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3 great shirts with lots of life left in them, all tag size medium.

Measurements and prices are as follows:

10th Anniversary IxI canvas CPO, $150 SOLD!!!
(Standard liberty cuffs were removed)

P2P: 21"
WAIST: 19.5"

Midnight Denim Garrison Shirt, $120
(As seen in the picture, the shirt has shrunken with a skew/twist to the right)

P2P: 20.5"
WAIST: 21.5"

Patrol Shirt: Okinawa Issue (Okinawa CPO), $235

P2P: 20.5"
WAIST: 20.5"

Prices include worldwide shipping, and one pair of liberty cuff patches (first come, first serve).

Payment accepted only through PayPal, as Good and Services (Better buyer protection for you). I will pay the 4% fee, dont worry about that.

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Selling off my Hamilton Khaki Field H70555523. Specs listed on linked manufacturer's website.

I'm getting some laser tattoo removal done on my wrists, and won't be able to wear a watch for at least a year until it's done.

The Hamilton is brand new and unworn. I bought it from the retailer well below MSRP (£510) by using my miltary discount, so I will sell it at that price (It's illegal to resell for profit when shopping through the military outlet).


Also, there are extra Deluca NATO straps, along with the original leather straps for both watches... There's natural veg tanned, olive green, and chocolate brown, $35 ea.

If you'd like this lot, I'll package it all together, shipping paid, for $550. Otherwise, prices are as listed, shipping included.

Payment made as PayPal Goods and Services (Let's you keep your buyers protection).

No holds/reservations. First come, first served.

Any condition, for a reasonable price (based on condition)!!!



World Tours / IH-526-ODG "Party Jacket Tour"
« on: June 25, 2018, 03:21:25 pm »
Ladies and gents, the tour begins!

Well, in actuality, it began Saturday, but that's neither here nor there... I'm one of the world's few IT professionals that doesn't have a PC at home, and I just didn't want to bother with trying to get it all going from Tapatalk.

Either way, the first leg, which will be a short leg (Only lasting until Fish & Chips) will be ran by me, and from there, so far we have a few people on the hook:

@Giles (Who will try to squeeze in to it at least once, if possible)

I'm not really so great at organizing things, as @neph93 is, so we'll go with the flow, pretty much. There is still an indefinite amount of space on the tail end of the tour as well, and I imagine after some mods are added to it, more people will want to join the party.

Going, Going, Gone.... / TWBE-ALEX, size 8.5, $500 shipped
« on: June 18, 2018, 08:23:24 pm »
You know the boots...

After 10hrs of wear, I'm sure I've sized wrong. I should have gotten an 8D or 8E.

In addition to that, a pair of my grail boots have surfaced,  about 70yrs old in deadstock condition, so I just want to pass these on at a price that will simply pay for the boots I will buy.

Purchase at the link below. Also, shop around for some good gear at great prices.


*I do not have the original box, sorry. But, I do have the leather laces and kilties that come with.

World Tours / IH-526-ODG "Party Jacket Tour" sign-up!
« on: June 18, 2018, 10:47:03 am »

Another jacket tour, guys! This time, we'll be playing with the IH-526-ODG, size L


Looking at the IH-526-ODG in all of it's whipcordy-y glory got me to thinking about the fabric's ties to the US Navy, which evolved in to the idea of a "party jacket".

As sailors travel(ed) the seas from country to country, and port of port, it was common practice to buy and trade patches and whatnot to have sewn on to a jacket, and a wearable log of their journeys. I think our ragtag group of fashion bros here can really breathe some life into this piece.

Now, I'm fairly sure by now, you guys are thinking the same thing that I thought as I brewed this idea in my mind: "This could turn out GREAT, or it could turn out fugly...", lol! Honestly, I'm not too concerned with either outcome, so long as the jacket tells a great story. But, I think it goes without saying that we should at least TRY to add/modify with "good taste" in mind, lol! Also, this does not need to be a "pampered" piece of gear. Wear it, wash it, work on cars in it, jump in the ocean with it... But most importantly, TAKE PICTURES WITH IT.

If this interests you, sign up below! I plan to christen it at Fish & Chips, and start the tour from there. After that, it will be the same as any other tour... I will quote @neph93, since he's already eloquently outlined how these things go:

"For those of you new to touring IH gear it’s pretty straightforward. You receive the jacket and it’s yours for about four weeks. Wear it as much as possible, and post here as much as you can. It’s as much about giving an insight into your everyday as it is about tracking the jacket evo. Towards the end of your leg, get in touch with the next member on the list and ship the jacket to them. Meet ups and in person hand-overs are great if possible. For inspiration you could do a lot worse than checking out the 888 Fatboy tour here:  https://www.ironheart.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=10586.msg514002#msg514002 "

Accessories / The (Less intimidating) Watch Thread
« on: December 29, 2017, 11:29:40 am »
After some talking with Giles, we thought it would be a good idea to create a thread for beginners to the watch collecting hobby (Like myself), and those who are just curious and want to learn more about watches in general.

There is already an AMAZING watch thread here, but it is definitely an overwhelming place for a beginner that's barely dipped their toes in the shallow end of the pool.

I hope this thread to be a place where those of us who are just getting in to the hobby to ask questions, share information and tips, and grow our knowledge and collections from Timex and Seiko, on up to Rolex (And beyond).


