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General Chat / Re: Random Announcements
« on: Yesterday at 02:18:17 pm »
Omelette, FTW or failing that, washed down with a beer !

Hobbies and Pastimes / Re: Bicycles
« on: Yesterday at 01:29:58 pm »
@__Nicholas I'm on the lookout for a Bronson CC too, the Scout was a consideration as where the YT Capra and Raaw Madona V2 but what you get with a Santa Cruz its just so much more. Im probably going to part out my Chameleon for the bronson build, just need to keep an eye out for a Fox 36 Factory w/boost that I don't have to pay retail for.

Recently upgraded from an old Gary Fisher to a 2021 SC Chameleon, 26.5 Plus build, great fun in the muddy woods this time of year.


Take a look at bird.bike also, great value.

Interesting. In the Carbon Fibre work, what are you looking for internal cracks? voids?

News / Re: A New Mezzanine....
« on: Yesterday at 12:56:52 pm »
G, may be a good idea to add a smoke alarm under the Mezzanine?


Hobbies and Pastimes / Re: Motorcycles
« on: Yesterday at 12:44:41 pm »
Goodwood FOS is great but can be VERY busy now, I've only ever been on the Sunday, but Friday might be better.

Getting up and close with some of the metal is great though. The old group B cars a favourite of mine to look over.

@Gammaman does this entail checking the vessels for structural faults etc? What different types of things do you work with?

Weld defects as well I think...

@Filthy Remind me (in a good way!) of a Cafe in Amsterdam I used to frequent.

General Chat / Re: Photograph and Camera talk
« on: January 18, 2021, 11:12:26 am »
Apple ProRAW tweaked and exported as a jpg


16oz SBG CPO  8) thanks G.

Iron Heart Fits 'n Fades / Re: The Evolution of Iron Heart
« on: January 13, 2021, 06:55:23 pm »
Great texture and colours @Filthy

The Resource Centre / Re: Iron Heart Hacks...
« on: January 12, 2021, 01:34:24 pm »
For those in the UK there is a Dettol branded version..

I'm normally a western fan, but that looks very nice !

General Chat / Re: Coronavirus (Covid-19) Discussion
« on: January 08, 2021, 04:59:21 pm »
So far Bill Gates hasn't taken over control of her mind....

She would say that though  ;)

I think Jeff Bezos has control of my Wife's mind, must have with all the Amazon parcels arriving every day.


Remake of the IHSH-211 Duck CPO in Black.

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