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Buying and Selling / NON IH STUFF// Converse 70ies Chucks All Star MONOBLACK
« on: September 04, 2018, 06:32:07 pm »
Located in Germany. Hit me up with questions!!!
+ Shipping worldwide.

Tried on only. Very comfy!!!
UK9, 42.5EU
45€40€ shipped in Germany. ROW please ask.
Or trade for Vans Vault Authentics US10.

SOLD!!!SOLD!!!SOLD!!!Full Count 1109xx 32”
155€ LAST PRICE 100€ inc shipping in Germany!!! SOLD!!!
Got em raw, washed and worn twice. Too tight, but lovely denim, oh well the denim is GODDAMNGOOD!!!
Waist 35"
Front Rise 10,5"
Back Rise 14,5"
Thigh 12,2"
Hem 7,4"
Inseam 33,5"

Samurai s0511xx 31”
OFFER!!! Maybe around 55€? SOLD!!!
Too slimmish. Well loved but lots of live left.
Waist 33"
Front 10,9"
Back 15,2"
Thigh 12,1"
Inseam 34" cuffed at 31,2"
Hem 7,2"

Buying and Selling / IH STUFF//IH 7.5oz tees M
« on: August 25, 2018, 03:24:17 pm »
Located in Germany. Free shipping within Germany.
Trades for BLACK Shirts, BLACK Metal records, Guitar Stuff and IHUK Vouchers are welcome!

Black IH 7.5oz printed Tees, both MEDIUM, 45€ €35 Each

White IH 7.5oz tees, Printed MEDIUM (pocket t SOLD!!!) 40€ 35€

Hit me up for measurements!!!

SOLD!!!SOLD!!!TWSH-10 Green XL
Not my kind of style anymore. Sizing should be like on the IHUK website.

I also have a 634S-B (overdyed) in 32" for sale, 100€, they need a new home!
Color is hard to capture...
Waist: 33"
Front: 11"
Back: 15.3"
Thigh: 12.6"
Inseam: 32.5"
Hem: 8.9"


Stuff to Trade / IHSH-23 Red L for trade
« on: September 21, 2017, 12:59:53 pm »

Looking to trade my IHSH-23 Red L for the same in M, or maybe another coll IH Flannel.

Just hit me up if you are interested.

Interested in UHF´s just like the 156 (charcoal), 155 (black), 51 (black), 52 (black)....


IHSH-50 L Black
IHSH-73 L Black

General Chat / IH-532 16oz Duck Chore Coats
« on: August 02, 2017, 09:10:33 pm »
Did not find an existing thread and can not start one in the jackets category…
Who has one at home or work? Thinking about this one since forever but never pulled the trigger.

Love the look, but would pimp em with some other IH buttons when possible.

Hope the jacket sucks, so I won´t buy em, but not sure if it does...

Almost Free Stuff / WESCO Black Domain Kilties
« on: December 12, 2016, 12:44:35 pm »
The one bald guy from the Kino did not want em, so its your chance!

1x Pair of WESCO Kilties Black Domain Leather.

Send me some stamps or paypal me some bucks for shipping and they are yours.

Have a nice day


Going, Going, Gone.... / TWSH-10 XL Green + IHSH-105 brown
« on: October 24, 2016, 10:31:19 am »
TWSH-10 XL -> 100€
IHSH-70 L -> 150€ sold
IHSH-105 XL -> 170€
Ask for combined shipping and combo-deals :)

Length: 28.9"
P2P: 21.9"
Hm, dont know how much I want for this one… Not worn that much…
100€ + SH

Slubby texture:

Other shirts I would sell:
IHSH-70 Red L Worn. No visible defects. Sizing as IHUK:
P2P: 23.2"
L: 29.9"
150€ + SH

IHSH-105 Brown XL. Got it in a trade, tad too roomy for me. No visible defects.
170€ + SH

Up for sale ($$$) or trade (jackets, shirts, boots…):
Wesco Packers
- US8.5EE, US9E could fit in too.
- MP Toe. The last is not for me
- 7" height
- Black Domain Smooth Leather, really smooth!!!
- Black Christy Sole
- Two rows of stitching (welt around the toes)
- Black threads
- White heavy threads
- Black Hardware
- Natural midsole (aged through waxing)

Comes with matching leather insoles, WESCO Silicone waxoil and natural leather laces. There are somewhere matching black kilties…

Great condition!!! Not much wear.

