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Tell us all, What You've Got / volcano
« on: July 23, 2012, 07:45:52 am »
  • IH-666S
  • IH-634S (Chopped)
  • IH-666-XHS
  • IH-666D
  • IH-816 (Beige, Navy)

  • IHD-01 13.5oz Raw Indigo Japanese Denim Western Shirt With Side Pockets (Selling Now)
  • IHSH-13 Heavy Chambray Single Yoke Wester Shirt
  • IHSH-33 12oz One Wash Denim Western Shirt
  • IHSH-36 White Twill Work Shirt - "The Great White"
  • IHSH-44 Indigo Overdyed Oxford Cotton Work Shirt
  • IHSH-45 12oz New Raw Indigo Denim Western Shirt
  • IHSH-46 Chambray Work Shirt - Black (Salt & Pepper)
  • IHSH-46 Chambray Work Shirt - Red
  • IHSH-47 Ombre Check Flannel Western - Red
  • IHSH-48 Smoky Check Flannel Work Shirt - Red
  • IHSH-59 Metallic Thread Flannel Western - Red
  • IHSH-61 Heavy Cotton Satin Military Shirt (Khaki)
  • TWSH-03 Slubby Light/Mid Weight Flannel Work Shirt (Green, Red)
  • TWSH-08 Medium Weight Flannel Work Shirt - Brushed Reverse (Blue, Red)
  • TWSH-09 Medium Weight Madras Flannel Work Shirt - Brushed Reverse (Blue, Red)

  • IH-526J 21oz Indigo Selvage Denim Type III Jacket
  • IHM-02 M65 - Ventile Lined Satin Cotton Field Jacket - Green
  • IH-9526V 21oz Superblack Type III Vest

  • IHF-2012 Indigo - 2012 Forum Tee Shirt (Indigo, White)
  • IHT-3000 7.5oz Plain Tee Shirt - Loop Wheeled Shitamachi Body (Navy, Black, White, Grey)
  • IHTB-04 Stripey Border Pocket Tee (Black)
  • IHC-06 21oz Indigo Selvage Cap
  • IHPT-02 7.5oz Pocket T-Shirts - Loop Wheeled Shitamachi Body (Petrol Blue, Red, Grey, Black)
  • IHT-25oz Break the Needle Tee - Loop Wheeled Shitamachi Body
  • IH-GEO Geo Cancer Relief Bracelet (Indigo, Duck)
  • IHPT-01 "Iron Heart Logo Pocket Tee" (Black x Yellow, Grey x Blue, Mustard x White, Navy x White)
  • IHT-1202 "Classic Engine" (Black)
  • IHT-1203 "Flying Wheel" (Black)
  • IHT-1205 "Working Class Hero" (Black x Orange)
  • IHT-1207 - "Motorcyle" (Black)
  • IHT-1208 - "Face" (Black)
  • IHT-1212 - "IH Genuine Quality" (Black)
  • IHT-1213 - "Genuine Iron Heart" (Navy)
  • IHG-08 - Bandana (Green, Navy, Red)
  • IHSW-10 Ultra Heavy Flat Seamed Plain Hooded Sweat (Black)

  • IHG-04 Folding Shoulder Leather Coin Holder
  • IHB-01 Super Heavy Duty Cowhide Belt - Self Edge Exclusive (Natural)
  • IHB-02 Garrison Buckled Super Heavy Duty Cowhide Belt (Natural)
  • IHB-03 Plate Buckle Super-Heavy Duty Cowhide Belt (Natural)
  • IH-FW Folding Calf Wallet (Tan)
  • IHSI-02 Silver Bracelet
  • Banglu-02 "RIDE TO LIVE LIVE TO RIDE" Bangle

  • DC4002
  • IH-666Sod
  • IHSH-52 Ultra Heavy Plain Flannel Western - Blue
  • IH-634-XHS
  • IHxB01sbg
  • IHSH-08sbg 16oz Super Black Fades to Grey Western Shirt

Going, Going, Gone.... / Iron Heart Stuffs
« on: April 10, 2012, 06:13:23 pm »
All items are in excellent/brand new condition otherwise stated. Prices are as stated and negotiable but I WON'T ENTERTAIN RIDICULOUS OFFERS. My loss, your gain. Feel free to direct any enquiries in this thread or PM me. Items are located in Singapore.

1) IHSH-45 12oz New Raw Indigo Denim Western Shirt
Medium Size
In excellent condition; Soaked but NEVER been worn.
Now selling at USD190

2) IH-666D The Devil's Duck - 17oz Brown Duck Super Slim Tapered
Worn about 2-3 times that's all.
Tagged W34, Measures 34" Hemmed to 30.8"
Now selling at USD200

3) IHT-1212 - "IH Genuine Quality"
Black Color in Medium size
worn ONCE only, Excellent Condition.
Now selling at USD70

4) IHT-1213 - "Genuine Iron Heart 98MC"
Navy Color in Medium size
worn ONCE only, Excellent condition.
Now selling at USD70

5) IHPT-01 "Iron Heart Logo Pocket Tee"
Mustard x White Color in Medium Size
worn 6 to 7 times, Good condition.
Now selling at USD70

Further Details
Prices stated EXCLUDES shipping. Buyer to cover any paypal fees for non-personal or international payment.
Thanks for viewing. Cheers!

Going, Going, Gone.... / 634S W33 for sale
« on: March 29, 2012, 06:45:19 am »

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