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Buying and Selling / FS: IH XXL shirts, other odds and ends
« on: May 11, 2020, 07:54:34 pm »
Howdy, long time no see.
Just figured I'd stop by and hawk some wares.
I have everything listed on Grailed, willing to offer better deals for IHF members (PayPal friends & family) shipped in the continental US.
I can quote international shipping as well.
Some highlights: IHSH-136 XXL, IHSH-208-IND XXL, IHSH-179 XXL, IHSH-102-TG XXL.

So over the last few months I've dropped somewhere around 40+ pounds and I've found a few of my shirts and jeans don't fit me right anymore!
All my prices are including shipping in the continental US, please PM for international inquiries.
Payment via PayPal Friend & Family or add PayPal% to the listed prices.

Iron Heart 634S-B.
Thinking I might sell these to fund the upcoming 888 overdye, I just haven't really worn these very much.
Hemmed to 32 in., washed once so lots of life left in them. Difficult to photograph but they show very little sign of wear.
The outside of the hem is black while the inside thread is golden yellow.
Asking $200 USD.
Waist: 38 in.
Front rise: 11.5 in.
Back rise: 16.25 in.
Thigh: 13.5 in.
Knee: 9.5 in.
Hem: 9.25
Inseam: 32 in.

Momotaro 1705.
Asking $85 USD.
Purchased from BiG years ago, made from a nice lightweight 10 oz. denim.
Small crotch blowout developing, but should be easily fixed. Unhemmed.
Waist: 37 in.
Front rise: 11 in.
Back rise: 14.5 in.
Thigh: 13 in.
Knee: 9.25 in.
Hem: 8.5 in.
Inseam: 34 in.

I'm also clearing out some of my Gitman Vintage collection, as they're too big. 
All of these are size XL, very lightly worn.
Measurements available upon request, I have a ton of these shirts so it'd be quite the task to measure them all, but if you know your Gitman size you should be familiar with the fit.
I'm pricing all these at $45 each.

This shirt is a forest green poplin, the color is difficult to photograph.

So I've finally come around to the fact that I have too many jeans in my closet that I simply don't wear.
Some of these are from when I first started getting into denim and essentially just sat in my closet.
All prices include shipping in the continental United States, we can arrange something if you are international.
Would accept payment as PayPal gift or add the PayPal percent to the agreed upon price.
More photos and details available upon request. I'm also open to offers, but please keep them within reason!

1.) Self Edge x Iron Heart 633S, size 36.
Asking 180 USD.
My first pair of IH jeans, these were from the original run of 633S jeans produced for SE. Made with the 20 oz. loom state left hand twill, grey weft denim. Unfortunately just too small in the waist for me anymore, the denim is very stubborn! Worn for maybe two months in total, very light fading. Hemmed to 32 and fully shrunk.

Waist: 35.5 in.
Front rise: 11 in.
Back rise: 15.5 in.
Thigh: 13.25 in.
Knee: 9.75 in.
Hem: 8.75 in.
Inseam: 32 in.

2.) Stevenson Overall Co. Valencia 714, size 36.
Asking 180 USD.
One initial hot soak, worn less than 5 times so there is probably some shrinkage to be had. Zero fading really.
These are just a bit too tapered for my personal preference anymore, or my calfs are just too big!
I'd like to sell these so I can buy a straighter legged model from SOC.

Waist: 38 in.
Front rise: 11 in.
Back Rise: 16 in.
Thigh: 13.5 in.
Knee: 9.25 in.
Hem: 7.25 in.
Inseam: 35 in.

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