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Going, Going, Gone.... / For Sale: IH-816 W36, MF tee
« on: February 06, 2017, 04:50:25 pm »
Letting go of a few items that just don't get worn; note that all items are located in the UK and prices include shipping within UK and Europe, however I'll ship to any other location as long as we can agree a reasonable split on the shipping cost All measurements taken the IH way for consistency.

IHSH-21 £100 (SOLD)

IHSH-78 £100 (SOLD)

IHSH-98 IND £80 (SOLD)

IHSH-112 £130 (SOLD)

IH-816 Navy £60
Worn regularly for 18 months or so, with some slight fading evident around pockets and waistband/belt loops. No marks or damage, and only selling as I'd underestimated the inseam shrinkage so these are about 0.5" shorter than my preference.

Waist 18.5
Inseam 29.5

Mister Freedom Stanley tee, Olive £30
Washed and worn twice, so no signs of wear, and no damage.

P2P 22
Shoulders 19
Length 29

Going, Going, Gone.... / FS: MF Campus jacket, 42
« on: April 10, 2016, 03:39:00 pm »
Mister Freedom Campus Jacket, natural, size 42
Bought new from Mister Freedom May 2015, and then I followed a similar process to John from Vintage Engineer Boots (http://vintageengineerboots.blogspot.co.uk/p/mf.html) to tan the jacket in sunlight and condition with Pecards Antique Leather Dressing (the following pics show the progress from new to current condition).
I've worn the jacket less than 4 times, so it's in excellent condition with no marks, cuts, spots of any kind and lives in a smoke and pet-free home.
I paid £670 ($950), plus shipping and import duty to the UK, and given the condition and relative rarity of this jacket I'd like £450 £420 £400
Shipping - I'll happily ship to wherever you are, with UK/EU shipping being free and all other areas we can discuss a price.

Chest 22.5"
Shoulders 19"
Back (from base of collar) 23.75"
Sleeve 25.75"

As new and showing the progression with tanning and conditioning


Hard to capture the colour so here are some with natural sunlight as well

TWSH-07 Prince Of Wales check flannel, XXL

TWSH-09, Red, XXL

Going, Going, Gone.... / FS: TWSH-03, IHT
« on: August 09, 2015, 03:05:59 pm »
Prices dropped on all items!

Having a bit of a clear out, all items in the UK and all prices include shipping within the UK, however I'm more than happy to ship anywhere on the planet as long as you're prepared to pay the postage :) Payment in Sterling via Paypal.

Worn and washed but in excellent condition, reduced to £50
P2P =22"
Shoulders = 18"
Back length = 28 1/2"
Sleeve length = 25 1/2"

IHT-1502 White L SOLD
Worn and washed twice, in excellent condition, no holes or marks, reduced to £20
P2P =22"
Shoulders = 19"
Back length = 26"

Going, Going, Gone.... / FS: IHxB01 W36
« on: January 15, 2015, 07:58:43 pm »
Bought a few months back from another forum member, but the sizing in the thighs isn't working for me, so I'd like to move them on. Washed twice on a regular 40 degree, gentle spin cycle, no holes, but some light fraying on the inner thigh stitching, mild abrasion from cuffs,  and evo starting to show in some areas.

Key measurements are,
Waist = 18"
Inseam = 33 1/2"

Price is £80 shipped in the UK or EU, happy to ship anywhere else in the world, but postage is on you; payment in Sterling via Paypal please.

Going, Going, Gone.... / FS: IHSH-64 Blue, XL
« on: January 15, 2015, 07:44:56 pm »
Worn for about 2 weeks in total then hung up in the wardrobe, no marks or damage, but it's just slightly too large for me, mostly the length of the body.

Measurements are,
P2P = 23"
Shoulders = 19"
Length = 31"

The price is £130 since the condition is excellent - shipping is included if you're in the UK or EU, rest of world I'm happy to post at your cost.

Going, Going, Gone.... / FS: IHSH-33 XL
« on: January 15, 2015, 07:34:56 pm »
This is the first IH shirt that I bought, but it's the least worn, don't think I'm really a denim shirt kind of guy, so it's time to move it on. Measurements are as the IH website, it's been worn less than 20 times, and washed twice, so there are no real signs of evo and no damage whatsoever.

