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hello team
I am separating from this denim because it is too big for me,
- soaking in hot water
REAL SIZE: Waist: 31 "(tag 30)
                       Lengh: 33 "/
                            Hem 7 "
price 120 €
delivery possible worldwide.

are you doing well

[img"158.jpg" alt="154.jpg"]https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/ihf-images/pm/7645/3cba3650-0df2-4e47-842d-a9bae5dfad59.jpg[/img]

Going, Going, Gone.... / SAMURAI S711VX 17 OZ size W31/ L32,5 SOLD!!!
« on: August 11, 2019, 12:27:08 pm »
hello to all the team

I separate from this beautiful jeans SAMURAI S711VX, because of the sale: too big for me.
I intend to take the same size 30.
washed and soaked once.

Name: Samurai Jeans 711VX
Fabric: Denim "Zero" with 100% unconformed cotton selvedge
Weight: 17 oz
Fit: tight right
Unique characteristics:
Red and silver lamé selvedge (intended to represent blood on a katana)
Brand rivets
The front pockets have a jacquard weave on which is written "Shogyo Mujo" (行 無常), or "impermanence of the things of the world".
used very little worn, washed and tempered once, should not shrink ...
retail price: 220 €

my price: 120 € > 115 € >105€

W 31 / L 32.5 Hem 7.5

shipping FRANCE 9 €
               EUROPE 16 €
               WORLD 25 €


following an order error I sell this beautiful jeans.

brand new, never worn.


original Japanese 15 oz black / black selvedge denim
100% Cotton
American Supima cotton
Thin straight silhouette
A wash
Metal button fly
Copper Rivets / Hidden Back Copper Rivets
Hem and belt at the waist
Patch on the goat leather belt
W30 / L30

price 70€ > 60€ > 50> 45 >new price 40€
shipping europe 12€
             reste du monde 28€



Going, Going, Gone.... / IRON HEART IH-816-DUCK 17 oz W30,3
« on: October 31, 2018, 07:27:19 pm »
Hello to all,

I'm selling a 17 oz IRON HEART IH-816-Canvas Work Pants
worn only a week, never washed or soaked ...

Actual measurements (approx)

Waist 30.3 inches

Inseam 31.5 inches

Hem 8 inches

price: 175€
shipping FRANCE 9€
              EUROPE 17€
              MONDE 30€


Going, Going, Gone.... / LVC 505 w31 35€...
« on: October 31, 2018, 07:20:55 pm »
Hello to all,
I put on sale two jeans that I no longer wear.
the money from the sale will allow me to finance the purchase of an IH 816 BLK

I also sell another IH 816 Brown in a very good condition

REDCLOUD R400 selvedge

used, in very good condition

Waist 31 inches / 79 cm

Inseam 31 inches / 79 m

Hem 7.5 inches / 19.5 cm

price : Sold

shipping FRANCE 9€
              EUROPE 17€
              MONDE 25€



used, in good condition, beautiful wash

Actual measurements (approx)

Waist 31 inches / 78 cm

Inseam 32 inches / 82 m

price: 35€


Going, Going, Gone.... / SZ30 IRON HEART CHINO PANT 17 OZ 85€
« on: April 29, 2018, 05:01:30 pm »
hello to all members of the forum,

I am selling jeans and a chino to buy a pair of Red Wing 9157.

the denim is in good general condition, however there are two small holes easily repairable, one on the left buttock, one on the right knee ... small price!

Skull Jeans

by ♦ An Alchemist ♦

5010XX Black Model

14.5 oz Original Skull Jeans - Black Denim

• Slim Fit

• Mid Rise

• Indigo Selvedge Denim

• 100% Zimbabwe Cotton

• Fly Button

   Steel tack with a white silver finish

   Branded with FAB FOUR & CO * ALCHEMIST *

   Each button was handpolished

• Extra durable canvas pocket lining

• Copper plated rivets branded with FF. & CO - J.P. -

• Roped belt loops

• Calf leather patch

• "Made in Japan"

 "SKULL JEANS wear for the black denim Zimbabwe cotton,

which have extra long lasting and soft fibers.

The denim is super comfortable to wear. "

retail price 250 €

Actual measurements (approx)

Waist 31 inches

Inseam 31.5 inches

Hem 7.25 inches


the chino is in very good condition, shortened in length 32 at LA CLINIQUE DES JEANS PARIS

17oz brown cotton duck
Zipper fly
Belt loops sewn into a waist band
Two iron pockets secured by Iron Heart snap
Heavy twill pocket bags
poly / cotton constructional stitching
One washed, so should be no more shrinkage

retail price 250 €

Actual measurements (approx)

Waist 30 inches

Inseam 31 inches

Hem 7.9 inches

PRICE 100€> 85€

shipping FRANCE 8 €
              EUROPE 15 €
              WORLD 25 €

Going, Going, Gone.... / sold
« on: February 15, 2018, 01:02:50 pm »
hello everyone, I part with a jeans and a chino to finance the purchase of a chino IH 816.

possible exchange

I am selling a pair of pants SAMURA HEAVY CHINO PANTS 15 OZ tag size 31

the chino is used, worn a week and washed once, I received it on 06/02/2018 but unfortunately it does not suit me ..

