshop 2010
Imperial Kings

Tell us all, What You've Got / Iron Heart Roll Call
« on: September 30, 2009, 01:24:36 pm »
List all your Iron Heart gear!!!

634SR (incoming)
Hickory Stripe shirt
Heavy Flannel in blue (incoming)
Tote bag
Blue Selvedge Messenger Bag


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