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Buying and Selling / IH-714 Olive green (31) 23oz Selvedge serge fabric.
« on: September 18, 2021, 12:18:42 pm »
i am selling this extinct beast. It kills me but waist doesn’t work anymore on me. Too thight…
Amazing & heavy serge fabric. No stains or any defects. Condition 8/10.
Measured as alla IHUK. Post washed meas ;) Carefully washed. No marbling. It looks like it. But is not. A normal after washing reaction for such heavy & rough serge fabric.
After few hours the fabric takes on a continuous aspect. My experience ;)
Am asking 200usd. Shipped anywhere on the globe. PayPal preferred.
Waist: 31,5
Tights: 12,2
FR: 10,4
RR: 14,8
Inseam: 34,9


proud of this last photo…
PM me for any requests :)
Many thanks.

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i am selling these 4 Iron Heart shirts. 4 classics. All 4 tagged L. Large meas. I succeeded these last weeks to buy/upgrade to XL all these 4. Why the selling. All are in very, very good statement. 9/10. Zero stains or defects.
I sell them 150$ each. Firm and very fair amount. Please no lower offer. Will be not considered. Shipping fees can & will be discussed ;)
Paypal friends/family payment prefered. Retur non accepted. Read carefully the meas. made by me. Shirts are measured as IHUK does. Pm me for any questions. I can make shipments to anywhere. Tracking provided.
Many thanks





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Going, Going, Gone.... / SOLD! IHSH-17 Red Chambray Quilted XXL
« on: April 11, 2021, 03:42:37 pm »
selling it. Difficult but I have to. I own the 16 in red(non quilted one). Too much. No time to wear it. I don’t want to be a collector. This is an awesome shirt. Quilted lined chambray. 12oz. Beautiful red. Selvedge. Washed one time. The thing is quasi new. Worn few times as overshirt. No defects or stains. Asking 250$ + shipping fees. Anywhere in the world. Insured & tracked.
Chest: 24’
Shoulders: 19,9
Arms: 26’
Length: 30,2
Opening: 23,9


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Going, Going, Gone.... / IHSH-130 GB tagged XXL SOLD!
« on: April 10, 2021, 12:18:13 pm »
Worn few times this winter as over shirt. Nice but the arms are of course on the too long side. Not practical. Why I am selling it.
Condition 9/10. UHF gray/black ombré fabric. No stains or defects. Asking 250$ shipped anywhere. Shoulders 19,5”  Chest 24”  Arms 27,7”  Length 30,6”


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Buying and Selling / IRON HEART JEANS BLACK DENIM 30/31 - 150$
« on: February 13, 2021, 07:17:33 pm »

Selling 3 IH black Jeans. 150usd each.

First: the 9301 from Selfedge San Francisco.

Bought many many years a go. I am the first and only owner. Worn occasionally for parties, weddings, meetings. Perfect slim fit. Superblack fabric. So still totally dark. Tagged 30.
Washed carefully few times. Condition 8,5/10. No stains or defects.
Waist: 32 - Thighs: 11,5 - FR: 10 - BR: 14,3 - Hem: 7,1 - Inseam: 33(hemmed at IHUK)

Second one: the 666-SB from IHUK.

Superblack fabric. Worn so little...it is a shame. It has to go. Condition 9,5/10. Nearly new. Rinsed. Tagged 31.
Waist: 32 - Thighs: 11,2 - FR: 10 - BR: 14,2 - Inseam: 34 - Hem: 7,5

And the third one: The Beatle Buster. IH-B01-SBG.

Bought at IHUK. From the first lot. Very nice fabric. Worn & washed many times. No stains or defects. Only too thight on me...condition 8/10. Tagged 30.
Waist: 32 - Thighs: 11,2 -FR: 10,6 - BR: 15 - Inseam: 34 - Hem: 7,6

More specific pics. Questions. Just pm me. Only happy to help ;)

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Bought at IHUK. Worn comme ci comme ça...washed maybe 3-4 times. Still very black. Very dark. Zero defects or stains. 9/10.
Insane Jersey fabric. Very smooth. Heavy smooth. Insane shirt. Tagged M but on the large side. Selling because, me, I am on the XL side and I managed recently to score a bigger one.
Asking 215usd-200usd/ 177-165 euros.
Shipping worldwide :)

Shoulders: 17.7
Chest: 21,2
Arms: 26,5
Length: 29,5

Just pm me for anything:)

