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Buying and Selling / FS . Real McCoys ecru chore jacket
« on: August 22, 2021, 03:07:08 pm »
Real McCoys chore jacket , bought it in Tokyo a few years ago and have maybe worn it 10 times . looking for £100 and ill split the cost of postage with you



Chest 21.25
Sleeve 27
Length 27.5

Other Brands and Shops / NIPPERS Play Wear
« on: May 27, 2021, 05:18:43 pm »
Hi all ,
 I'd like to introduce you to Nippers Play Wear , a made in Japan kids wear brand for your little denimhead . I first started working on the brand about a year ago and after a bit of searching I finally found the right manufacturer and the right people to work with , I'm almost ready to launch with the production of the jeans starting in June so I thought it was the right time to start spreading the word .

And here they are the Nippers N01 , an exact reproduction of a mid 50's levis





I am really passionate about vintage and it was important to me to have these as close to exact as i could possibly achieve and i must say i am super happy with the sample pair shown here,  the only changes for the production model will be the patch printed in red and an extra bit of inseam length

I'm always happy to answer any questions so if its a message here or on the instagram  ( @NippersPW ) ill always get back to you , hopefully I'll be seeing more little Nippers about here soon  :)

Going, Going, Gone.... / Evisu 2000 no.1 size 31 £75 plus shipping
« on: April 03, 2017, 09:01:11 pm »

like the title says £75 plus shipping

tagged 31
waist 15.5
thigh 11.75
f rise 10.5
b rise just over 14
inseam 32.25

Other Brands and Shops / Conners Sewing Factory
« on: December 26, 2016, 06:12:54 pm »
i have made a thread for CSF on sufu but i thought id make a dedicated thread here to try and make more people aware of the brand ( if they were not already ) . The founder Yoshiaki Konaka has a real passion for vintage and it really comes through in his work , he has spent quite a while sourcing and repairing old Singer and Union Special machines that were used in the production of LEVIS during the 40's so that he can accurately recreate the stitching and give the feel of a vintage garment

here is a great interview with Yoshiaki where he talks about the brand

so far he has made a 1946 , 47 and ww2 reproduction , there is also a 1941 model ( basically a 37 repro ) available exclusively through Jukebox vintage in Japan 

Going, Going, Gone.... / FS Sugarcane Type 2 ( 38 ) $120
« on: December 11, 2016, 09:30:45 pm »

worn about 15 -20 times but there is no fades or issues to speak of , the jacket was bought one wash and washed again by myself to make sure there was no more shrinkage


chest p2p   20.5

sleeve  ( from armpit ) 19.25

back length ( including collar )  24.5

price is $120 plus shipping from the UK

Going, Going, Gone.... / FS .. Freewheelers 601xx 1951
« on: August 07, 2016, 06:27:23 pm »

Lastly as far as jeans go is a pair of Freewheelers 1951 , this pair has been worn maybe 10 times but do not show signs of wear

waist 30.75
front rise 10.75
back rise 14
thigh 11.5
inseam 31

Price £90 plus shipping

Going, Going, Gone.... / for sale of trade OrSlow , Ooe Yofukuten
« on: April 01, 2016, 10:06:14 pm »
selling some stuff

Orslow denim jacket

repro of the Wrangler 11mj that uses orslows beautiful 13.5oz rht denim

the jacket has been worn about 10 times but has no real signs of wear and is in perfect condition

measurements  for size M

Chest p to p .    21
Back length .   24
sleeve ( from pit ) .   21

PRICE £80 plus shipping

Ooe Yofukuten S9202xx

waist 30
f rise 11
b rise 14
thigh 11.5
inseam 31.5

bought back when custom options were still available , 02 ( 60's ) cut with ww2 details including some beautiful pocketbag material
the top button has been replaced and they have been worn about 4 weeks but the price reflects this

think i payed £260 for these a few years ago but ill let them go for £100 shipped worldwide

would also accept trades , looking for shirts and sweats ( about 38 chest )

