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Going, Going, Gone.... / Short sleeves: IH / SDA / TFH
« on: June 28, 2019, 12:58:37 am »
IHSH-57 mechanic - never fit, maybe worn once
Condition 9.5/10 SOLD
P2P 23.25”
Shoulder 19”
Length 29”

SDA Indigo - worn just a few times
Condition 9/10 $100
P2P 22.75”
Shoulder 19.5”
Length 27”

Closest to the actual color

TFH Glory Park
Condition 8/10 $100
P2P 22.5”
Shoulder 19.75”
Length 28.5”

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Going, Going, Gone.... / Good Art Buddy - New
« on: May 24, 2019, 05:22:38 pm »
I received this Buddy as a gift. Awesome gift, but I already have one. It deserves a kickass home and good use.  $80 with free shipping to the US.

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Going, Going, Gone.... / TWSH-09 XL
« on: November 11, 2018, 11:43:45 pm »
Unfortunately these don’t fit anymore. PP FF and I’ll pitch in $20 towards shipping.

Open to trades

TWSH-09 XL $90

P2P - 23”
Shoulder - 18.5”


P2P - 22.25”
Shoulder - 19”

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Going, Going, Gone.... / FS: Jacket - Iron&Resin Waxed Type III
« on: November 06, 2018, 03:00:41 am »

Iron and Resin Rambler. Waxed Cotton sz L fits like an IH XL
9/10 **Sold**

P2P 23.5"
Shoulders 18.5"
Sleeve 25.5"
Length 25"

A couple jackets that don’t get the love they deserve. PayPal F&F and I’ll pitch in $20 towards shipping.

IHW-06 XL. Not a lot of wear 8 or 9 out of 10. *SOLD*

P2P 23.5
Shoulder 20”
Sleeve 26”
Length 28”

IH-9526J XXL 44 **SOLD**
8/10 Worn, but this denim is insane and doesn’t show any abuse.

Time to move on some shirts that don't fit and my tax bill is horrendous this year.  I've put this off for too long, but I'll likely never fit into theses shirts again.  Don't buy shirts when you are going through a divorce and are on the anxiety diet.

Free shipping in CONUS.  Willing to ship worldwide and will discuss shipping costs.

IHSH-86 XL 8/10 $150

P2P 22.5”
Sleeve 24.5”
Shoulder 19”
Length 29”

IHSH-73 L 9/10  SOLD.  My first IHSH and it never really fit.  Probably 10 wears

IHSH-13-ind L 10/10 Sold. Tried on once and put it in the back of my closet.  Tag is still attached. 

TFH Native Check 46 $175 10/10.  I really wanted this to work but tried it on and thought it would fit at some point.  Tags still attached.

IH measurement method
P2P 21.5"
Length 29"
Sleeve 25"
Shoulder 20"

Original SE post

Mister Freedom Indigo Pincheck L 9.5/10 (16 1/2) $175 - Killer shirt, but too small.

P2P 22.75”
Sleeve 25”
Length 30”
Shoulder 19.25”


Mister Freedom Ranch Hand L (16 1/2) 9.5/10 $100

P2P 22”
Sleeve 24.5
Length 30”
Shoulder 18”


Stevenson $100 9/10.  Sleeves were too skinny and never fit me right.

Triple Works SOLD 9/10 L

General Chat / Best of 2014 list
« on: December 05, 2014, 04:36:18 pm »
I'm a fan of the time wasting "Best of" lists that emerge this time of the year.  I'd like to know what items you picked up during the year that you can't live without.  Let's limit it to three; Iron Heart, other brands and non clothes.

To kick it off here are the items that I'd buy again if 2014 started and I could only pick up 3 items.


Mister Freedom vest

Hamada Kiln beer mug aka my favorite coffee mug

Tell us all, What You've Got / summ3rhays
« on: May 21, 2013, 08:26:39 pm »
IHD-01od L
IHSH-13-ind L - Sold
IHSH-21 XXL Black
IHSH-26od XL
IHSH-32 Black/Grey XL
IHSH-46 Black XL
IHSH-57 Burgandy XL - Sold
IHSH-68 Black XL
IHSH-70 Red L
IHSH-73 Red L sold
IHSH-86 Green XL -Sold
IHSH-92 Brown XL
IHSH-98 Orange XL
IHSH-101 Purple XL
IHSH-127-V2 Red XL
IHSH-134 Olive XL
IHSH-147 Red XL
IHSH-147 Off White XL
IHSH-161 Indigo XL
IHSH-137 Blue XXL
IHSH-157 Charcoal XL
IHSH-174 White XL
IHSH-179 Red XXL
IHSH-183 Grey XL
IHSH-215 Brown XXL
IHSH-216 Navy XXL
IHSH-218 Black XXL

IHSW-21 Green XL

Triple Works:
TWSH-02 Blue L
TWSH-09 Blue XL - Sold
TW-1301 Blue L

IHT-1207 Black XL
IHT-1303 Black L
IHT-1309 White L
IHT-1402 Grey L
IHT-1504 Red XL
IHT-3000 White L
IHT-3003 Navy L
IHT-3004 Black L
IHT-2014 Green L
IHF-2013 White L
IHF-2016 White L
IHTB-06 XL Black & Grey
IHPT-04 L White
IHPT-05 L Blue
IHT-1600 L White
IHTL-1303 XL Indigo
IHT-1700   XL Grey

IH-9526J 44/XXL - Sold
SExIH HH Leather
IHxPxT1 OD Type I

IHxBxHCx25oz 35
IH-6634 Beige 36
IH-705 Olive 34
TW BOW3230BK 34
IH-666S-19L 36
IH-633N 34
IH-777S-142 36
IH-555-03 36
IH-666s-21od 36

IHB-01 Black
IHB-05 Tan
IHB-06 Brown

IHVB-05 Viberg Wild Ones Black 11
IHTB-FP2 Wesco Foot Patrol 11.5

IHE-17 Printed Messenger bag
IHG-030 Work socks
IHG-051 Red bandana
IHG-054 White Hearts bracelet
IHG-055-BW Iron Heart "Bell and Wings" Mug

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