Actual measurements (approx)

Waist 31 inches

Inseam 33 inches

Hem 8 inches

shipping FRANCE 8€
              EUROPE 15€
              MONDE 25€
paypal only

price: sold


Going, Going, Gone.... / sold!
« on: February 15, 2018, 12:55:24 pm »
hello everyone, I part with a jeans and a chino to finance the purchase of a chino IH 816.

the Fullcount jeans are in good shape,

Waist is  31 inches.

Actual measurements (approx)

Waist 31 inches
Inseam 31 inches
Hem 7,5 inches


paypal only

shipping FRANCE 8€
              EUROPE 15€
              MONDE 25€



Going, Going, Gone.... / SOLD...
« on: April 30, 2017, 10:14:00 am »
hello ;)


made in japan
selvedge supima cotton

 Label size: W30

Actual size: W31 (79.5 cm)

Used in very good condition
Washed once,
Soaked 2 times

price: 100€   80€ 70€

paypal only

Delivery france: 8 €
               Europe: 17 €
Rest of the world: 35 €


Going, Going, Gone.... / 30 IRON HEART IHxB01sbgII 21oz selvedge 50€
« on: March 04, 2017, 11:41:49 am »
Hello to all the members of the forum

I put this jeans on sale at a very good price
Lower price to 50 € I can not lower more

50 € for forum members:




Hello I am selling a jeans Self Edge X Flathead SE05BSP
Bought recently at den1mhead,
Unfortunately this one does not suit me and I therefore decide to sell it
Here are the measures:

All measurements are actual, taken from the Iron Heart way and in inches.
Tag 30W 39L. Actual measurements;

  Waist 31,
Front rise 9.5,
Back rise 13.75,
Thigh 11.75,
Knee 7.75,
Hem 7.0,
Inseam 34.5 (hemmed by Iron Heart UK)

  Price: 120 €

Small price for it to leave quickly

Exchange possible against jeans real size 31 (666, beatle buster, works pant 816)
Jeans is in France

Paypal payment only

Delivery europe 16 €
Rest of the world condition 25 €

PS: the photos were taken by den1mhead if this poses a problem I can remove them

Thanks for reading me


Full Count Grand Indigo X Black 1894 Narrow Straight fit
100% Zimbabwe cotton
14oz Japanese red selvage ID denim
Grand Indigo dyed warp X Black sulfur dyed weft (which looks like a pair of black denim and appear some bright indigo colors under the sunlight and also will lead to a big contrast fades)
Black coated buttons and rivets (which will appear more golden colors through time)
Raised belt loops
Black goatskin leather patch (Full Count classic LOGO is embossed )
Hidden back rivets
Mid/High rise
Narrow Straight fit
Once Washed (Minimal Shrinkage)
Made in Japan

Label size: W30 L34

Actual size: W32 L31,6

Shortened to "LA CLINIQUE DU JEANS PARIS" with a sewing machine UNION SPÉCIAL

A single soak

waist:           40,5cm
front rise:     24,5cm
back rise:     36cm
thight:          29cm
knee:            20cm
leg opening: 20cm
inseam:         81cm

livraison france  8€
            europe 19€
 reste du monde 30€

price 130€


hello all the world,
I sell
  BLUE IN GREEN SOHO BGN-01 15oz Japanese Selvedge Slim Tapered
SS 2010
Label size: W29


Waist: 39cm
Front rise: 24,7cm
Back rise: 34cm
Thight: 29cm
Knee: 20cm
Leg opening: 18,8cm
Inseam: 81cm Shortened last week (la clinique du jeans PARIS) never worn since

Price 30 €

Delivery france 8 €
                Europe 19 €
  Rest of the world 30 €

THIS PAIR OF MOMOTARO ARE "LIKE NEW" : I tried them on after being hemmed (by a professional dressmaker), but decided to put them on sale straight afterwards. I ordered them online and realized they were not to my taste. Bought for USD 295, I put them on sale for a minor price and considering THEY ARE NEW, my price is fair. OF COURSE, THEY ARE AUTHENTIC MOMOTARO jeans.
Weight 18oz per square yard.

Size 29 (Waist 31", Rise 10", Thigh 11", Knee 8", Inseam 34.75", Leg opening 7")
Actual measurements in inches / centimeters after one soak (in cold water+vinegar):
Waist : 15" (x 2 = 30")  [or 38.5 cms (x 2 = 77 cm)]
From top to bottom : 42" [or 106 cms]
Momotaro x Blue Owl collaboration series

the jeans is back home in France in Nimes,
exchange possible against other jeans in size 31


price 125€

Hello everybody

I sell the jeans only to resume me the same but in a different length, it is too short for me
the fact remains that the two size 31 website and I want to take me before it's unavailable

label size: W31 L36

full size: W31 L31

IRON HEART shortcut in UK

2 soaking with cold water

in excellent condition


France: € 8

Europe: € 14

rest of the world: 30 €

I sell € 130 (€ 150 on ebay)

the jeans at home in France

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