Going, Going, Gone.... / Fullcount 1108xx size 29 £100
« on: January 02, 2016, 06:54:56 pm »
all Prices are excluding shipping ( but ill do my best to keep it cheap ) , payment is by paypal gift or add 4%
first up fullcount 1108xx
the classic fullcount 1108 cut in there beautiful 15.5oz denim , brand new ( soaked and tried on , never worn out )
tag size 29
waist 15.25
inseam 34.5 ( unhemmed )
thigh  11 ( just a hair over )
hem 7.5
front rise 11
back rise 14

Going, Going, Gone.... / Visvim Logan deck lo us8 uk7
« on: March 05, 2013, 07:21:04 pm »
I've got some Logan deck lo in black seude for sale . great shoes , the seude is soo nice
I'd love to keep them only there a little tight and wouldn't get worn as much as I'd like to
I bought them used from a Sufu member so they have been worn but there still in great condition
Size.     Uk7    Us8
£130 shipped in the uk , ill the split the postage cost for international  ( please add 4% pp fee )

Please pm me with any questions you need answered  or if you need references

Got these from an ihf member and they ended up a little big :(
They are used and the soles have some yellowing ( but I think these are about 5 years old ?? So there in pretty good condition ) they also come with extra black laces

The first pics are taken in direct sunlight and the last indoor lighting
£70 shipped in the uk , ill split postage with international members ( plus 4% PayPal or gift ) of for trades I'd like kiefer's , skagway's or Logan's in us8 or 8.5

Real McCoys USN t shirt size m
Great loopwheeled fabric but just a bit big for me , washed once

Chest p2p = 20
Back length = 26
£35 shipped in the uk , £42 shipped worldwide
Please pm me if you have any questions or need a reference

Going, Going, Gone.... / Yuketen main guide us8.5 , lvc 1937 30x32
« on: February 01, 2013, 04:37:46 pm »
I've got these up on eBay ( the yuketen s are due to start in a few hours )
Yuketen s 8.5us
The yuketens are also for sale here ( while there is no bids on eBay , once I recive a bid I can not sell outside eBay )
I'd let a IHF member have then for £135 shipped in the uk , ill split postage costs if international


LVC 1937 30x32

Any questions please ask

Going, Going, Gone.... / or trade FULLCOUNT 1109XX 15.5oz denim size 29
« on: November 23, 2012, 12:48:08 pm »
Got a pair of fullcount 1109xx 15.5oz denim for sale or trade
Sale price is firm $250 shipped and insured
Trade ....... Im interested in mij jeans in same condition size 28-30

Waist 30
Inseam 34
Thigh 11
F rise 10
B rise 13.75
Leg opening 7.4

Jeans have been soaked x2 so no more shrinkage ( the waist could shrink .5 but will stretch back realy easy )

Tags were removed to soak

Pic taken with standard 13.7oz FC denim

The jeans have only been tried for 5 min

Any questions please ask and references can be given if needed

Got a few things for sale  ( EVERYTHING IS ALSO FOR TRADE PLEASE CHECK THE TRADE THREAD , I'm looking to trade all items listed for 1 pair of jeans , mij size 28-30)
Iron heart loopwheeled hooded sweat IHSW04 (i think)
Size s
Chest 20 ( remeasured and it actually measures 21 )
Lenth ( back neck seam to bottom ) 25
Sleave ( sholder to cuff ) 24.5

I have worn this like 6 times
£100 shipped in the uk , add £7 for worldwide shipping

Next up Samurai loopwheeled tee from the motor club range
Size m
Chest  20
Lenth 26
Sholder 16.5
Sleve 7

Worn and washed
£40 shipped in the uk , add £7 for worldwide shipping

And last up a sportswear reg too bought at the inspiration show  (not by me , i bought on ebay)
Chest 18.75
Lenth 27
Sholder 16
Sleve 7.25

Never worn
£25 shipped in uk , add £7 for worldwide

Pm me with any questions

Going, Going, Gone.... / ihsw 04 size small for any ih windbreaker size s
« on: September 17, 2012, 10:44:02 am »
As the title says :)

Please ask any questions
Im in the uk

Going, Going, Gone.... / ihsw 04 navy size small
« on: September 17, 2012, 09:55:04 am »
For sale (worn 3 times)
Id love to keep it but i think its just a tad too big

£100 shipped and insured worldwide
Any questions please ask

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