IH-530. Tagged M. Bought at IHUK. Worn for little. Not enough. Jacket too tight on me. It is a piece of art. Wabash fabric is the same used on IHSH-55 and the first wabash vest. Still 12oz but very soft. Butter...
Asking 220$ shipped anywhere. Condition 9/10. No defects or stains.
Chest 22”  Shoulders 18,5”  Arms 26,3 “  Length 28,5”
Note the bi-swing shoulders pleats ;)


Going, Going, Gone.... / IHW-01 BLACK CPO MELTON WOOL
« on: December 11, 2020, 05:35:58 pm »
SOLD! Selling an unique Iron Heart item. Tagged large. Not enough worn. Freshly wool washed. Condition 9/10. Buttons, pockets, fabric, everything is as new. Super heavy melton wool. Satin lined yoke. A piece of art. Something else...
Chest: 22”
Arms: 26”
Shoulders: 18,6
Length: 30”
Asking 250$~215$/ 210€~178€


Poor pics...Light actually in Norway is...is not!
Just pm me for more details & pics.
Many thanks Folks!

Buying and Selling / IHW-06 BLACK M • IHSW-02 NAVY M
« on: November 29, 2020, 03:11:10 pm »
Selling 2 beautiful Iron Heart items. Sleeping in my closet since 2 years maybe...
AND SOLD! The IHW-06 is an amazing jacket. Fabric is alpaca/wool mix melton. Impressive. Black quilted lining. Knitted storm cuff. Two way YKK zippers. Slash side pockets and patch breast pockets with double solid button fastening
Chainstitch embroidered “Iron Heart” above left breast. Impressive construction and quality. Condition 9/10. Zero defects. Asking 270usd. Fair amount. Free shipping. Tracking offered.
Chest: 22,4 - Shoulders: 19,4 - Length: 27,6 - Arms(unmeas. cuffs) 25,3


SOLD!One hooded sweat. The IHSW-02. Royal Navy. Ridiculous quality and construction. Condition 9/10. Zero defects. Asking 160usd. Free shipping & tracking offered.
Chest: 21,8 - Arms: 25,5 - Length: 26,7 - Shoulders: 18,2


Many thanks. Just ask for more details or better pics :))

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Hi, sell a bunch of t-shirts. Medium sizing. Too long sleeping in my closet. Am going actually with L/XL sizing...so.
These goes at the chest from 20” to 21". The length ranges from 24.75 to 25.75. The white Iron Heart ones have yellow markings on the neck. A work of time...Naphta bar soap can make the job I think.
None presents stains or any holes/defects. These have been worn and washed many times.
Am asking 40$/34€ each. Max. If bought many, total can of course be discussed ;)
The Mister Freedom are the Skivvy ones.
All the IH ones are from period 2011-2012. 7,5oz.
Pm me about more precise details. Sizing...exact condition...do that ;)

Many thanks

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Buying and Selling / IHSH-187 L ~ IHSH-121 L ~ IH Henley M
« on: May 31, 2020, 08:46:06 am »
Selling 3 items.
SOLD :) The IHSH-187 olive. tagged L. Condition 9/10. Shirt worn too little. No defects or stains. Beautiful fabric.
Shoulders 18. Arms 26. Chest. 21,9. Length 29. Asking 175$.


IHSH-121 tagged L Western. Blue. Condition 9/10. Same as the 187...worn too little. No defects or stains. Amazing fabric. Stretchy. Great copper snaps. Condition 9/10.
Shoulders 18,5. Arms 26,2. Chest 21,9. Length 29,7. Asking 150$.


SOLD! Waffle Thermal Henley. Black tagged M. Worn & washed many times. Fantastic fabric. Very Stretchy. Robust. I go with L now, so this one has to go. No defects or stains. Condition 8/10. Asking 75$. Shoulders 17,5. Arms 25. Chest 19,5. Length 26,5.


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Going, Going, Gone.... / IHM-04 DECK JACKET M
« on: October 10, 2018, 09:35:05 pm »
Selling my Deck jacket. Worn too little these last years. I am the original owner. Jacket shows nearly no wear. Zero defects. Alpaca lined. Bought new 600usd. Am selling it for 350usd. Condition 9/10. Shipping & tracking worldwide.
Length 27,6
Chest 22,2
Shoulders 17,4
Arms 27,1

Many thanks.

