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For sale a pair of The W & Anchor Works Shoes No. 1 - US size 9.5.

Purchased recently from IH and worn maybe 5 times (including outside and once in the rain). These are too big for me but I loved them so much when they arrived that I wore thick socks, two pairs of socks, insoles and stuck a heely thing on the back of both in a vain effort to make them fit...but they don't (probably about a size too big). I don't have the box (the missus recycled it) but they will be sent in a different shoe box and well protected. Condition is as per the photos, creases have just started to appear and a few light marks but generally they're pretty good. The heely thing is probably easy to remove but I haven't done so (and won't do so before shipping).

I'd ideally like to sell for £220 £195 and will ship for free in the UK. I'll also ship elsewhere but will need to pass on shipping costs (which I'll provide in advance). Payment preferably by Paypal.

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