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These have not been worn, but were hot soaked and tried on a couple of times.  I just didn't size right. asking $80  -- This is a great deal

Current Measurements

Upper thigh: 13
Knee: 9.6
Inseam: 33.2
Back Rise: 14.3

This is new and unworn.. was tried on and worn around the house. Asking price is $120

Chest - 23.9
Shoulder - 19


These are essentially new and unworn.... Technically I wore them out once. I hot soaked them to make sure all the shrinkage was out... which it already was as I got no shrinkage. Tag size 36 -- Asking price is $200
Waist - 35
Thigh - 13.2
Inseam - 33


These jeans have been lightly worn for five days - they are practically new -- they have been hot soaked and cold washed so all of the shrinkage is out.

Waist : 36.5
Thigh: 13.2
Inseam : 33.2

These are amazing jeans--- just a little too big for me in the waist


Yo, new and unworn - hemmed to 33" --- I guess I can post pics but they are shop condition


These boots are dope but I prefer wearing my scout boots.
These are in good shape - Not heavily worn
Size UK 9 US 10

These have not been worn, but were hot soaked and tried on a couple of times.  I just didn't size right. asking $180 $150 for these

Current Measurements BIG way

Upper thigh: 13
Knee: 9.6
Inseam: 33.2
Back Rise: 14.3


These are new and unworn, but have been hot washed twice.  They are great, but the fit is not quite right for what I was looking for.  They go for $325 and I'm asking for $185 $150

current measurements are the BIG way:

Upper thigh: 13.1
Knee: 9.5
Inseam: 34.4
Backrise: 15

there are a couple slight crease marks from the washing of these, but its not anything serious


This shirt is virtually new - worn just a couple of times.  There is nothing wrong with it - I just live in a place where if you go out anywhere every third guy has a red buffalo check shirt on.... its just too much and I can't handle it

Does anyone else have this problem?

Anyway, if you don't feel that way or have this problem buy this shirt!

I'm asking $200 but would be willing to take competitive offers

The chest measures at rogughly 23.5 and the shoulders at just under 19 inches.  The length is just a skotch under 30 inches

This is new and totally unworn.  I bought both the XL and XXL to eliminate any possibility of sizing wrong.  Have chosen the XXL is better in this case

I'm asking for the full $305

This shirt has been lightly worn and has been washed and dryed.  There was not much shrinkage as a result.  Its in terrific condition.  In my opinion this fits more like a normal IH XL

P2P = 23.4
Shoulders =19


Going, Going, Gone.... / IHSH-68 - Wabash Work Shirt Size XL
« on: March 08, 2015, 08:12:17 pm »
I really like this shirt, but I just don't wear it.  Its been worn a handful of times... maybe.  Its has not been washed and is in perfect decision.  However, I did cut the chain stitch runoff off the side seam.

$180 USD plus shipping.

It will be ok to use Iron Hearts measurements as this has not been soaked or washed.


This shirt is in great condition and has seen very little wear. no signs of aging.  It has not been washed so using IH's measurements will be the best way to determine sizing.  It's essentially like new.

$170 USD pluss shipping


It breaks my heart to let this one go, but It just doesn't fit me anymore. Ive outgrown a decent amount of my gear as the result of a career change that has me sitting at a desk all day.

This shirt is in great condition.  I would say it has had medium wear. there are slight signs of aging in the elbows and thats it.

This is classic IH

$200 USD or best offer.

P2P = 22.5
Shoulders = 18.5


I'm selling this because I bought both XXL and XL to make sure I got the sizing right.  I decided I liked the XL better.  I'm selling this for $300 USD.  Please refer to this items page in the IH store for measurements and images as their is no wear.


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