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@Alex, looks like the page for these is down

Buying and Selling / Re: FS: XXXL -IHSH-219 10oz Flannel Blue/Black
« on: January 10, 2020, 08:57:24 pm »
PM sent

Sorry for the radio silence—will get a big dump of posts up in the next few days. Pm sent to @Appfaff and it’ll be off to AL (IIRC)

Lovely view and lovely family, @Aetas! We're heading to Lake Tahoe over Thanksgiving, so I'll try to get some CA mountain shots!

Yeah, she's a keeper. But making her look at forum photos might be a bridge too far.

As you can see the photos are pretty shite, but will try to get the SLR out a few times on this leg and see if I can work with better light to capture the fades--they are really stunning, and shocking(edit: ly) my partner has agreed to take some photos, despite my expectations of her mocking me.

A few shots with comparisons between my version of this a 526L, and an OG 526, and me and the daughter walking in the ‘hood. Also a couple comparison shots between my 526Lod which I’ve had for a year and actually wore a lot last year, but it looks brand new next to this beast.


Hi, all,

Got the jacket last week and it's stunning--apologies for the delay--getting killed at work, but got a few snaps off over the weekend, and will upload them later today. This thing is insanely beaten up, but somehow still as tough as my much-less-well-loved version.

Looking forward to giving the jacket a tour of NorCal

I think I was up next, no? If it comes the month after, no biggie, just don’t want to get skipped altogether.

Going, Going, Gone.... / Re: Ironheart Kersey Indigo IHSH 208 XXL
« on: October 08, 2019, 10:58:33 pm »
PM sent

They're looking great, @mikebarhoot and @Matty123. Just gave mine their 2nd soak last night a bit ahead of schedule, as my daughter managed to projectile vomit all over them last night

I’m definitely still in!

Going, Going, Gone.... / Re: IHSH-203 green XXXL
« on: September 18, 2019, 12:50:48 am »
PM sent

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