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I'm selling Samurai 7000VX in size 35.
17oz VX denim
W 89cm = 35inch
FR 29cm = 11,4inch
BR 40cm = 15,7inch
IN 94cm = 37inch
LO 24cm = 9,44inch

Asking for 180€ + shipping






18oz left hand texas cotton
W 89 cm = 35inch
FR 27cm = 10,6inch
BR 39cm = 15,3inch
IN 90cm = 35,4inch
LO 24cm = 9,44inch

Asking for 150€ + shipping




There should be no shrinkage anymore, both jeans are washed once.

Selling Real McCoy BUCO J24-L Leather Jacket in Size 44. One of the coolest leather jackets out there, if you ask me. It is made of horse hide from the famous shinki tannery. Larger sizes are frequently sold out, so it is pretty hard to find one without waiting time.
The jacket is worn, but overall in a good condition. Tea core is shining through at some places.
Don't hesitate to ask questions.

Asking for  1200€

Pit to Pit: 22inch
Shoulder: 19,5inch
Opening: 20,25inch
Centre back: 26inch
Sleeve: 26inch










For sale is a new pair of UES jeans bought 2015 in Osaka. Never worn only tried on and in one washed condition.

Waist: 90cm
Front rise: 28cm
Back rise: 35cm
Thigh: 32cm
Knee: 25cm
Leg opening: 24cm
Inseam: 84cm
Asking for 80€ shipping within EU included










Going, Going, Gone.... / FS Viberg Engineer Boot size 10
« on: January 11, 2019, 08:32:04 am »
They have been worn for some time, but still in good condition. Superb leather and construction quality.
Other boot sizes for reference:
Redwing 10d
Alden 10,5d
Mister Freedom 10
Clinch 11 (US10)
Asking for 330€ 300€ + shipping






Hi at all, up for sale is a brand new mister freedom mulholland master in size 42. The jacket is in new condition, never worn, unwashed and only tried on.

Measurements taken form Mister Freedom homepage:

Size 42
Chest: 22,5 inch
Shoulders: 19,25 inch
Back: 30 inch
Sleeve: 26,5 inch

 Asking for 550 € 520€ shipped





Selling my barely worn Evisu jeans. Washed only once and in mint condition. Please note the 17oz version runs smaller than other Evisu models.
Just for reference I'm wearing size 36 in lot 2000 no1 denim and size 35 in all my samurai jeans.

Tag size 38
Waist: 92 cm
Front Rise: 29cm
Back Rise: 38cm
Thigh: 34,5cm
Inseam: 82cm
Leg Opening: 23cm
Knee: 26cm

New price 38.880yen
Asking for 105€ 100€ shipped








Going, Going, Gone.... / FS Oni jeans 17oz size 34 price dropped again
« on: December 19, 2017, 09:15:35 am »

I'm selling my Oni 222in size 34. Made of 17oz low tension slub denim. In new condition means never worn, unwashed, unsoaked and only tried on.

Waist 90cm =35,4inch
Front rise 31cm = 12,2inch
Back rise 38cm = 15inch
Inseam 91,5cm = 36inch
Leg opening 23cm = 9inch
Thigh 33cm = 13inch

Asking for 150 € + shipping 140€ shipped 130€ shipped 120€ shipped








Up for sale is my S510XX 19oz in size 33. It comes with the old back pocket style. For repairs and overall condition please refer to pictures below .

Asking for 75€ + shipping

Waist: 88cm = 34,6inch
Inseam: 92cm = 36,2inch
Back rise: 38cm = 14,9inch
Front rise: 27,5cm = 10,8inch
Leg opening: 22cm = 8,6inch

Going, Going, Gone.... / FS Canada Goose Expedition Parker in size L
« on: October 12, 2016, 01:19:42 pm »
Selling my Canada Goose Expedition Parker in size L. It's barely worn over one season and in excellent condition (like new). All flashers are still available and will be shipped with the jacket.

Meshurements will follow later this week!

Asking for500 € + shipping 450€ shipped 400€ shipped

Going, Going, Gone.... / FS Mister Freedom Mechanic Sweater & Shirt
« on: September 08, 2016, 02:37:47 pm »
For sale
Mister Freedom sweater, worn only a few times, washed twice and in good condition.

Meshurements taken from Mister Freedom Homepage:
Chest: 22,5"
Shoulders: 22,5"
Back: 26,25"
Sleeve: 20,75"


For sale is a Mister Freedom Mechanic shirt in good condition.

ptp: 56 cm = 22"
shoulder: 46,5 cm = 18,3"
sleeve: 67,5 cm = 26,6"
center back:75,5 cm = 29,7"

Asking for 110 € 80€ 70€ shipped

Going, Going, Gone.... / FS The Strike Gold loopwheeled T-shirt price drop
« on: November 20, 2015, 03:55:27 pm »
Samurai loopwheeled sweater in size XL; light red. The sweater has some two light indigo stains around the elbows, but otherwise in mint condition. Worn only a few times and washed once.


pit to pit: 58cm = 22,83inch
center back: 67,5cm = 26,57inch
sleeve: 63cm = 24,80inch


The strike gold loopwheeled T-shirt in size XL; dark blue; is in new condition, never worn, only tried on.


pit to pit: 51,5cm = 20,28 inch

Worn about 3 weeks and in mint condition. They have been soaked and washed once.


Waist: 89cm = 35,04inch
Inseam: 89cm = 35,04inch
Front Rise: 31cm = 12,20inch
Back Rise: 41cm = 15,75inch
Thigh: 32cm = 12,6inch
Leg Opening: 21cm = 8,27inch

Asking for 150Euros + shipping

Going, Going, Gone.... / SOLD!
« on: June 30, 2015, 11:35:31 am »
The Strike Gold heavy loopwheeled Sweatshirt is in worn condition and washed twice.

Tag Size: L
Pit to Pit: 59cm = 23,23inch
Center Back: 63cm = 24,80inch
Sleeve: 62cm = 24,41inch

Samurai T-Shirt is new and unworn.

Tag Size: XL
Pit to Pit: 56cm = 22,05inch
Center Back: 68cm = 26,77inch

Samurai T-Shirt in worn condition. Washed once.

Tag Size: XL
Pit to Pit: 58cm = 22,83inch
Center Back: 69,5cm = 27,36inch

Selling my S3000VX in worn condition. The right back pocket has a minor stitching repair done by a tailor and the right leg has a minor damage around the cuff. They have been hand washed several times. The flasher is still available and will be shipped with jeans.


Waist: 90cm = 35,4inch (they are stretched out)
Front Rise: 30cm = 11,81inch
Back Rise: 39cm = 15,35inch
Thigh: 33cm = 12,99inch
Leg Opening: 23,5cm = 9,25inch
Inseam: 93,5cm = 36,81inch

Asking for 100€ shipped

The jacket was bought in 2009 at BIG. It is made of the old lh jin denim (17oz) and has two button hole repairs.
Size 44
Asking for 130€ plus shipping.

P2P: 58cm = 22,8 inch
Center Back: 61,5cm = 24,2 inch
Sleeve: 63cm = 24,8 inch


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