Iron Heart Meet Ups & Travel / Kanreki "Swap Meet"
« on: July 19, 2017, 04:37:30 pm »
With so many forum members coming to Gosport for the Kanreki meet-up, I thought that it would be a great opportunity for those that will be in attendance to try to get some new-to-you gear, or get rid of some old gear that isn't getting the love it should.

I have a few pieces that I would like to move, and @Giles has also said he has a few that will be put on "the sale rail" as he called it... So, bring your best, bring your worst, and bring some dough!

Going, Going, Gone.... / Mister Freedom Trooper Boots sz. 9, $600 obo
« on: April 25, 2017, 06:53:34 am »
Wanting to sell these in order to buy an original, deadstock pair of 1945 military boots that the Trooper Boots were modeled after.

I've had them for only about 7 months, with what I guess to be only 20-30 wears. From the pics below, you can see that there is not much wear at all, besides light surface scuffs (Can be brushed out, I'm POSITIVE) and canvas fading. Original price: $749.

*Comes with original selvedge denim carry bag

Price includes tracked, international shipping.

Please be ready to make payment through PayPal as "Goods and Services".


Camping season is upon us, and I need a new pack... Instead of right out buying one and adding to the collection, I'll sell this to fund an awesome sale that I found...

Original price for this bag was $579. Still not broken in, and still in AWESOME condition, aside from 1 minor alteration I made to it (Seen below in pics). I have a bottle of leather milk on hand, so if you'd like me to buff out the surface scratches, I can do that, no problem.

PayPal only, sent as "Goods and Services".
Worldwide shipping included.


*Small hole was cut to allow my phone charging cable to pass through to my portable battery pack that stayed in that pocket. Barely big enough for iPhone lightening connector to fit through.

Going, Going, Gone.... / IHV-26 Indigo Horsegide vest, sz. med
« on: March 29, 2017, 07:56:51 pm »
One of very few made, only available in Japan (My Japanese wife helped me snag it). The cut is modeled after the IHV-02.

I wore it one time, for just a few hours, so no strong creasing, just a few gentle "rolls" in the leather.

Size is tagged as Medium, but fits closer to a Larger (Measurements at the end of the post).
Original listing and pics from Rebirth & Craft are all here:

Current pics below (Sorry, I'm no photographer):


Shoulders: 15
Arm Opening: 11
Chest (P2P): 19.5
Opening: 20.5
Front Length: 25
Back Length: 23.5


Originally paid just over $1000 (¥113,680)

Opening bid: $500

"Buy it Now!" (Closing Price): $850

(Worldwide, tracked shipping included)

o Auction ends 09 April 2017 @0900 GMT, or when max. bid of $800 is met.

o All payments will be received through PayPal as "Goods and Services".

o Winner will be given 24hrs to remit payment. In the event that the winner is unable to make payment, the garment will be offered to the next highest bidder, and so on.

Going, Going, Gone.... / Converse All-star, sz. 8 custom Horween
« on: March 28, 2017, 11:19:45 am »
I had these made quite a while back by The Shoe Surgeon, and I just haven't worn them at all. Details listed below

-Built on sz. 9 base shoes, but fits like a Converse size 8 (lined, with passed insoles)
-Made from Horween brown cxl leather, with lots of pull-up
-Lined with black lamb skin
-Black lamb skin laces, with nickle aglets
-Blind eye-holes
-Over-all height lowered by 2 holes

$300, obo

Going, Going, Gone.... / UHF Sale, medium and large
« on: February 15, 2017, 07:03:01 pm »
127 grey/black, medium- $150
Washed 2x, and air dried


*PM for shipping details, and PayPal info

General Chat / Damn, I Got Stopped at Security in Iron Heart.....
« on: February 14, 2017, 09:59:26 am »
Quick story:

Flying back to England last week from my hometown of Augusta, GA..... after going through the x-ray machine in the security checkpoint, the TSA agent asks me to step aside for further inspection. I happen to see the screen that shows where the machine got a "hit", and it was on my left wrist, and right shoulder seam. They wave the wand over me, nothing. They look at the screen.... They pat me down, NOTHING. They ask me to go through again, and I do, and the machine "hits" at the same 2 places. I try to tell them that I'm wearing a seriously HEAVYWEIGHT t-shirt, but they ask me not to speak. Next I'm being escorted back to a screening room, where they ask me to take off my shirt so they can x-ray it.... 1-2mins later, they come back and tell me everything is ok, and I'm free to go.

Thank you, IHTL-1501..... Thanks.....

Going, Going, Gone.... / Custom Converse, size 9 (Fits like 8), $300
« on: November 17, 2016, 06:11:08 pm »
I got these made up by Dominic Chambrone, aka "The Shoe Surgeon". When I thought them up, I was on a city boy/casual kinda look, and these would have been perfect for that... But, unfortunately with the super long wait time, my style has evolved by the time I received them. I haven't worn them at all... Like, EVER. Only tried them on once, and I didn't walk around. I can assure you, I paid a far more steep price than the $300 I'm asking... Whether or not they're worth it is up to the buyer.

The shoe that was ripped apart and rebuilt was a size Converse size 9, but it fits like an 8 (My typical Converse size) due to the cushioned insole, and lamb lining.


Brown Horween CXL leather
Black lamb lining
Padded soles
Leather heel loops
Custom height, shortened by 2 eyelets
Blind eyelets
Lace-through tongue slot
Tongue stamped " The Shoe Surgeon Los Angeles"
Black lamb laces

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