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Going, Going, Gone.... / IH-666D tagged 31 + THE STRIKE GOLD +
« on: August 19, 2018, 11:56:57 am »

Coming to the point at i will not wear it. It has to go. C’est la vie...
Worn maybe 5 times. Max. Condition 9,5/10. Asking 250$/225$/215USD
Shipping & tracking offered. Worldwide.
Waist 31,2
Thighs 11,6
Hem 7,8
Length 36

SOLD! Selling my TWSH-05 western shirt. Giles making Tagged M. Well worn & aged. No stains or any defaults. Very nice & soft fabric. Same as the one used on the IHSH-49. Condition 8/10. Asking 125$. Shipping is offer.
Chest 21,2
Arms 25,8
Length 29
Shoulders 17,2

SOLD! The Strike Gold denim indigo workshirt. Tagged L. Medium measurements. Very nice fabric. All the buttons strongly attached. Very well made shirt. Worn and washed. Condition 8/10.
Asking 120$. Shipping worldwide is offer.
Chest 21,4
Shoulders 18,4
Arms 24,2
Length 28,2

SOLD Selling one Flat Head winter flannel. Tagged 42. Rivet & Hide making. Worn 2 times. Heavy loopwheeled flannel. Ultra soft brushed inside. Amazing fabric. Colors are white cream & kind of blue green indigo. Condition is 9,5/10.
Asking 190$. Shipping is offer SOLD
Chest 21,1
Shoulders 19
Arms 25,6
Length 29

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Going, Going, Gone.... / IHSH-121 tagged L or XL
« on: May 01, 2018, 05:49:08 pm »
I am looking at this shirt:
Pm’me ;)
Many thanks!

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Going, Going, Gone.... / IHSH-38 Brown Tagged M
« on: April 22, 2018, 03:24:07 pm »
SOLD! Selling this beautiful shirt. Measurements made post washed. Fabric has some stretch in.
Shoulders 17,5
Chest 20,8
Arms 25
Length 28,3
Condition is 9/10. Zero defects or stains. Buttons are still very well stitched.
Asking usd150. 130. Shipping & tracking offer. Anywhere in the world.
Many thanks!✌️

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SOLD! IRON HEART x526J tagged 40(L) Extinct item.
Worn maybe 10 times. Condition is as new. 9,5/10. No stains or defects. This one has to go. No time to wear it. Sleeping too longtime in my closet.
Shoulders 18,5  Chest 21,4  Length 25. Arms 25,5.
Asking 250$//240$Shipping anywhere in the world is offer. Tracking nr offer.

SOLD! The Real McCoy’s Digger boots. Sized 9,5D. Worn too little. Being a Viberg & White’s addict these last years...
Condition 9/10. True to size. I am 9D with White’s. 8,5uk/9uk with Vibergs boots. Depend the last. 9D with the Alden Roy Boots. Real McCoy’s boots are amazingly and exceptionally well made. Top leather and construction. Zero defects of course. Difficult to beat it. Bought at Superdenim many years ago. Asking 350$. Shipping fees are for me. Very fair.just ask for more details

SOLD! Studio D’Artisan Sweatshirt loopwheeled indigo dyed. Tagged M. Amazing fabric & construction. Bought many years ago at BiG in NY. Worn too little to keep it. Condition 9/10.
Chest 22  Arms 24,6  Length 25  Shoulders 21.
Asking 130$120$. Shipping is offer.

SOLD! Real McCoy’s sweatshirt. Tagged M. kind of Red coral color. Loopwheeled. Fabric and construction are second to none. Worn so little, so it has to go. Condition is 9/10.
Chest 22  Shoulders 20  Arms 23  Length 24,5.
Asking 130$120$. Shipping is offer.

SOLD! Very rare & beautiful jeans from MF made many years a go. Vintage condition. Some damaged cuffing. It can be repaired or not. Your call. 8/10. Truly amazing well made jeans. Very nice fabric. Tagged 32. Selling because didn't worn it the last 3 years...
Length 34,3"
Waist 16"
Thigh 12,4
Asking 250$. 225$. Shipping + tracking offer

THE STRIKE GOLD WORK SHIRT. Tagged L. Very nice denim fabric. Chest 21,6 Shoulders 18,4 Length 28'5 Arms 24,8. Very high quality shirt. Very well made. Buttons very well stitched. Condition 9/10. Washed 2 times. Being thight for me. And bought recently the same shirt tagged XL.
Asking 150$. 125$. Worldwide shipping offer.

SOLD! Mister Freedom Buckaroos waist overalls. Full cut. Tagged 30. But waist is measured to 32". Thighs 12,2". Hem 9".
Condition is near new. 10 wears maybe...
Asking 250$. Shipping & tracking offer. Worldwide.

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