Only one little flaw:

But you cant see it or notice while wearing…

Gonna ship double-boxed.

A friend wants to sell his new boots because they are too small.
He wants 190€ OBO shipped anywhere in the EU.
It's the tan renegade leather, christy Vibram sole, made in the USA... Yeah, you all know chipps.

Comes with box :)

Never really wore it…
Hot-soaked the hat to get the shrinkage out of it.
Beautiful Black/White Salt N Pepper Chambray fabric with olive details.

Cash or trade :)
Ship from Germany, but it´s light, could ship as a registered letter for a few bucks to anywhere in the world!!!

Stuff to Trade / IH loopwheeled t-shirts medium (1309 + 1403 + IHPT-02)
« on: December 12, 2015, 10:11:58 pm »
Hi there, I have some tees for trade!!! Would like to get other IHT´s in BLACK and size medium :)

1309 Sparkplug, white with black ink, Medium, worn sometimes in Summer 2013 if I remember correctly...

1403, black with yellow ink, medium.
Worn for 4 or 5 times...

IHPT-02, white, medium, worn once, maybe twice…

My friend, bandmate, buddy and soulbrother MADxFLO is mad because he bought a too big jeans. We talk about the UB221 Tagsize 34. He tried it on and yeah, it´s too big. No damages just light signs of wear -> knee area and where he cuffed the hem, 9.9/10, an iron will do the trick...

Waist: 18,2"
Front Rise: 11,4"
Back Rise: 14"
Thigh: 12,5"
Knee: 8,6"
Hem: 7,5"
Inseam: 34"

Price is 100€ shipped in EU, retails for 139€.
Pictures gonna follow tomorrow, because it´s 11:45PM in Germany.
I have the pair at my place, feel free to contact me!!!

Stuff to Trade / TWSH-10 XL Green | IHSH-08 XL
« on: September 28, 2015, 06:06:24 pm »
IHSH-08 XL -> Want the same or 08SS in L!

Length: 28.9"
P2P: 21.9"

I also have a IH634XHS 32", IH634UHR 32" and IH634SB (overdyed black) 32" for sale or trade!


Back for a second run is the Boots World Championship, the idea is simple, you simply commit yourself to a pair of quality boots for a two year period and share with the rest of your fellow contestants the duel progress of wear and care.
For those able and brave enough there will also be a fitness element to this contest for the first time, called “Boots On The Ground”, which will entail the wearer to share 6 walks which you have taken your boots on over the two year contest period.
The contest will be sponsored for the first time by The Bootery, the official distributor and retailer of Wesco Boots in Europe, who will be offering a discount on an exclusive to them pair of boots for contest entrants, plus a discount on all Wesco boots purchased through The Bootery.

Who´s in?

Going, Going, Gone.... / Scarti-Lab bandana 21"x21"
« on: February 19, 2015, 06:15:30 am »
Here we go:
Made by Scarti Lab in Italy, a 21"x21" huge bandana.
Purchased at Vater & Sohn in Hamburg.
Retails for 39€.
Never worn.
20€ including shipping in Germany (als ein Großbrief)
Will ship worldwide!!!

Schiesser Revival

"Karl Heinz" Boxershorts

Feinripp with MOP buttons

804 Nachtblau/ Night Blue

5, sould be a medium

Washed, worn, washed, stored.

Its too small for me. You can have it for free, you just pay the postage.
Would ship worldwide for 5,50€.
In Germany for 2,40€.

I paid 35€ full RP for it :)


Carhartt Jacket
Size Large
P2P: 23,5 Inch

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