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Going, Going, Gone.... / Sz 4XL 131-BB Buffalo Workshirt
« on: July 03, 2021, 07:34:26 pm »
Rare size 4XL IHSH-131-BB. This was one of the first non-denim shirts they made in 4XL the tag says Special.
I have the Western version of this also, so no sense hoarding both since these are so rare. Wonderful mid-weight 10 oz selvedge buffalo check flannel is ultra soft and comfy. Wonderful black cats eye buttons. This shirt has the cool selvedge gussets on the hem that are super sexy.


Price is $250 including USPS Priority mail, restricted delivery, tracking and signature confirmation in CONUS.

24 P2P
27 sleeve
31 back length

The shirt is in great shape but I did wear this one about twenty times or so. Has some pills on the armpits area.

There's no filter on these pictures... But the sun makes the shirt a vibrant blue color. Appears Navy indoors.

Going, Going, Gone.... / $150 Very beat up Aero Bootlegger size 50
« on: July 03, 2021, 06:44:57 pm »
Very worn in and beat up. I cut the sleeves so they would close better. Please see pictures.
Jacket has dye loss and chips and is very wrinkled and beat up. Still has that horsehide smell. But could probably use a good dry cleaning.

Price is $150 plus shipping. I will get your address and get back to you about the shipping cost if you're interested.

Tagged 50, but about a 27 pit to pit.
Sleeves 25
27.5 back length

Price is firm, so please do not message me trying to bargain. Payment is PayPal friends and family.


-Naked and Famous x Street Fighter Akuma Raging selvedge (red selvedge ID) 18 oz slubby black denim.

-Brand new with tags, from 2017.

Price $260 (retail price plus shipping) shipped USPS Priority mail with restricted delivery, tracking, and signature confirmation lower 48/ CONUS.

Size 38 Weird Guy, unworn, unhemmed, and still in bag. I can get measurements if you require, or please use the standard Weird Guy measurements from their website. https://www.nakedandfamousdenim.com/en/akuma-raging-demon-selvedge

Payment is PayPal friends and family or add five percent to cover fees if you don't trust me... I will not be able to accept these back, so please make sure you really want them.  ;)

**I don't smoke but I do have cats, so please consider this if you're extremely allergic. They have been in a plastic bag since I got them from Blue Owl.

Please do not message me trying to haggle and bargain. The price is firm.


General Chat / Wellness check
« on: June 02, 2021, 02:13:34 am »
Tag a friend or two you miss seeing around the forum and let them know you miss them and love them. Life comes up, or you're broke and avoiding temptation, or whatever. We miss seeing you here.

I'll start.
@rocket @BD81 @Megatron1505  @RoxRocks86 (Although I spoke to her yesterday  :))

I hope this isn't being too pushy, but I love you and I miss seeing you. ❤️❤️❤️

Going, Going, Gone.... / IHTB-06 grey 2XL
« on: May 22, 2021, 05:15:49 pm »
I'll pay retail plus shipping for your IHTB-06 grey 2XL

This one:

My denim Wills sized 3XL $250 shipped (I think it was $395 retail). PayPal as a friend. This includes USPS Priority Mail with Signature confirmation (because of the risk involved in shipping).

Please don't message me trying to haggle... just inquire about the price here if you don't think it's worth that much. I have inquired about the price to my friend who's a Ship John expert and he said it thought it was a good price for the condition and rarity.

The jacket has been hot machine washed twice and then washed again cold and shaped and starched to be as like-new as possible. Please take note of the awesome roping that has occurred on the hem and around the front pockets. Jacket has some evo on the hem and cuffs but nothing major. See pics.

PTP 26
Opening 25.5
Length 30
Sleeve length 27
Sleeve opening 4.75


Going, Going, Gone.... / Filthy FS thread
« on: January 30, 2021, 05:03:45 pm »
Okay guys, I will be leaving this stuff up for a few days. Some super rare stuff here. I am pricing everything bottom dollar here, so please don't contact me trying to haggle. Just ask about in the price in the thread... that way it is fair. Please let me know if you require more photos or measurements. I am finding the waists difficult to measure on these XHS pairs, so contact me if you have any sizing questions. I can even make you a YouTube video of measurements if you require.

Everything is is reasonably good condition, but everything could use a good wash.

All prices are for the continental United States, and includes shipping, $100 insurance, signature confirmation, US Priority Mail 2 day where available. Terms are PayPal only as a friend, please feel free to inquire about my reputation here. I have 100 positive feedback here and on ebay. Money back guarantee if you're not satisfied, but I will be deducting $20 from your refund to cover the shipping, you pay return shipping.

Thanks for looking! -Mike

Samurai Jin 15th Anniversary ed- tagged size 40- $75
Inseam to cuff damage 31, total length 34
The leather tag on these is toast and these have holes where they were cuffed. The inseam has a popped thread near the crotch. Please see pics.