Key measurements are;
P2P = 23"
Shoulders = 18 3/4"
Length = 30 1/2"

Price is £100 shipped in the UK/EU, happy to ship anywhere else in the world at your cost, payment by Paypal in Sterling please  :)

Going, Going, Gone.... / FS: Aero Leather Half Belt, brown FQHH, 42
« on: January 15, 2015, 06:54:52 pm »
After much thought, I'm putting this jacket up for sale - I originally bought it from @Giles in late 2012, and I believe it was one of the early samples of the IH/Aero collaboration jacket, (I'm sure G can confirm/elaborate if needed) with the following specification:-
  • Ultra heavy brown front quarter horse hide (FQHH)
  • Lochcarron tartan lining
  • Zipped sleeves
  • One internal gun pocket
  • Single chest pocket with ball and chain zip
  • Two handwarmer pockets
There are no IH labels and the zips are Aero branded

Its a size 42" chest, and I measured it as follows:-
P2P = 23 1/2"
Top of collar to bottom of jacket = 28"
Shoulders = 19"
Arms = 26"
Bottom opening = 22 3/4"
Arm opening = 5 1/2"

The reason for sale is that it's just become a bit too tight for me in the arms, (for reference my biceps are 17" and forearms 13 1/2", or in Euro terms 43cm and 34cm). It's an absolute beast of a jacket, super heavy and built to survive beyond me for sure,  and, despite sporadic wear over the last 2 years, it's still fairly stiff and not yet fully broken in.

Ideally I'd like to replace it with an IH/Alexander collab (maybe a McLain  ;) ), so I'd like to recover some of my investment in this, and think that a price of £400 is fair. I've not yet priced the postage cost, but it's a heavy thing and won't be cheap to ship, but I'll work this out with however wants to buy it.

Fit pics (apologies for the odd expressions, photographer still learning :) ) and for reference I'm 5' 11" and wearing an XL IHSH-21 underneath, with XL being my normal size in IH shirts for a fitted, but not tight look.

Going, Going, Gone.... / TWSH-02 Blue XL
« on: December 10, 2014, 05:17:16 pm »
Up for sale due to lack of wear, no holes or damage and has been washed 2 or 3 times (40 degrees), with little visible evidence of wear.

Measurements are generally as per the IH website, however I measure the P2P as 23" (rather than the quoted 23.3"), shoulders 18.5" (compared to the quoted 17.5"), and arms 26" (compared to the quoted 26.5") which is probably as a result of shrinkage from washing, but could equally be the normal variability there is in some shirts.

Looking for £90 shipped in the UK/EU - happy to ship to wherever you are in the world, but will need to get a shipping quote if you're not in the UK/EU.

Going, Going, Gone.... / TWxB01 W36
« on: December 10, 2014, 04:50:19 pm »
These have been sat in the cupboard for the last 6 months, so I think it's time to move them on as they're clearly not getting the love from me that they deserve! Wore them on and off for the first couple of months, with probably 2 or 3 washes (40 degrees, slow spin) and there's not much fading in evidence, and no holes or damage.

Measurements are as per the IH website, with the exception of the waist which is 18.5" and the inseam which is 32.5"

Would like to get £100 shipped in the UK/EU - happy to ship to wherever you are in the world, but will need to get shipping quotes for anywhere outside the UK/EU.

Going, Going, Gone.... / IH-634SV Vulcans W35 (SOLD)
« on: December 10, 2014, 04:33:45 pm »
Bought off another forum member, but these just don't work for me, so they're up for sale - all measurements as per IH website, with the exception that the current waist size is 18" and the inseam is 33". I've worn them maybe a dozen times, and washed them once (40 degrees, slow spin), so there's minimal fading and no holes or damage.

Looking for £80 shipped in the UK/EU - happy to ship to wherever you may be, but anywhere outside of the UK/EU I'll need to get a shipping quote for.

Footwear / Walking shoes/boots that can be used for work?
« on: January 30, 2014, 01:15:05 pm »
Hi all, looking for some suggestions as to shoes/boots that can be worn 'smart' at work (with chinos or jeans style trousers), but which are comfortable for walking several miles each day on pavement. I'm currently wearing either Trickers or Jeffery West boots, both of which have leather soles and are comfortable to wear, but not so great for walking any distance.

Preference would be brown leather uppers (regular or suede), with a dainite, mini vibram or similar thin but functional sole), not bothered whether they are lace-ups or slip on, and brogue or toe cap would probably help with the 'smart' side of things :)

Going, Going, Gone.... / IH-801 duck loggers W38
« on: October 10, 2013, 01:01:21 pm »
Price includes shipping to UK/EU, happy to ship worldwide but PM me for a quote; payment by Paypal please.

IH-801 Brown double knee duck loggers
Waist 38"
Inseam 32 1/2"

Bought last April and worn probably less than a dozen times since Mrs tmg doesn't like them, so they've sat in the cupboard unused since the start of the year, and figured I may as well sell them.

Some dark spots on lower leg, possibly bike chain oil, but not really noticeable unless you're looking for it, washed twice, (followed IH instructions), and no rips or tears.

Going, Going, Gone.... / IH-634-XHS W36
« on: October 10, 2013, 12:53:14 pm »
Price includes shipping to UK/EU, happy to ship worldwide, but please PM me for a quote; payment by Paypal please.

Waist 36"
Inseam 31"

Bought just over a year ago, worn fairly regularly, washed maybe 6 times, and consequently now fully broken in and very soft.

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