TCB- ⚡Two Cats Brand- neppy denim lounge pants, 12 ounce denim- $175 (I almost hate to sell these since they are so nice)😭
Size 38
Waist 18.2
Length 31
Thigh 14.75

Going, Going, Gone.... / Ace Boot Co. Engineers size 10.5 (wide)
« on: September 25, 2020, 10:30:58 pm »
Send me a message if you want these for free. No warranty or guarantee. They probably need new heels. You pay shipping. I will ship them whatever way you want to pay for. I imagine they could fit in the large Priority mail box for like $20. Or I can box them up and see what snail mail costs. I will send them anywhere in the world if you want to pay. They were $750 from self edge.

I haven't worn them in several years. So any foot cooties are probably dead by now. But I can spray them with Microban before I send them to you.

Going, Going, Gone.... / Filthy's Sale thread
« on: September 24, 2020, 05:42:52 pm »
I have a short-term financial need. So I am selling lots of stuff. The framework of the thread will be kind of sparse at first. But I will work on filling more details, as needed. I don't want to spend a long amount of time on this of nobody's
interested. All the stuff has been in my closet for quite a long time. So I will need 2 business days to carefully wash and air dry the item to your specifications. -or I can send it to you as is of you're in a hurry.

All prices include shipping in the continental US. If you are overseas I can deduct $20 USD from the price and then get you a quote. All items will be shipped USPS Priority mail with signature confirmation. Terms are PayPal as a friend (or add 4% otherwise, if you want to pay goods and services). Money back guarantee if you're not delighted- you pay return shipping. item must be in identical shape as you receive it...

I tried to price items low and fair. So, PLEASE DO NOT message me trying to haggle. I will ignore these messages. If you think the item is worth less please feel free to reply to the thread with your reason publicly.

If you have a question please feel free to ask.
Thanks for looking.

Handmade .925 silver skull ring sized US14 price $325.00
Very heavy and large ring. It has been deliberately tarnished with sulphur to appear black. Is one of a kind. I can provide documents related to it's purchase and ownership...


IHV-32-IND size 3xl $250 now $225

-gently worn a couple of times.

Edit: lowered prices.

Going, Going, Gone.... / Free Indigo Proof shirt
« on: June 29, 2019, 08:27:29 pm »
Free Indigo Proof white t-shirt. Sized 2xl. Un-worn, un-tried on, brand new. Free (you pay shipping). I will ship international if you want to pay that much.

I am selling because it has these itchy seams up the sides and I absolutely hate them! I wish that they weren't a thing because the trend is that more and more shirts have them.


Edit: Priority mail 2 day shipping is only $7.25...

General Chat / Vaping
« on: February 01, 2019, 01:26:00 am »
Not sure how many of you vape. But, I got the Iron Heart of vaping devices. It's solid stainless and copper. It's so awesome. There's only 3 parts to the mod part.  8) It's a Kennedy Vapor 20700 Vindicator with their 25mm RDA. Comes with my highest recommendation.


Going, Going, Gone.... / Filthy 'Too Fat to Fit' sales thread
« on: July 20, 2018, 12:51:44 am »
Hello guys! Thanks for checking out my thread!

I am selling a few of my cherished Iron Heart items that are to small on me now... all items are like new, worn very gently and have been cold machine washed and hung to dry. I have cats and a dog, so if you are very allergic, you might not want my stuff. I do not smoke. The price on the IHSH-171 is kind of steep... but given the popularity of the shirt and the trouble I  went to get it, it is reasonable.

All prices are firm, so please do not message me trying to haggle. This is to avoid going back and forth for a long time and having the buyer back out anyhow. This has happened twice to me with forum members. If the stuff doesn't sell I will lower the price in 30 days time.

All prices include shipping, insurance, and signature delivery confirmation in the U.S. if you live overseas please subtract $20 from the price and we can discuss the cost of your preferred shipper.  Terms are PayPal only, as a friend, or you can pay seller fees if you require a detailed invoice. Shipping via USPS Priority mail with signature confirmation and tracking.

Please buy with confidence because I will gladly accept the items back if you are not delighted... minus $20 (what I payed to ship).  You pay return shipping.  Items must be in the exact same condition as you received them.

Please let me know if you require any more photos or have any questions, need more detailed measurements.

21 oz Blanket lined Indigo Riders Jacket 44 chest $250
I really do not want to sell this, because it is so awesome. But it is way too small on me.
Pit to pit: 23
Sleeve: 26.75
Length: 27




Iron Heart IHSH-170 Indigo Check work shirt 3xl $300
There's some slight evolution on the cuffs, otherwise it is like new... please see pic.
Pit to pit: 23.25
Sleeve: 26
Length: 31

IHSH-127 2xl Buffalo western $200
Pit to pit: 23
Length: 29.5
Sleeve: 26


IHSH-117 Green herringbone check work shirt 2xl, $75
Pit to pit: 22 (the shirt is very difficult to measure because it stretches)
Sleeve: 27
Length: 29.75

IHSH-171 Dobby Check Western, Brick Red, Pimped with MOP snaps, 3xl, $100 SOLD!

The Resource Centre / DIY Indigo dyeing- A how to thread
« on: January 06, 2018, 11:48:43 pm »
I'm going to be spamming lots of pictures, so I created a new thread. I didn't want to annoy anyone with putting this stuff in another thread. As far as I know there are no other topic here about this subject. I am doing this as we speak, so this is a work in progress. I'd wait until I get done with this and report my results before you do anything yourself.

What you'll need:

-3/4 oz pre-reduced indigo crystals

-1 lb sodium carbonate/soda ash

-cheap 5 gal bucket or other large container

-metal tongs

-rubber gloves or plastic deli gloves or old shopping bags of you don't have gloves

-dust mask or a wet bandana to limit chemical dust inhalation exposure

-clothes line for drying/oxidation phase

-newspapers or big sheets of cardboard to catch drips and splashes

-old clothes you don't care if you get dye on and a workspace you don't care of you get dye all over

I'm doing this in my creepy old basement. And I am kinda of just improvising as I go. I don't want to spend a whole lot of money on this, so I just used stuff I had already. The dye is so blue it is bound to work no matter what. They suggest you buy all kinds of special dye removers and detergent. I am not gonna waste my money. But we'll see by Monday how this all turns out.

I'm dyeing my old faded black Iron Heart themal 1301. It's old and heavily worn. I didn't bother even washing it and took it dirty out of the hamper. It will get washed eventually. I am also dyeing that new hemp beanie I got a few days ago. I hope the indigo picks up on the high, faded points of the thermal so it looks like a gradiation of blue to black.

For instructions:

Edit: paste the dye first by adding some warm water to the dye in a small container and make sure there are no chunks of dye. I didn't do this and it cause some darker spots where chunks of dye stuck to the clothes.

I filled my bucket up 3/4 of the way with scalding hot water. I added the entire packet of indigo even though they suggest 2 tablespoons for 5 gallons of water. So it was like 4 to 5 tablespoons for 4 gallons of water. Really concentrated.

I added the soda ash. This is where you need gloves and a dust mask. This stuff causes chemical burns on your skin, makes your eyes burn if you breath it, and makes you sneeze like crazy. Being in my line of work, I've actually worked in a place where they make this stuff out of trona in Wyoming. I have been covered from head to toe with it, and it gave me a rash and a sunburn like chemical burn all over. So do your best to limit your exposure to this. I didn't bother to wear anything and I just help my breath while I added the soda ash and I was fine.

I added a little over a half a pound of the soda ash to the indigo bath amd stired it up with an old broom handle. You can just use your tongs or whatever. The mixture thickened up a bit, this is what we want.

Then I added my hat first at the bottom and then the thermal on top and stirred them up vigorously for a few minutes.

I layed down my cardboard and put everything on top. Please be careful if you are doing this in your basement too, and don't put the cardboard or whatever too close to the furnace or water heater, or any other combustion source. I am doing this close to the furnace though. So the circulation of warm air will facilitate rapid drying in between dye submersions.

I let them sit in the bath for like an hour stirring occasionally. While I was waiting I hung the clothesline from the rafters of the ceiling and let the sag down low enough that with the weight of the thermal, it would hang just above the bucket to minimize the drips. I did wear gloves at this point because I don't want Smurf fingers... And grabbed the thermal out of the bath and held it above the bucket. This is the messy part and cardboard was definitely a great idea.

You do not want to rinse your stuff like you would regular dye. The drying is where the oxidation process occurs and what makes the dye so pretty. I will check on the stuff in a few hours. When the dripping stops I plan on hanging the shirt on a more taught clothesline more evenly. But I didn't want to get dye all over myself so I just left it like in the pictures.

I plan on dipping the stuff at least 2 more times. More to follow tomorrow.

Edit: when you have dyed your stuff a couple times. Rinse thoroughly is cold water and machine wash 2 whole cycles with and extra rinse setting. I put a dark loaf of clothes in the washer afterwards to make sure there was no residual dye in the machine that would transfer on to lighter colored clothes.

I'm sure you know I'm a huge Iron Heart groupie. Other than cats and women, and pizza, Iron Heart is like my favo(u)rite thing ever.  I was thinking tonight: what's my single most favo(u)rite Iron Heart thing ever?

I know it's hard to pick just one... but what would it be? To make it a bit easier, you can pick an all-time favorite and a runner up

Mine's the Iron Heart 21 oz double knee overalls IH-805

Runner up IHSH-64

My first impression of the IHSH-07 is that it will soon dethrone the 64. But I've only tried it on.

Hobbies and Pastimes / Toys!
« on: February 19, 2017, 09:04:48 pm »
Are there any other toys collectors here?

I'll share some of my favo(u)rite ones, and I hope you will too!
Probably my favorite collection by Neca. I have lots of McFarlane Aliens and Predators and many Neca ones too.


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